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Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country Style Squirrel Resistant Metal Wild Bird Feeder - 8 lb. Capacity

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  • Attract Hummingbirds all season with a unique Perky-Pet Feeder
  • Adjustable perch keeps the pesky squirrels and big birds away
  • Removable roof allows easy filling and cleaning
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Product Details

we love birds, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Bird Feeding is Our Passion

Bird feeding isn’t just our specialty - it’s our lifestyle. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling.

feed birds not squirrels, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Feed Birds, Not Squirrels

We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant features to ensure your seed is reserved for the birds, not the squirrels.

multiple ports, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Room for Plenty of Birds

With less competition from squirrels, and lots of ports on offer, our feeders will accommodate many birds at once.

weight-activated perches, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Weight-activated Perches

When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight.

metal feeder accents, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Metal Accents

Our squirrel-resistant feeders feature metals details like cages, port covers, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels.

secure lid, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Secure Lid

For additional squirrel resistance our feeders boast benefits like sure-lock or twist-lock lids.

large seed capacity, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Large Seed Capacity

With plenty of seed in the reservoir, and nor squirrels to steal it, your hungry birds are sure to be well fed.

seed guide, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Seed Guide

Every bird species has their own seed preferences. Fill your feeders based on the type of bird you want to attract.

cardinals, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These non-migratory birds are a favorite of many bird lovers. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed and mixed seed.

chickadees, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These adorable birds love to feast on black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanuts, and mealworms.

finches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


There are many varieties of finches. These beauties enjoy eating mixed seed and Nyjer / thistle.

nuthatches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


For nuthatches, the larger the food, the better. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, and peanuts.

titmice, squirrel resistant seed feeders


In the summer, titmice mainly feed on insects. But they also enjoy seeds, particularly mixes that include seeds, nuts, and berries.

Turn your yard into a bird lovers' paradise with this Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country Style Bird Feeder. Attract everything from cardinals, finches, flickers, and grackles to grosbeaks, jays, and juncos. This bird feeder provides an optimal feeding station for birds, without catering to those sneaky squirrels. It does so by utilizing a weight-activated perch that closes off under a squirrel's weight, while your favorite birds can still access the seed just fine. Adjustable springs can be calibrated to accommodate different bird sizes and keep away large nuisance birds as well. In addition, this feeder boasts an all-metal construction to resist squirrel damage and a powder-coated finish to resist rust. For your convenience, this feeder can be hung on a hook or pole mounted to allow versatile placement (and help with your squirrel prevention measures). The removable metal roof reveals a large opening that enables easy filling and cleaning. This feeder is able to hold up to 8 lb of black-oil sunflower seed, hulled sunflower seed, mixed seed, or safflower seed so it's sure to keep your hungry birds happy and well fed.

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Dimensions: H 14 in, W 14 in, D 11.3 in


Product Depth (in.)11.3 inProduct Height (in.)14 in
Product Width (in.)14 in


Bird Feeder TypeSeed FeederBird Supply TypeSeed Feeder
Bird TypeWild BirdColor FamilyRed
Color/FinishRedFeeder TypeFood
MaterialMetalMount TypeHanging
Number of Perches / Ports1Product Weight (lb.)4.9 lb

Questions & Answers

Q:Why don't the birds like it? I'm using good food. I have it set on the top setting. They haven't used it once! They prefer the cheaper feeders
by|Sep 20, 2022
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  I found that this feeder is best when it is under a tree.  I am not sure if the sun heats the seed up too much. My present house has no trees in the back yard.  I had to move it to the front and I got lots of birds

by|Sep 21, 2022

    A:  It is not true. I have been using it for almost a year now and use feeder for red cardinals. My feeder is always busy with red cardinals mostly and some blue colored birds and small birds. I love it. I think it is what you offer to the birds which matters. 

    by|Sep 24, 2022
      Q:Can I purchase the weather vane/lock for the top of the feeder?
      by|Apr 14, 2022
      3 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Would not recommend this product. Didn’t take long for squirrels to figure out how to defeat it.

      by|Apr 17, 2022

        A:  Replacement parts aren't available for this feeder. Please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance.

        by|Apr 18, 2022

          A:  Absolutely yes

          by|Apr 17, 2022
            Q:Will this bird feeder close when black birds land on it
            by|Apr 11, 2022
            3 Answers
            Answer This Question

            A:  Yes, if you set it correctly.

            by|Jun 1, 2023

              A:  You can adjust it to handle various weights to a certain degree

              by|May 26, 2022

              A:  The weight activated perch can be adjusted for lighter or heavier squirrels. We have not specifically tested it for larger birds such as black birds. The sensitivity may need to be adjusted to see if it will close for larger birds.

              by|Apr 11, 2022
                Q:What is the best level set the perch on.
                by|Apr 21, 2021
                3 Answers
                Answer This Question

                A:  the first one on the top...

                by|Mar 26, 2022
                  1 found this answer helpful

                  A:  Maximum

                  by|Jan 11, 2022

                    A:  This would be dependent upon the size/weight of the local squirrels in your area.

                    by|May 5, 2022
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                        out of 318 reviews
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                      Definitely squirrel resistant…
                      As you can see, this bird feeder is absolutely 100% squirrel resistant. 🙄
                      Response from Woodstream TeamMar 8, 2023
                      Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear that the desired results were not seen with this feeder. This feedback has been shared with our Product Managers for review. Reach out to us at 1-855-737-5973 with any questions.
                        Food turns moldy even with the slope it gets stuck
                        Tried different types of food neither make work. Food turns moldy grows from seed. Paid $45 and it's JUNK I have many feeders this is the worst 1. Also was the most expensive 1 I've bought
                        Response from Woodstream TeamNov 16, 2022
                        Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear about this recent experience with this feeder and have shared these concerns with our Product Manager for review. The feeder has a 30 day return policy and is covered under a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us at 1-855-737-5973 with any questions.
                          it _was_ a nice bird feeder!
                          Well, it was nice while it lasted. Attractive. Reasonably sturdy. Required the addition of a squirrel baffle - apparently our squirrels have a higher IQ than the Perky-Pet test squirrels. Despite some reviewer's comments, seed seemed to stay dry in rain storms. Flimsy roof was easily removed by a mother and her juvenile-deliquent son (see picture).
                          Response from Woodstream TeamOct 10, 2022
                          We're sorry to hear about this! It is good to know that this feeder is covered by a 30-day return policy and a 1-year replacement policy. Please give us a call directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance.
                            • Recommended
                            Squirrels (3) Humans (0)
                            I really loved this charming feeder when my husband came home with it. I was excited that we might finally have some great bird action at a feeder the squirrels couldn’t get at. Sadly though, Squirrel proof is not ultimately how I would describe this feeder. First the squirrels figured out that by turning the adorable weathervane at the top that they could open the roof. After finding the roof on the grass twice, my husband brought the feeder inside and inserted a small nut and bolt into the roof securing it better. This seemed to work until the squirrels figured out they could hang from the roof, therefore not activating the bar that closes the access to the seeds. But that wasn’t enough for those greedy hungry rats with better outfits. Nope. They decided having to work for these seeds was too much. So they pushed in the front window and took it all. They robbed the feeder of about 3lbs of seed before we discovered it. I really wanted to love this feeder but it failed miserably. Now we’re trying to repair the damage and see if we can secure the window and get it back out there but I’m disappointed overall.
                            Response from Woodstream TeamApr 21, 2021
                            We're sorry to hear these furry thieves continue to get a free meal and damage feeders! Please contact us at 855-737-5973 for assistance with our 1-year replacement policy, we're happy to help.
                              5 found this review helpful
                              Birds won’t feed from it
                              I bought two of these feeders, a green one and the red one. The only birds that come to it are house finches. I have many birds usually but lost all of my feeders in an ice storm when the limbs fell on them. Definitely disappointed as I thought the larger size would be great and require less maintenance. Squirrels who are usually very smart have not gotten into them yet. I did hang the feeder side away from the pole. So far very disappointed but they look great.
                                2 found this review helpful
                                Fantastic feeder. Have had this for about 4 weeks and could not be happier. I have many squirrels...
                                Fantastic feeder. Have had this for about 4 weeks and could not be happier. I have many squirrels around my house, and they are always going after my bird feeder. I have tried many "squirrel proof" feeders with little success. This feeder works great as long as you hang it so the feeding side is far enough away from a pole, tree or other place those nasty squirrels can rest their back legs on to get at the feed area. If they put any weight on the feeder bar, it closes and they get nothing! We are having so much fun watching them try to get at the feed, only to slide off the metal roof or hang on to the feeder bar and eventually have to let go. The capacity of the feeder is great and now that the squirrels can't get at the food, I only need to refill it every 2 weeks compared to every 2 days. The bar adjustment is a great feature and allows me to chose the size birds I want at the feeder. Only suggestion is once you select the spring location on the bar, lock it in place and cover the other slots so birds don't get there legs / feet caught. Another reviewer suggested this as he had some birds injured. I used aluminum tape and it works great (see left side of feeder bar in attached picture). My wife was so impressed with this product, she had me get one for her boss for Christmas.
                                Response from Woodstream TeamDec 23, 2020
                                Thank you for the feedback!
                                • Verified Purchase
                                • Recommended
                                1 found this review helpful
                                The roof is not long enough
                                The seed gets really wet and starts to get moldy. I noticed that the roof is not long enough. The water just rolls back in.
                                Response from Woodstream TeamNov 12, 2020
                                We appreciate your feedback.
                                  5 found this review helpful
                                  It leaks like crazy
                                  I didn't realize it until it was too late to return. It leaks from where you fasten the roof and ruins the seed. It made a nasty mess at the bottom to the point that birds couldn't reach the good seed. I just thought the birds were adjusting to the new feeder, but they just couldn't eat from it.
                                  Response from Woodstream TeamJan 21, 2020
                                  We're sorry to hear that this occurred, when the roof is secured tightly, water should not leak into the feeder. Please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance, we're happy to help!
                                    6 found this review helpful
                                    Wax the paint fades, the cardinals love it !
                                    Wax the paint fades, the cardinals love it !
                                    Response from Woodstream TeamJan 6, 2020
                                    We appreciate this feedback!
                                    • Verified Purchase
                                    • Recommended
                                    1 found this review helpful
                                    pretty good but.....
                                    I've had this feeder for about 4 months. it works well at keeping squirrels out however, smaller animals like chipmunks or even small squirrels will figure out a way to get at the seed. they hang from the roof, even have one foot on the hopper and manage to get at the seed. Better yet, i'm writing this review because i just came in from outside and found three mice inside the bird feeder gorging themselves. i have no idea how they got in, the roof was on correctly, i will have to have a closer look tomorrow. overall i like it, it's well built, it looks great and the birds love it. i just need to figure out how to deter the other animals.....
                                    Response from PerkyPet Consumer SupportSep 19, 2019
                                    Thank you for sharing your experience! We are sorry to hear that mice have found their way into your feeder! We are more than happy to help at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) should you need any further assistance.
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