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2000 Series 7,100 BTU Hydronic Kickspace Heater in Stainless Steel (Not Electric)

  • 120-Volt motor offer sufficient warmth for a hard-to-reach area
  • Conveniently heats areas up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Enclosed unit offers hassle-free mounting on wall
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Product Overview

The Quiet-One 2000 Series 7,100 BTUHydronic Kickspace Heater is a totally enclosed unit that can easily slip under a cabinet or in a wall. This kickspace heater is great for installation in a hard-to-heat spot. The High E heat exchanger, low-power motor and fan with easy glide sleeve bearings ensure low electrical usage.
  • 25-Watt kickspace heater at 120-Volt creates adequate warmth for a hard-to-heat area
  • 150 sq. ft. heating capacity ideal for a smaller bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger with low water content to allow the built-in thermostat to respond quickly
  • High E heat exchanger, low-power motor and a fan with easy glide sleeve bearings ensure low electrical usage
  • Totally enclosed unit can slip easily under a cabinet or in a wall
  • Chassis does not have to be screwed to the floor

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No Ignition System
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2 Heat
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CSA Listed,UL Certified
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Questions & Answers


Considering this product for a remodel in an open space kitchen/dinning/living room. Would it be...

Asked by Tony May 20, 2020

I replaced two five foot baseboard with just one. Don’t know if 4 is overkill. It’s small but blows warm air across the floor. I like mine.

Can I install it under a bathroom vanity? Does it need air circulation or completely inclosed in cabinet?

Asked by Sal March 27, 2020

I put mine under a new vanity that had an opening in its center/put it back from the front and yoy will not see it at all/have fun

Does this need a separate power source at the panel or can i wire to an extension cord and existing wall outlet

Asked by Josh February 18, 2020

I am not sure what you mean by separate power source. This product does not get wired to the boiler. It needs a 120 volt power source. Then when the internal aqua stat senses the presence of hot water it will allow current to flow to the blower. As to whether that needs to be hard wire or can it be a plug? That is a issue of code and would depend on the specific electrical codes in your area. For that you would need to speak to a licensed qualified electrician or the code enforcement official in your area.

To the right of the of the grill is a small round rubber piece. Under the rubber is a slot for a...

Asked by learning January 28, 2019

Great question. In a closed loop heating system you are using the same water over and over again hopefully for years. The reasons we want to use what is referred to as dead water is for two reasons. First without oxygen you can’t have rust. And as heating systems have a lot of ferrous metals, rust would become a problem. Second is air will compress and absorb the circulation pumps energy preventing flow. No flow means no heat. So the first thing you do when you fill a system with water is purge it to get all the air out. As kick space heaters are often piped as mono-flow loops it can often be difficult to get the air out. After you have purged the zones it sometimes becomes necessary to use this bleeder to get the last bit of air out. Sometime does not. As to your second point it is always a best practice to use a hose kit to do the final connection. That way when maintenance is needed you can slide the unit out rather than cutting the cabinet above to get at it. Chris 978 651 3301

How many years of trouble free service can I expect from this heater? Are there other recommended...

Asked by Mike January 19, 2019

Great questions. Kick space heaters were first introduced by Beacon Morris in early 80’s. The early units suffered bearing issues. They would squeal after a while. Beacon Morris and the other people that now build these units have long sense corrected that issue. So to be fair any hydronic kick space heater you buy today should give you 20 years of service. When you do have a failure it will be one of two things 99% of the time; either the blower motor or the clicks on switch. Blower motor life can be increased by keeping the unit clean of debris and clicks on switches, the devise that allows current to move to the motor when it sense heat are cheap and easy to change, if you are thoughtful in your installation. This brings us to your second point. Install any kick space heater with servicing it in mind. If not you usually end up having to cut the bottom out of the cabinet to access it from above. To avoid this I do not hard pipe them in copper. I use flexible supplies and returns for the last few feet of the feed and return. That way I have the ability to unscrew the face place and pull the unit out for cleaning and service. Also keep in mind that kick space heaters have ½” connections and most heating zones are ¾”. You do not bring ¾” to the unit and reduce and then increase when you come out of it. If so you have just reduced the zones capacity from 45000 BTU’s to 12000. The proper way to install a kick space heater on ¾ or larger zone is as a mono flow loop. Meaning a loop off of a loop. However that is a topic for another question. So if you do not know what I mean google it and if you still are confused give me a call. Chris 978 651 3301

Can I and if so how do I hook this heater up to a tankless hot water heater?

Asked by Jason January 3, 2019

In most applications you would not hook this up to a tankless hot water heater. Hot water heaters heat potable water typically to 120 F. This devise is intended to be used in a hydronic heating system where you have a boiler. A water boiler is a devise that heats water to 180 F. As this devise is designed to use water that is hotter I doubt you would be satisfied with the heat output at the lower temp. Further the water would then be to cool to use for bathing.

Two questions 1) what's the main difference besides rated 7100 BTU vs the 4000 BTU one? I'm not ...

Asked by t1a November 16, 2018

The difference is the heat output. At 7100 BTU's the unit has the capacity equal to 12' of conventional baseboard where as the 4000 is equal to almost 7' of baseboard. I always use two monoflow or scoops tees because it makes me feel more comfortable. (make sure you orient them correctly) However in plumbing school I was taught you really only need one. That one being the downstream tee. It creates the pressure drop that causes water to be pulled through the sub loop.

Can this unit be installed on the wall with grill facing up? In other words, hang it on the wall...

Asked by Jason October 15, 2018

There is a wall kit made offered for this product so that i can be mounted vertically. The Home Depot SKU for it is 202809211. If you place that in the search block on the Home Depot site it will come up.

Can this be installed in a wall either horizontal or vertical or can it only be installed in a ho...

Asked by jim September 12, 2018

That is a very interesting question. I see no reason why you couldn't. The critical things with hydronic kickspace heaters is piping them correctly and installing them in such a way that you can service them later. This is frequently accomplished by using scoop or monoflo tees on the piping and hose kits for the connections. Hose kits instead of rigid piping allow you to pull the unit out when the motor or aquastat need to be serviced.

Home Depot lists this as (Not Electric)... yet appears as to need power for the fan. Or is this ...

Asked by Clyde March 23, 2018

Yes, this item uses a 120V AC connection for the fan blower.

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Easy to install and it works
Easy to install the unit under the cabinet. I used pex connections as the under tile floor heating used pex. This also allowed me to reduce the size of the hole cut in the bottom of the cabinet but the holes in the floor needed to be angled due to the low clearance. The noise it makes on the standard fan setting is similar to the fridge or double oven. On boost it is more like an oven exhaust fan on low or medium. The electric connections were easy. Not having to connect it to the thermostat was super nice. heat production is also more than sufficient for the room size.
by dyiguy
Quiet one is not quiet
I’m so confused by the reviews here! My house sounds like there’s a steady windstorm going on in the kitchen. On normal. On boost it’s like a mini plane engine.I contacted the company, no luck. Asked my installer to come back and see if there was anything he could do. He tried but said “that’s just the sound they make.”
by Lps
Basically a good heater with some bugs. Puts out plenty of heat.
Installed this unit with a wall kit about a week ago in a previously unheated entry foyer in a bi-level. What a difference! Can't believe I never thought of this years ago. The heat is amazing. The install was actually very easy as long as you have access to the pipes and electric. After roughing in the cabinet, it didn't take more than about 3 hours to do the plumbing and electric. Just be sure to purchase the monoflow tee's and keep them at least 12" apart. There seems to be differing opinions on the fan noise. Because this is located in a foyer with a high ceiling which is open to the living area, we can hear the fan even on low. It's not horrific, but can definitely be heard so we do not use the high speed at all. As mentioned on a previous review, on cool down, the fans seems to cycle on and off (which is mildly annoying) and it does cause our television to pixelate for a couple seconds as well. This issue doesn't happen while streaming the TV through wi-fi. The heater is wired on a totally different circuit, so it likely is a cabling issue through the cable box and not the electric wiring. Nothing else in the house causes this issue, so there is definitely some sort of issue to watch for. All in all we are happy so far since this has helped balance out the heating in an area that has always been much cooler than the rest of the house. Hopefully we will be able to pinpoint the issue causing the television interference.
by Rnt2U
Easy install great product . On low setting dont hear at all. On high can hear it but not loud an...
Easy install great product . On low setting dont hear at all. On high can hear it but not loud and not an annoying sound . Will definitely buy again.
by Srtchris
would be a 4 but...
For some reason they decided to make the pipe on the bottom shorter, this makes it more difficult to solder. Now if the pipe on top was the shorter one...you'd really be on to something!
by mrfixitguy
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The first one we picked up and paid a plumber...
The first one we picked up and paid a plumber to install, once installed and the water turned on, leaked pretty badly - so we were forced to purchase new rubber hoses at a cost of $95.00 (for a total of $190 just for the hoses) and also to pay the plumber again to reinstall the nipples necessary for the install - so I would say this item sucks and cost us a small fortune to install.
Nice kick space heater no complaints very quiet easy to...
Nice kick space heater no complaints very quiet easy to install
by Tyler
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Been using it for about a month. It’s quiet and...
Been using it for about a month. It’s quiet and blows nice warm air across kitchen floor. It replaced two five foot baseboards and performs better.
by Mjb
Showing 1-10 of 24 reviews