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White Space-Saving Shoe Storage Cabinet

  • Provides organized storage for up to 35 pairs of shoes
  • Tall and narrow construction for use in a closet or entry
  • Durable yet lightweight design with ample storage
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Assembled Depth (in.)
13 in
Assembled Height (in.)
72.5 in
Assembled Width (in.)
23.5 in


Assembly Required
Color Family
Number of Compartments
Storage Product Type
Shoe Storage

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty on Parts

Product Overview

Simply and stylishly organize up to 36 pairs of shoes with the Space-Saving Shoe Storage Cabinet by Prepac. Fit one cabinet in a narrow entryway or combine multiple pieces from the Space-Saving collection in a large mudroom to create a custom closet look at the fraction of the cost. This shoe organizer has 36 spacious cubbies that can be used to store shoes, hats, scarves, keys, mail and any other clutter that needs organizing.
  • Finished in fresh white laminate
  • Assembled Dimensions 23.5 in. W x 72.5 in. H x 13 in. D
  • Dimensions for each cubby 7 in. W x 5.25 in. H x 11.75 in. D
  • Constructed from CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods
  • Ships Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on parts
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada

  • Return Policy
  • California residents

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Assembled Width (in.)23.5 in23.5 in60 in60 in
Assembled Depth (in.)13 in13 in15.5 in15.5 in
Assembled Height (in.)72.5 in72.5 in35 in35 in
MaterialWoodMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF)LaminateLaminate
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Questions & Answers


Can I put this shoe cabinet in an uninsulated garage?

Asked by LimeMint May 31, 2021

It should be fine as long as the garage is enclosed. You dont' want it to be exposed directly to water

can you attach the cabinet to the closet wall?

Asked by pamster December 30, 2020

You cannot mount it off the ground, no.

can you assemble it for me?

Asked by Rabbit September 21, 2020

This doesn't seem to be an option when purchasing, but you may find someone locally to do it.

Is the width exact. I have a space that's 22 Inches and was just wondering if the actual unit may...

Asked by Roz August 15, 2020

It’s wider than 22” it will not fit in a 22” width. I just measured my assembled width at 23 3/4”. No way to make it narrower either. I was able to shorten mine but that’s about all you can do to modify it.

What are the overall dimensions os the rack?

Asked by Norm June 10, 2020

The width and opening are 1' X 2' . One foot by two foot.

When will this be in stock?

Asked by Mimi April 6, 2020

You can provide them an email and when it comes back in stock they notify you.

Will each cubby hole fit 1 pair of shoes or just 1 shoe in each slot? i am trying to maximize the...

Asked by Carol December 27, 2019

One shoe per slot, but you put one toe in, and the other shoe heel. Both on their sides to fit well.

How can i get a manual? My unit didnt come with one

Asked by Bkbailey November 28, 2019

You should be able to Google the owner's manual or find a video on YouTube

Will men’s size 11 & women’s size 10 fit in the cubbies?

Asked by Tru November 8, 2019

The cubbies are long, so any size should fit, I turn my shoes sideways, and one toe in, and then the heel of the other.

Will high heel shoes fit

Asked by Daisy November 8, 2019

It’s hard to say because of the width of the shoe. The opening is 5” so a 4”heel is not going to slide in unless you lay the shoe on it’s side. I have a pair that have a 3” heel - the photo shows how they fit. One row 3 across will take a taller than 3” heel shoe but the rest will not. For the record this website won’t let me post a clear picture. The image is too big.

White Space-Saving Shoe Storage Cabinet - page 2

Customer Reviews

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    out of 420 reviews
  • 86% recommend this product
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“Shoe”Happy with this purchase!
My shoe storage cabinet arrived a day early, and my husband was eager to assemble it. He had absolutely no problem at all! It’s perfectly perfect! If I had room in my closet, I’d order another one. You will not be disappointed! I wear a 7 1/2 shoe, and I could easily double up pairs in a cubby with no problem.
by Stxmom6
Product does look good but does not fit adult person shoes in them. In the pictures shown by home...
Product does look good but does not fit adult person shoes in them. In the pictures shown by home depot there is several shoe pairs on the racks, I can barely fit one shoe per hole and they have to go in sideways to fit.
by Ncasheville
Good value.
I assembled this unit yesterday. It was straightforward. Although the materials are of modest quality/strength, the fit of all pieces is precise, and they come together fairly easily and securely. The instructions leave out a few details here and there, but if you read through all the instructions beforehand to ensure you know how all the pieces come together, and how the end product should look, there are no problems. The trickiest part is installing the horizontal dividers. After reading other reviews, I figured out an easy way for 1 person to do all the assembly, including the dividers. Here are the steps (see pictures attached). (1) After the frame is fully assembled, turn it over gently so that the front of the unit is facing the floor (I assembled it on an old blanket, to avoid any scratching of surfaces). (2) Lean a vertical divider up against the OUTSIDE of the frame, so that the bottom edge of the divider aligns with the bottom inside floor of the cabinet (i.e. the divider aligns with where it will sit inside the cabinet later in the process). (3) Position all the horizontal dividers INSIDE the cabinet, each aligned with a slot in the vertical divider (which is sitting OUTSIDE the cabinet), and put a small piece of masking tape on each side of each divider to hold them lightly in place. (4) Take the vertical divider and position it over top of the horizontal dividers, ensuring that the slots in the vertical/horizontal dividers all line up, and then gently press down/jostle the vertical divider so that it settles down a few inches over top of the horizontal dividers. Check each horizontal divider to ensure that it lines up with the slot in the vertical divider, and then gently press down uniformly along the length of the horizontal divider until it is fully seated inside the cabinet. You should not have to force it to make the vertical divider settle into place, but you will have to press a bit firmly to slide it in. If you feel firm resistance at any point, check the horizontal dividers to identify which one is preventing the vertical divider from sliding down, and adjust accordingly. (5) Repeat step 4 for the other vertical divider. (6) Attach the back panel as per the instructions. This approach only needs 1 person for all the assembly, while minimizing lifting/turning of the cabinet, and also avoids having to pre-assemble all the vertical/horizontal dividers outside the cabinet and then turn the assembled grid over and insert it into the cabinet (which is very awkward).
by John
Just wish it was white but white is so popular and out of stock. Love the item but remember that...
Just wish it was white but white is so popular and out of stock. Love the item but remember that size does count. I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe and my shoes fit perfectly and not sure if a show size to much bigger will fit. I was also able to use spaces for purses and small bags and umbrellas so this is definitely a great purchase for my already small space. Fits into my closest like a glove without compromising space for my clothing.
by Nicky
1 person found this helpful
It was easy to assemble and looks great once it is up. Very usefull and worked great for my needs.
It was easy to assemble and looks great once it is up. Very usefull and worked great for my needs.
by Red114
Organizes shoes well. Entranceway is no longer cluttered and messy. Good quality, worth the purchase price. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust from packaging BEFORE beginning assembly. *** Item is a little awkward to assemble. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because of the issue in assembling the cabinet that I clarified below. Although it's longer than initially intended, READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: Go to PAGE 8/DIAGRAM 9. You are being directed to assemble the frame to completion except for the back: Do so and move to PAGE 9/DIAGRAM 10. You are being directed to assemble the vertical and horizontal dividers - PAUSE: I have assembled a wide variety of furniture and machine items in my different occupations and home life and so I’ve learned to go through ALL of the directions provided before starting any assembly process, which I did before I started assembling this cabinet, so, BEFORE continuing to assemble the item go to PAGE 10/DIAGRAM 11 and recognize the following: you are being directed to turn over the assembled vertical and horizontal dividers (without mention of turning over the outer frame also) and then lift and place them into the frame utilizing two people. At first glance this sounds feasible - but it’s quite awkward since the pieces want to fall apart. So what I did is the following: Make sure anything that could scratch the cabinet is removed from the floor and box. Provide yourself enough space to roll cabinet over onto its side and then down onto its front. (6 to 8 feet) Put the flattened shipping box on the floor, outside facing down; put some towels on the box to guard against any damage to the front of the cabinet. Assemble the vertical and horizontal dividers as shown in the instructions ON TOP OF THE TOWELS ON THE CARDBOARD. Have a second person help you lift the frame up and turn it over and slip it gently and slowly down around the dividers. It’s snug so it has to be lowered level and slowly. Lower it while holding the sides (one person close to the top; one person close to the bottom). To roll over BOTH people need to lift one side of the cabinet from UNDER the cardboard, holding the other side to help roll it over without the cabinet slipping off the cardboard - or vice versa - until it is on its side, then continue to roll onto its front with or without the cardboard. Nail on the back as directed using ALL of the nails and then utilizing the second person lift the cabinet and stand it up to insure that there is no damage done to the item during this step and then either with their help or by using a two wheeler on one side (see photo), move it close to where you want to place it. If you have a wall stud that is in the right place to attach AS DESCRIBED in the instructions, then do so if you wish. I prefer to do it my way (which I have done with many cabinets, TV stans, etc..) because it allows me the ability to move the cabinet and clean around and under it, or, move it to another spot to utilize it there without having to cut and replace the cable tie or loosen and remove and move the wall mount screw, etc.. I have stabilized my cabinet as follows (also, see photos provided): I have used a 1.5” wide x .25" thick x 22" long piece of baseboard to put under the front to push the top against the wall and the bottom against the baseboard so that the item is leaning backwards just enough to make the item more sturdy/steady so that the item doesn't lean or fall forwards. (be careful not to damage the item while doing so - use a hammer to gently place "spacer" in the correct position - you'll need to have the bottom out from the wall a few inches -4" to 6"- to start and then take the time to perform the tedious job of pushing the bottom backwards while hammering the "spacer" back (left side then the right side and back and forth like that moving only a bit at a time from the front - not the outside of the cabinet) until it is snug MAKING SURE that you don't use the two front side trim pieces for this - ONLY use the two side pieces and the front - see pictures provided) ONLY use the hammer on the spacer, NOT the cabinet. Spacer may bow the slightest amount in the middle during placement which is one reason to make sure that the spacer is a little bit wider than the cabinet. This cabinet is well worth the price, time and effort of assembly and placement.
by Helpful Joe
I've had the shoe rack for a month. It was easy to assemble. It works well for my husband's size...
I've had the shoe rack for a month. It was easy to assemble. It works well for my husband's size 12 shoes and for storing baseball hats. It definitely met my expectations.
by ShoeKing
Does not fit most shoes! Quality good, design poor.
Assembly was quite easy until the end when you have to drop all the dividers into the back of the cabinet. Since they all loosely fit together they slide out as you carry it over the back of the cabinet that is laying face down. Found it easier to slide it in with the cabinet standing up. Overall build quality was good. The deal breaker was it does fit shoes...Each cubby is only 5 and 1/8 inches tall. My wife can't even get her heels in that are only like 2 inches high. It's also not very wide could not fit a pair of Sperry's in the same cubby together. Build quality might be good but design is horrible. Would of been a lot more happy with less cubbies that actually fit shoes. Returning today. Pics are attached.
by Taze76
Good quality for the price. Solved a space problem.
Good quality for the price. Solved a space problem.
by Fixerdude
Great for Shoe lovers w/ minimal space!
This item wasn’t difficult to assemble, but it can be tedious and you may need help lifting the cubbie holes into the frame. Do that part w/ another person to minimize any damage. I bought the dark Espresso and it was beautiful. Make sure you message you space bc this item is tall. I was able to fit flats, heels (some may have to be placed sideways in the cubbie hole) and short booties! Im happy w/ my Purchase.
by DWat
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