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Yellow Jacket Trap Attractant Cartridge

  • Long-lasting refill requires no maintenance
  • Lures queen and worker yellowjackets
  • Most effective spring through fall
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The RESCUE! Yellowjacket Attractant Cartridge works inside the RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap to lure all major species of yellowjackets. It uses no poisons or pesticides to lures the queen and worker yellow jackets. The attractant works up to 10 weeks, so you don't have to constantly re-bait your trap.
  • Refills the RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap
  • Catch Queens and Workers
  • Prevent Nests
  • Use Spring Through Fall
  • Won't Trap Beneficial Honeybees
  • Made in USA
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Yellow Jackets
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Questions & Answers

Q:Will this survive a summer rain? Not that we get much rain in So. Calif. anymore?
by|Jul 26, 2022
5 Answers
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A:  Yes as long as installed in the trap properly 

by|Jul 27, 2022

    A:  Yes

    by|Jul 29, 2022

      A:  I live in Washington state. Rain doesn't seem to effect them. They do loose potency after a while and need to be replaced when you notice the yellow jackets loosing interst.

      by|Jul 27, 2022

        A:  I live in the northeast and we get a good amount of thunderstorms. My traps keep working throughout the spring and summer despite the heavy rain associated with these storms.

        by|Jul 30, 2022

          A:  Yes, no problem or issue with rain, as long as it is fixed right, I personally use outdoor zip ties so it never falls down.

          by|Jul 29, 2022
            Q:will the bait work for Wasp's
            by|Jun 15, 2022
            5 Answers
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            A:  No, this trap only works for yellow jackets. If you want to trap wasps, you need the Rescue WHY (wasp,hornet,yellow jacket) trap.

            by|Jun 21, 2022

              A:  The Yellow Jacket is a type of wasp. I live in a rural area so put out 8 of these around my house each spring. They do attract lots of Yellow Jacket wasps and keep them farther away from my home. Not sure if you are inquiring about a specific type of wasp.

              by|Jun 20, 2022

                A:  no

                by|Jun 26, 2022

                  A:  Thank you for reaching out in reference to our Yellowjacket Trap. Our Yellowjacket Traps will only attract Yellowjackets, the bait will not attract Wasps. For more information on our products that do work against Wasps please reach out to us at info@rescue.com

                  by|Jun 16, 2022

                    A:  I have used these for many years and only caught yellow jackets.  I don’t think they attract wasps.

                    by|Jun 20, 2022
                      Q:How long before the Yellow Jackets start coming into the trap? Mine has been up for 24 hours and...
                      by|Sep 5, 2020
                      5 Answers
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                      A:  Be patient; they need to find it in their daily activities.

                      by|Mar 18, 2021

                      A:  Usually it happens fairly quickly. If what she is seeing is actually yellowjackets I would expect to see the trap producing results within 24 hours. I however wonder if what she sees flying around her flowers are native bees which would naturally be attached to her flowers. I have observed cases where I have had large amount of bees in the areas of our flowers and at first glance thought they were yellowjackets. However on further review I determined they were native bees since the yellowjacket trap located close by was not attracting them.

                      by|Sep 6, 2020

                      A:  I think it took about 4-6 hours or so for the first hornet to be trapped. Not as many this year as last but in 3 days each trap has about 6 insects. Installed 1 in the front and 1 in the back yard. Location might make a difference. I notice they fly around the house a lot so I hung on on the front porch rail and in the back yard off the rail around the deck both about 5-6 feet from the side of the house.,

                      by|Jun 2, 2021

                        A:  For me, the Yellowjackets came in waves. Some days nothing and some days 3-6 were caught. I had to play around with placement of the trap a bit. There was more activity in the fall. Nothing yet this spring. It’s too early it seems.

                        by|Apr 9, 2021

                          A:  In the garden now for 3 days, still no wasps caught in either trap. I think the attractant might be stale.

                          by|Apr 21, 2021
                            Q:How long until these expire if the package is not opened? Does the package have an expiration dat...
                            by|Aug 29, 2020
                            4 Answers
                            Answer This Question

                            A:  I'm the original poster, and I also contacted Rescue (Sterling Int'l), which replied: Regarding your Yellowjacket Attractant Cartridges: None of our products expire as long as they are stored properly. You want to keep them stored in a dry location out of extreme weather conditions. Products purchased this year will be effective if you store them for future yellowjacket seasons.

                            by|Sep 1, 2020

                              A:  The cartridge is heat sealed into double (inner/outer) foil pouches. Unopened it should last a while. No expiry is presented on the package

                              by|Jul 20, 2022

                              A:  Package is tightly double sealed, year old attractant works just fine. I did not see any "use by" dates.

                              by|Sep 1, 2020

                              A:  I don't know if they have an expiration date, but I have been using them for years and I have found no difference in the effectiveness even after having them for over a year before I used them.

                              by|Aug 30, 2020
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                              yellow jackets beware
                              It worked for me. The first two weeks it caught 75 yellow jackets. The next two weeks it trapped 180 after putting in new bait. The third bait has about 200 and still counting.
                              • Verified Purchase
                              • Recommended
                              Amazing reusable yellowjacket trap!
                              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This reusable yellowjacket trap is easy to set up and comes with easy set-up instructions. The attractant lures the queen and workers into the see-through tube via a cotton ball soaked in the lure, the yellowjackets can climb in via the holes located on the bottom, but can't get out and will succumb, you just need to keep the tube cleaned out and replace the attractant according to instructions. You'll get an extra ten-week supply of attractant for a total of getting a ten-week supply. You're able to hang the tube at least twenty feet away from your outside space. You get to enjoy the outside without having to worry about being stung. The bright neon green let's everyone know to keep distance away. The kids get excited everyday and are watching for the yellowjackets to get caught. I'm very please at the concept of the trap!
                                Easy to Assemble
                                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I placed this Yellowjacket Trap near my patio and it started to attract the bees immediately. I'm hoping that we will have a more pleasurable Spring and Summer this year and that my dogs won't get stung again. I recommend this trap because it was easy to assemble and seems to be doing exactly what it was made to do. My photo was taken right after I hung it so there are no bees in it but it has since trapped them.
                                  • Recommended
                                  Love Rescue
                                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received a 10-week Yellowjacket Trap Cartridge as part of a consumer review. Rescue is already my go-to brand for pest control. Wasps and yellowjackets are a serious problem in my neighborhood. I have to have traps and repellents so my kid can play outside. I like that these cartridges are so easy to replace. I would definitely recommend all of their products.
                                    Gets the job done!
                                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I wanted to give this some time to work, especially when we started to get some warmer weather. Getting this Yellowjacket trap has helped me spend time more comfortably outside now that I know I have my problem under control. I put this in one of the trees close to an area I’ve known there to be yellowjackets and wouldn’t you know it’s already starting to work. It came with a good comparison of how you differentiate a Yellowjacket and a paper wasp, and tells you to hang the trap at least 20 feet from outdoor living spaces. This will help you lure queens and workers alike, can help prevent nests, and can be utilized Spring through Fall.
                                      • Recommended
                                      Beneficial Yellowjacket Trap
                                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This trap is the best! Not only is it compact, but it’s very easy to set up and follow the directions. One thing I really like about this is that it educates the user on the difference between a Yellowjacket and a Paper Wasp. Overall, a great product and I definitely recommend you purchase this now and enjoy your spring/summer without having to worry about swarms of Yellowjackets interrupting.
                                        • Recommended
                                        Yellowjacket Trap
                                        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This reusable yellowjacket trap. It comes with the trap and one package of attractant trap cartridge. It says to hang it 20 feet from where you and others will be while outside. I really like the fact that it is reusable, you just have to replace the attractant cartridge.
                                          • Recommended
                                          Easy to assemble.
                                          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a neon yellow color which is cute. It was super easy to snap together. Right now I am using the two week supply and I have it hanging up in a good area. It said to hang around twenty feet from public areas. Which I did. So now waiting to catch those pesky yellow jackets. They hurt when they sting and I don't want them near my porch where we all hang out. So twenty feet is great. It also came included with a ten week supply. After the two week I will use the ten week.This should really help me out. I already seeing that one is caught,and thats victory!
                                            • Recommended
                                            Great Design
                                            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We definitely have a hornet issues so I got this to try. I'm really thrilled now that we did. First when it arrived I was impressed with the contents and design of the trap. The directions, which include great pictures, leave no question how to assemble it. Also, how & where to dispense the attractant liquid. Everything was very easy to do. Inhave arthritis in my hands and I had no problems whatsoever. The design is smart for sure. The hornets smell the attractant and crawl in and can't figure out how to get back out. It's easy to empty out when it gets full. Then, every 2 weeks just add more of the bait. This DOES work exactly like it says. We are loving it and have already recommended this to some family.
                                              • Recommended
                                              Everything included
                                              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Rescue brand Reusable Yellowjacket Trap kit several days ago, set it up and hung it on my front porch. To set it up I only had to open the package included (cotton ball and yellow jacket attractant liquid), douse the cotton ball, insert it into trap and hang outside for it to begin working. There is a spare attractant refill included, which is good for another 10 weeks for a total of 20. I'm very pleased with this product - the only thing not included was the cord to hang it with!
                                                • Recommended
                                                Showing 1-10 of 739 reviews

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