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48 in. x 125 ft. Heavy-Duty Perforated Radiant Barrier

  • Great for energy efficiency
  • Works well in attics
  • 48 in. x 125 ft. Heavy-Duty Perforated Radiant Barrier
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Product Overview

Lower your energy bills with Reflectix radiant barrier. When installed in the attic, it blocks 96% of the radiant heat that normally would be transferred to your attic floor. This results in a cooler attic and less air conditioning usage, up to 10% less, for lower utility bills. Attic-mounted duct systems also benefit dramatically from our Reflectix radiant barrier. It is easy-to-handle, and can be used in cathedral ceilings or as a house wrap behind brick or siding.

Info & Guides

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Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Product Length (ft.)
125 ft
Product Thickness (in.)
0.006 in
Product Width (in.)


Compatible Install Surface
Cement,Concrete,Existing Insulation,Fiberglass,Metal,Plywood,Wood
Install Temperature (F)
Insulation Features
Formaldehyde Free
Insulation Type
Radiant Barrier
Product Weight (lb.)
Sheet or Roll

Warranty / Certifications

Warranty Information
Reflectix warrants its products to be free from material and workmanship defects.

Questions & Answers


I raise poultry and have built a steel shed to house hatchlings as they grow. I'm having an issue...

Asked by DuckGuy April 14, 2021

Dear DuckGuy: A radiant / reflective barrier like Reflectix is not a good solution, because cold cannot be 'reflected' and the wamer air inside your steel shed is not 'radiant' (emitting lots of infrared energy). The best solution for your shed is 2" thick Foamula XPS foam board. This will provide R-10 insulation, plus XPS does not absorb water and can be hosed down if you need to clean the surface. You can fasten the foamboard panels to the metal walls and roof with Loctite PL-300 glue, which Home Depot carries. Also be sure the seal all of the joints and perimeter to block air leaks. DAP 230 or HVAC mastic are good for joints and small gaps. Use the 'Window and Door' version of Great Stuff spray foam for larger gaps. Insulation performance is measured by thickness, so there is no effective solution that will not require space --- and XPS foam board is the best option. Also note that foam board is flammable -- so be careful with the placement of your radiant heaters. You may need to insulate / isolate the back side from the foam board, e.g. with a rock wool batt. I hope this is helpful. Mark


Asked by LISKA March 2, 2021

Dear Liska: Radiant / reflective barriers like Reflectix do not work well in winter or cold climates because cold cannot be 'reflected' and the warmer air inside your home is not 'radiant' (generating lots of infrared energy). The only effective solution is standard insulation, e.g. foam board, rock wool and blown cellulose for attics. Home Depot carries all of these products, and most can be installed by the average homeowner. Also read-up on the Web on how to insulate and air-seal a home. There are lots of good resources online, e.g. Fine Homebuilding and Green Building Advisor, with excellent advice and tips from professionals. Air-sealing is almost as important as insulation R-value, and moisture control to prevent rot is a key issues in colder climates. I hope this is helpful. Mark

can i put this underneath shingles on my shed? I'm going to be insulating it for use as a studio

Asked by jc February 10, 2021

Dear JC: First, Reflectix is not designed for exterior applications. Second, it would provide no insulation benefit. Reflectix and similar reflective / radiant barrier products deliver very little insulation by themselves, just R-1 for Reflectix. You must build a sealed or vented air gap to achieve the claims on the package. Third, Reflectix and similar products do not work during the winter because cold cannot be 'reflected' and the warmer air inside your shed is not radiant. So, standard insulation products from Home Depot are much better solutions, winter and summer -- e.g. foam board and rock wool batts. Also remember to insulate the floor; Foamular 250 foam board has enough 'compressive strength' to be installed on the floor, then covered with 3/4" plywood as your subfloor or walking surface. I hope this is helpful, Mark

We are building a barndominium(steel) home near Albuquerque NM. We will have R38 foam on our cei...

Asked by NK February 1, 2021

Yes it will help

can this be placed over fiberglass insulation between the rafters?

Asked by AT November 30, 2020

Dear AT: Yes, this is one of the best applications of a reflective / radiant barrier product like Reflectix. Independent testing shows that it will reduce the heat flux from a hot roof in the summer to rooms below by ~24%, which can reduce your HVAC costs by ~3% to 4%. Note, however, that reflective / radiant barriers are not effective during the winter because cold cannot be 'reflected' and the warmer air inside your home is not radiant (emitting infrared radiation). So if you want to improve the insulation in your attic for winter and summer, you need to add standard insulation, e.g. blown cellulose, which is ideal for attics. Home Depot sells Green Fiber cellulose and rents blowers to install it. If you have a question about how to install blown cellulose, please post it on the page for the Green Fiber product. I hope this is helpful.

Is this waterproof? Hunting for insulation to use to wrap an above ground pool

Asked by Gregory October 3, 2020

It has small holes to be breathable- wd use the bubble wrap type of reflectix

Is this toxic? I'm planning to buy this to use it for covering up fibreglass in my unfinished bas...

Asked by Eric August 26, 2020

No! It is aluminum over Mylar sheet.

Can you use this as an underlayment for a metal roof? Going to put new metal roof on storage she...

Asked by mac410 July 26, 2020

Dear Mac: Reflective / radiant barriers like Reflectix provide almost no insulation R-value by themselves, just R-1. The claims on the package are based on a sealed air gap that you must build; this air gap is responsible for almost all of the R-value. You have the right idea, but foam board is the right solution under your new metal roof. Use Foamular XPS foam board, which does not absorb water. 2" thick Foamular 250 will provide R-10 insulation. I hope this is helpful. Mark

Can you use on windows

Asked by Anne July 25, 2020

No, and why?

I am looking to use this on the floor of my car to act as an insulator. Does the shiny side go f...

Asked by ATLien2020 July 10, 2020

Dear AT: Reflective / radient barrier products like Reflectix deliver almost no insulation R-value by themselves -- just R-1. The claims on the package are based on a sealed air gap you must build / create when you install it. This aif gap is responsible for almost all of the claimed R-value. It would be impossible to create an air gap inside your car doors, and Reflectix will be almost worthless if you simply glue it to the metal surface. Closed cell foam would be effective, but difficult to install with the window mechanism in the middle of the door. I hope this is helpful, Mark

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Good, hefty product. Easy to cut. Takes the staples without shredding around them. Works great...
Good, hefty product. Easy to cut. Takes the staples without shredding around them. Works great. Highly recommend in addition to insulation. Works very well.
by BearMountainBooks
I have been installing this perforated radiant barrier for years and it really does work. They ar...
I have been installing this perforated radiant barrier for years and it really does work. They are many naysayers out there but if you use a thermal FLIR which can also be purchased at your local Home Depot or on line at Home Depot.com you can clearly see the difference. We attach to the studs under and prior to the drywall with a hammer tacker staple gun. Easily cuts with a utility knife. I have installed for several customers in several tract builders home and during the summer I have had other contractors come into the house and say that this house with the installed radiant barrier was cooler than the house next door. The perforated radiant barrier is the ONLY barrier that should be used as is allows moisture and condensation to escape through the walls where other radiant barriers do not.
by lardog
8 people found this helpful
Easy to use, heavy duty. Excellent product
Easy to use, heavy duty. Excellent product
by VeryPleased
1 person found this helpful
Installed under siding
Easy to install. I'm hoping this will do something for me in the Florida heat, something is better than nothing right?
by Dumbingitdown
3 people found this helpful
I bought 6 of these rolls. 5 were ok, the 6th had MAJOR defects. Unfortunately I had no choice but to us it as I couldn't wait a week to do siding. I'll post a picture of the defective stuff. The plastic matrix was great - the reflectivity was only half applied - a typical mfr defect for this type of stuff. Great stuff, nice, strong, easy to use - but buyer beware!!!
by txplanebuilder
Response from THD-Customer ServiceJan 28, 2015
Both the Home Depot, as well as Reflectix, Inc. are very interested in supplying consumers with a quality product that delivers the expected performance. Any time we hear problems encountered in the use of our product, we want to resolve the difficulties the best we can. We have still not heard back from the consumer after we requested a sample of the defective product so that our technical people could examine to prevent this from happening again. We also offered to either replace the defective product or reimburse the customer. Reflectix, Inc. stands behind all our products with customer satisfaction as the utmost importance. We have a complete Customer Service Department that is available for technical as well as application questions. You can reach our Customer Service Department at 800-879-3645, or by e-mail at customer.service@reflectixinc.com (mailto:customer.service@reflectixinc.com).
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Garage door radiant barrier, Anyone else think of this??
I read about this product for use in attics etc. In all of my houses I have always installed garage door insulation available in kits from Home Depot. I purchase the regular garage door insulation kit from the Depot and ordered the radiant barrier from the Depot for delivery as the store did not have it in stock. I used a can of spray adhesive to attach the radiant barrier to the insulating panels. You could tell the difference immediately. I know the insulation works well but the addition of the radiant barrier should help as well.
by BigG
10 people found this helpful
Excellent for my application...applied to unfinished side of basement room...
Excellent for my application...applied to unfinished side of basement room (storage side) to reduce contact with fiberglass insulation. Very strong and easy to work with. Good price point as well.
Better if 3 people help but 2 will suffice....
Better if 3 people help but 2 will suffice.
by Texas
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 95 reviews