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Sprayer Val-Pack Kit

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Product Overview

Versatile paint sprayer for applying coatings

Designed to Hold Many Coating Types

This paint sprayer features a universal design that makes it suitable for use with many different paints and coatings.

Paint sprayer designed for residential or commercial use

Durable Design for Commercial or Residential Use

This lightweight yet durable design is great for home projects or larger, commercial applications.

Paint sprayer with a contoured, comfort-grip handle

Comfort-Grip Handle

The contoured shape makes this sprayer comfortable to hold as you complete painting projects.

The Preval Val-Pak is a complete assortment of Preval Sprayers and sprayer accessories. Included with the Val-Pak kit are accessories and extra bottles that enable you to switch easily between different liquids for different projects. Store the remaining material in the reservoirs for later use.
  • Cost-effective kit provides everything you need to apply multiple types of paints, chemicals, finishes, coatings and most other liquids in a multitude of prep, touch up and maintenance applications
  • Ideal for commercial use and DIY projects
  • Every Preval power unit atomizes up to 16 oz. of virtually any liquid
  • Cost-saving Preval Val-Pak is not sold in stores, it only available online

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Questions & Answers


How many units come in the pack kit

Asked by Reem February 22, 2021

1 Preval Complete Sprayer and 2 Replacement units plus an assortment of other accessories.

Does it work well on dental moldings and trim?

Asked by Mimi September 11, 2018

Yes, the Preval sprayer will allow you to use a custom color on all trim and moldings.

Is this sprayer rated food safe?

Asked by Septeemo November 1, 2016

No, the sprayer is not rated food safe.

I need to paint interior doors. Does the spray work with latex

Asked by Wendy August 27, 2016

Yes, but in addition to thinning the paint with water, you MUST strain the paint through a fine mesh paper funnel filter available in most paint stores.

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Perfect for small projects or touch-ups!
I think every contractor needs to have one of these, as it's perfect for last minute touch ups on finish work. It's a pressure-fed system, and can spray just about anything (if thinned right). However, this spray system is a bit different than what many may be used to. When you press the spray nozzle, it takes about a second or two to draw the paint up the tube and likewise when you let go of the spray, the paint goes back down the tube, so you'll have to account for that (in order to achieve an even spray pattern). It's more of a weak pressure pot or airless sprayer setup. I must say that the pressure is rather weak in comparison to even a typical spray can, and therefore affects the spray pattern. I would not use it on something like a car, as you will get blotches, dry spots, the paint will come out in specks instead of a nice even spray, etc. On the contrary, one 'power unit' is supposed to spray 16 ounces of product before it expires, so you can estimate how much you need for a certain job. I believe this was designed to be an affordable last minute solution or for the D.I.Y. project guy, but not something I could see professionals using on a daily basis (unless you don't care about quality). The bottles have markings in ounces and milliliters for making precise measurements, as well as blending bottles, feed tubes, caps, sprayer tips, and even a spray handle which is able to be used with the majority of spray cans. I shot 2 light coats on the backside of a paint tray with some old car paint without preparing or priming the surface so you could get an idea for the quality. Of course, a tool is only as good as the user, so it may take some practice to get good with these, but once you get good, it may just be what you need.
by Maks
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Another way to spray paint
Preval Sprayer Val-Pack Kit is a complete kit that provides everything to apply paint, lacquers or just about anything that can be sprayed from an aerosol. It uses an aerosol can so no air compressor and is therefore more convenient to carry around and for smaller touch up applications. The way it works is the aerosol has a tube in the bottom that goes into a screw on jar on the bottom where paint, stain or just about anything can be put in it. The top of the can has a spray cap or they provide a handle and trigger to attach the can turning it into a spray gun. Its well thought out. The kit contains the follow: 1 – Sprayer that holds the jar with a jar and extra lids 1 – vGrip, that is the optional handle to attach the aerosol 2 – Extra cans of aerosol spray with tube 4 – 6 oz. Glass bottles 4 – 6 oz. Plastic Touch up jars 4 – 3 oz. Plastic Touch up Jars 32 – Miscellaneous items, extra tubes, lids for all jars, etc. its really easy to use, first strain the liquid to get out any lumps that may clog the tube and nozzle. Then check for viscosity that it is thin enough to spray a fine mist by thinning the liquid as necessary. Attach the vGrip handle to the aerosol and that's it. From that point its just spraying as you would normally with an aerosol can of paint or whatever. I decided to check it out on a small project painting a wooden birdhouse. I poured a little paint in the glass jar after filtering it and then thinned it per the instructions. Getting paint the right consistency is the tricky part. Using latex I took the filter off the bottom of the bottom siphon straw. I found the spray to be weak, but a thicker consistency and nothing came out. Success is more about how you thin the paint. The vGrip handle did make holding the can easier to position and kept paint from going over my fingers. When finished I just used the cap to store the unused paint that was thinned for another time. There really isn't much to it next on to a bigger project, plan to now spray a metal radiator cover.
by FXP1
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Great accessory
This spray kit is a great accessory to the Preval vfan airbrush, as well as some portable spray cans to try out. The kit includes: (5) 6 ounce glass jars with both millimeter and ounce markings to measure whatever you are spraying, (4) disposable 6 ounce plastic jars, (4) 3 ounce plastic jars with millimeter and ounce markings, (3) 1.94 ounce portable-disposable aerosol cans with no compressor needed, also includes dip tubes, nozzles, and lids as well as a V grip trigger that turns portable cans into a spray gun.
by radioseeker1
Excellent, good value, every accessory you need
Eco friendly is part of what got my attention about this product. I used it in combination with the vfan pro pack and was able to paint my bike spokes, since they are small i was able to paint them easily and effectively. The kit comes with everything needed to paint just about everything. I also painted a fountain and it came out great, very easy to use. no mess and i was able to leave the paint in the cans for future use. it is easy to setup and to clean. it comes well packaged and overall is of good quality. I am very happy with the outcome of my projects. Cant wait until the summer so I can paint some more. I feel like a pro now.
by AngelM
No practical uses for me
First impression: I was excited to receive this sprayer kit in the mail because it sounds to be a greet idea to be able to use your own custom color mix in a small spray unit. No hassling with an air compressor or a noisy airless spray gun. No trying to use standard colors that don't quite match the color you need. It all sounded good. Then the disappointment came. Test #1: The first job I tried was to paint a lamp post that I installed last year. It was gray and I wanted it white like a matching one nearby. Easy enough, right? One can of regular spray paint would have done the job but I wanted to try this kit. I filled the glass jar in the kit with a white latex primer. The paint company recommended no thinning and the kit instructions say to follow the paint instructions. Attached the power unit with the strainer left off (per instructions for latex). Pressed the spray button down and...... almost nothing but a very few micro drops came out. Lots of air, but miserly little paint. I told myself I must have done something wrong and reread the instructions. Nope, followed them to the letter. Changed spray nozzles and pickup tubes and tried again, still almost no paint. Now don't get me wrong, there was a tiny amount of paint coming out, but it was no way as much as a cheap spray can would deliver. And this was draining the power unit fast. I tried another power unit, no change. I gave up and used a can of regular white spray paint. Later, I tried once more with the latex thinned a lot, no change. Each time, I made sure the pickup tube was clear of clogs by running a fine wire through it. I guess latex is not usable. Test #2: Next I tried some red oil-based enamel to paint a small metal bell. Again, the maker of the paint recommended no thinning. This time more paint came out, but still not like a regular spray can. It took 4 coats to cover the bell and there were tiny voids everywhere. Again I tried changing all parts to make sure there were no clogs or defects. Nothing better occurred. I could have painted the bell in one coat of paint from a spray can. Summary: I can see that if you need to touch up a very small area with a custom paint color, this might be a help, but for me it was a no-go. Too bad. I was hoping for better. The UPS driver that delivered it read the advertising on the box and asked me to report back to him the results since he is interested in using this product. I have left the box with the remaining materials at the doorstep with a note for the driver that says, "No good for me. Take this kit and see what you can do. Good luck."
by GaryDoug
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What a great idea.
I came across this when at my friend's house I noticed him using this system. To be able to use this for priming and painting was an ideal choice for me. There are plenty of jars both glass and plastic, lids for storage, and plenty of feed straws. So when I am ready to do a project I make sure I have plenty of aerosols and paint and away we go. This system will allow a user to use water and oil base paints as well as stains. Its versatility is limitless I cannot say enough about. This is a good system for the hobbyist and a professional. I am using its applications for both hobby and work. Cleanup is a breeze and I'm not left with a bunch of aerosol cans around my house to take up space and go bad. Comes with a complete list of instructions as well as how to clean all the components.
by HandyAndy2010
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Great little Sprayer.
A lot of auto parts stores mix custom paints and this is where this little sprayer shines. I use it for spraying primer on small projects where pulling out the big gun is to time consuming,It works great and has good coverage.Beats using a rattle can and you can get the color you want not something that is close and have to live with.Cleaning is a snap and your ready to go again.Once you have the paint in the consistency you want you can store it in the jar for next time.It saves you money and you don't have a bunch of cans laying around with colors your not happy with.
by mcknzy
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Great Way To Spray Custom Paint Colors And Coatings
If you are a hobbyist and need to shoot lots of different colors then this may be a system to look into. This kit contains: 3 - Sprayer power units 1 - vGrip spray handle 5 - 6 oz glass paint bottles 4 - 6 oz plastic paint bottles 4 - 3 oz plastic paint bottles 4 - Replacement spray heads 16 - Replacement pickup tubes w/suction screens For anyone using many different colors, this kit lets you have 13 different paint colors ready to go at any time. This kit makes using custom paint colors or any custom coating easy to apply. All the paint bottles have storage lids so it's easy to store paints in the bottles mixed, thinned and ready to apply. If you have access to empty baby food jars you could have an endless supply of different paints ready to spray. This kit will save money since you can mix just the amount of paint you need to apply or mix just the color you need for a touch-up. The supplied vGrip handle makes using the Power spray unit feel more like a standard paint gun. The vGrip also makes painting any surface easier and this makes the finished paint job better since you have much better control of the paint spray unit. The only thing missing from the kit was a set of instructions on how to use the kit, mixing and cleaning. These are available on the Preval's website. Bottom line; If you use or would like to use lots of different colors, or types of coatings this unit will save money, time and the finished job looks professional compared to a brushed on coating.
by OutbackJoe
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Genius Product
This kit turns any kind of paint you have into spray paint! The contents include 5 large glass jars, 4 large plastic containers, 4 small plastic containers, 3 spray units, a V-grip, an assortment of extra spray tips and feed straws, and caps for every container. The instructions inside the box are pretty straightforward, and a thinning guideline is included for various types of paint and varnishes. I tested it out using a thinned latex primer. I didn't pull the screen off of the feed tube, but it fed without any problems. It took a bit of spraying for the primer to wick up the straw, and it was a little intermittent at first, but once it got going the spray was even and smooth. I found using the V-grip actually helped keep an even flow and made it easier to depress the spray tip the same amount for extended periods of time. The primer went on smooth without any splatters or drips. There's a fair amount of overspray, but less than I've experienced with standard spray paint cans. If you want a system with virtually no overspray, I'd suggest something a bit higher end, like Preval's airbrush. Cleanup was a breeze. Just rinse out the container and the feed tube, then reassemble and spray some water or solvent through the sprayer until it comes out clear. If there's left over paint, you can just cap the container and store it for later. I've kept paint in one of these containers for over a month, and just shaking it up is all it takes for it to be ready to use again. The only downside I can think of is that the vGrip feels a little cheap, and it's hard to get on and off the spray units. An added bonus is that the containers fit the Preval airbrush perfectly. So now I can store a ton of different paint colors at a time.
by Doresoom
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Didn't work for me
It could have been me or the paint that I used, but I never could get this to work correctly. I thinned the paint several times, changed chargers, changed tubes and never got it to spray consistently. I was using gloss latex and it just kept doing fits and spurts and that was when it wasn't just letting all the pressure out of the can. You really need to use gloves or the sprayer handle because the can get really COLD. Because I want this to work so bad, I'll probably try it again - still have lots of stuff left - with a new small can of paint. After messing with it for about an hour, I finally got out the old brush and did the rest of the boards in about 5 minutes. I'm really disappointed. If I figure it out and/or get help I'll re-visit this review and update it. For now I'm being generous giving it 3 stars but you really do get some neat jars with this package. It does at least clean up easily - I never use anything that can't be cleaned with water.
by Mamajane1234
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