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16 oz. Leather and Vinyl Conditioner

  • Ideal for rehydrating, restoring, and protecting items
  • Natural leather oils are free of scents
  • Ideal for leather and vinyl
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Product Overview

Spruce up your favorite chair or pair of shoes with the Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Conditioner. It rehydrates, restores and protects your treasured items. Simply spray it on, gently rub with a soft rag evenly over the surface and buff to shine. Apply as often as desired to moisturize and protect.
  • Trigger spray bottle for added convenience
  • Contains natural leather oils
  • Unscented
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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16 OZ-Ounce


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Ready to use
Residue Free,Streak Free,UV Protection
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Manufacturer Warranty
30 day money back guarantee

Questions & Answers


is it recommended for faux leather or pleather

Asked by claude April 9, 2019

You can use it on those two type's of leather, but it's not recommended

We have a soft vinyl porch window. It is showing "smokey" streaks in places that w ere roled up ...

Asked by PD November 20, 2017

Good morning, I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in our wonderful line of Rejuvenate products. We would not recommend using our Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Cleaner on your vinyl window or car headlights. Our Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is more formulated for real leather or soft vinyl. For your outdoor vinyl window we would recommend using our Rejuvenate Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner. Our Rejuvenate Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner concentrated non-scrub formula instantly removes stains from outdoor windows and siding without any scrubbing. Excellent at removing dirt, pollen, salt and other residues, this cleaner also leaves behind a streak-free shine. This cleaner is sustainable, non-toxic, and is safe to use on vinyl siding, wood siding, brick, stucco and all roofing. Feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions or require further assistance. You can visit our website at or to view and purchase our entire line of merchandise. We value you as our customer and appreciate your business. Best Regards, Allison Souza Customer Care Response Team

Can Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes (5 saturated microfiber pads) which I have be safely used on a tuf...

Asked by Fred May 29, 2017

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in our wonderful line of Rejuvenate products. We apologize for any inconvenience, however our Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes cannot be used on a leather surface. Please visit our website where you can view our Leather & Vinyl care products. You may contact us directly at (877) 959-1234 during our regular business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST., and a member of customer service would be happy to process a phone order for you. We value you as our customer and appreciate your business. Customer Care Response Team

Is this safe for analine leather?

Asked by Ricky May 23, 2017

Dear Valued Customer, I hope this e-mail finds you well. Thank you for your inquiry into our wonderful line of Products. We do apologize the Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Conditioner is not formulated for analine leather. I hope this information has been helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance. Best Regards Customer Response Team

Does it soften old hard vinyl?

Asked by Steve March 8, 2017

I used it on an old Harley seat that was weathered and cracking. I allowed it to soak into the leather and it added moisture, much like adding water to dried raisins. The leather absorbed the conditioner and made it softer. Not new, but softer and more supple.

Can you use this on lizard or snake

Asked by Rjackson December 17, 2016

I think you better contact the manufacturer directly to see what their product will work on.

Can this be used on vinyl chairs after they have been spray painted with a vinyl spray paint? (Dupli-color vinyl paint)

Asked by EmilyD October 21, 2016

I don't see why not?

Can I use this on a polyurethane bonded leather sofa? (Polyurethane-leather blend)

Asked by alicroo86 May 12, 2016

Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your interest in our wonderful line of products. We do not recommend using our product on bonded leather. Bonded leather, especially the kind that makes it onto furniture — even high-price items — is a mixture of actual leather fibers with plastics and other materials and is dyed to produce a unified color to the item. Using any chemicals on the bonded leather may cause the fibers to crack and/or peel off. I hope tis information has been helpful. Customer Response Team

Does this product make vinyl slick like armor all or grippy?

Asked by John November 3, 2015

No, it brings the lustre and shine back but doesn't add the slick feeling.

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Makes leather more attractive and rejuvenates it
Rejuvenate Leather & Vinyl Conditioner goes on easily. You shake the spray container, spray “generously onto Rejuvenate applicator” and apply to leather or vinyl, then buff gently. I did not have a Rejuvenate applicator — it did not come with the Leather & Vinyl Conditioner, so I used a paper towel to apply it, and then a fresh paper towel to buff the leather. It goes on easily, slightly darkening the leather and giving it more shine. Buffing the leather was easy with a few paper towels. Sitting on my reclining leather Stressless chair, I found it a bit more slippery, something that I like, for it’s easier to squirm around in the chair to get comfortable. The Rejuvenate Leather & Vinyl Conditioner had a pleasant odor as I applied it — clean and fresh smelling, and a slight pleasant odor is perceptible just after applying it to a chair. The directions on the container say “use on all leather and vinyl surfaces” and “test on an inconspicuous area”. The container says that it “rejuvenates leather and vinyl” and “re-hydrates and restores luster”. It did restore the luster on our leather chairs. The container does not list the ingredients. It does seem to be absorbed by the leather, and I can believe that it re-hydrates it. The Home Depot website says Rejuvenate Leather & Vinyl Conditioner “Contains natural leather oils” and is “Child Safe, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Pet Safe, Residue Free, Streak Free, UV Protection”. Rejuvenate Leather & Vinyl Conditioner makes leather more attractive, and I believe that it rejuvenates it.
by Peterh9
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Good product, but doesn't work wonders
I was hoping this product could buff out scuffs in leather furniture, as I've seen another popular but much more expensive leather conditioner do. Well, it isn't quite that good, but it's about 1/4 the price, so that is to be expected. Here's what I liked about the product: (1) it gave my leather furniture a nice sheen (2) it did not leave any oily residue, which is critical for furniture you actually sit on, as it would otherwise ruin clothing and be uncomfortable to the touch. But here's what I don't like about the product: (1) the instructions start out by telling you that you need two other Rejuvenate products to make this work (the cleaner and the combo chamois/polishing pad). No other alternatives were suggested on the bottle. I assume you can use something like a rag, but I don't think it's good practice to sell a product that suggests that it's incomplete without additional purchases. (2) The product is a thick liquid, almost a cream, and frankly, a spray bottle doesn't make a lot of sense for it. It came out unevenly with each spray and tended to splatter, which I believe is because it's really too thick a substance to use with a spray nozzle. And since the instructions say you should spray it on your scrubbing pad, rather than directly on the leather, it would actually be more convenient to just pour it out of the bottle. I am left wondering whether the $3 polishing pad, which should probably be included with this product (at a nominal extra cost) would have removed the scuffs from the leather chair I treated.
by Termie
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Rejuvenate Anything leather and Vinyl
I am extremely impressed with this product. I used this in and out of my car. I used them on my black leather seats in my car in it looks better than the day I got it. I was even more surprised with this when I decieded to use this on some of the vinyl/plastic on the outside of my car. I sprayed this on my side mirror housing which was dull and sun baked. To my surprise it brought back a nice black luster to my mirror. Check out the pictures !
by 2gtsvette
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After Cleaning leather this is a great leather conditioner
I waited a hour after cleaning the leather for it to dry then sprayed on conditioner and it came out get.
Does a Really Nice Job..!
After using the Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Cleaner on an old motorcycle seat that I've had in storage for 8 years both in and out of the weather, I simply followed the instructions for the 16oz "Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Conditioner" and went to work... The word "work" was really not applicable though, as this Conditioner was very easy to apply and buff. The end result is an extremely clean, non-oily surface without any of that fake "glossy" sheen that I'm accustomed to from other leather conditioners. The product really restored the seat and left behind only the simple suppleness and beauty of the original leather. Just like new. I'm extremely pleased with the results..!
by KP
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Evens color
The seat of our leather sofa was looking worn so I was hoping to spruce it up. I really can't tell if it's any different than before. So I tried the leather conditioner on shoes that were in desperate need of care. The leather doesn't have the original sheen, but the color has evened out. Even though the shoes don't look brand new again, they do look better than before using the conditioner.
by SusanVT
Makes Leather Soft
The Rejuvenate Leather & Vinyl Conditioner works great! I have a fairly new sofa I used it on. I used the Rejuvenate Leather and vinyl cleaner first. The cleaner helps get any dirt off so when you use the conditioner you get a very soft clean finish. If you want your leather super shiny you will not want to use this. It conditions it to be soft leather. If you originally had a shine to your leather then it will still be shiny, but softer, duller. You can see a good example of this in the pictures. Some people may want the shiny leather finish. I personally like the soft leather so you don’t feel like you will slip off the sofa. I have also used it on vinyl. It worked great at conditioning my boat cushions, convertible top on my car, and reconditioning the vinyl on our breakfast nook benches. This is a great product. I recommend using the Rejuvenate Microfiber/Chamois Sponge. It works great with the cleaner and conditioner. You can polish up the leather really well with the chamois side of the sponge. Do not use on suede. Suede is too porous for these products. Only problem is it has a little bit of a residue, which makes sense. It is a conditioner just like we would use as a leave in conditioner on hair. It is great over long periods of time and helps protect the leather and vinyl from the elements and everyday use.
by snowbabe
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Works just fine
I have a vinyl couch that i keep in the garage, which is used as a second living room. It's a relatively clean place, and doesn't see much dust. The restorer sprays on easy, and can be applied with any chamois or microfiber cloth. It doesn't stink like other products, but it doesn't smell especially nice (like leather, for example). After application, there is a noticeable shine on the couch, as is evident in the photos. It's only a shade or two shinier, which i think is better than making the couch gleam with wetness. It is definitely an enhancement on the appearance, but it does nothing near what the photo on the bottle advertizes (which would be a miracle). The couch does seem somewhat tacky/sticky 30 minutes after the application, however, a day later, and it's perfect. There's no smell, it's totally dry, and it looks as good as the day i brought it home. In the past, i would clean the couch with warm water, or sometimes Windex. But it's good to know there's a product that's specifically for this particular application. I can't see myself using anything else from here on out, as i know this product won't harm the couch, and will leave it better looking than before. That's all that's really important!
by Steve
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great product at a reasonable price
I used this for my older Toyota Matrix leather seats and steering wheel, the dashboard, and doors, after cleaning with Rejuvenate Vinyl and Leather Cleaner. I am very happy with the result -- the leather looks a little shiny but not greasy. I highly recommend this product.
by LCPalmbay
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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