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  • Convert almost any indoor surface into a custom magnet board
  • Works on wood, metal, masonry, drywall and plaster
  • May be top-coated with any latex or chalkboard paint
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Product Details

About This Product

The Rust-Oleum Specialty 30 oz. Magnetic Primer is a base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere. Use it to create a fun and unexpected way to hang notes, photos and more. Paint may be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall and plaster and then top-coated with any latex paint or chalkboard paint.


  • For interior use on wood, metal, masonry, drywall and plaster to create a magnetic attraction
  • Container provides enough product for three coats of coverage on a 16 sq. ft. area; if coating a surface larger than 16 sq. ft., use additional product
  • Flat finish provides a surface that can be easily top coated with any latex or chalkboard paint
  • Oil-based formula creates a surface that attracts magnets
  • Apply three coats of primer 30 minutes apart, top coat 4 hours after final coat of primer
  • Unique formula contains actual metal particles and cleans up with mineral spirits
  • Metal pigments will settle to bottom of can; stir thoroughly prior to use to ensure a smooth, lump free consistency
  • Continue to stir product throughout application to keep metal pigments evenly dispersed
  • Applying to smooth surfaces creates the strongest attraction
  • Use a dense, foam roller and apply with a consistent up and down motion during application
  • Apply at least 3 coats of primer to surfaces, additional coats will intensify attraction to magnetic surface
  • First coat of primer should be sufficient enough to completely hide underlying surface and subsequent coats should be of equal thickness
  • Strong heavy-duty magnets with minimal weight perform best
  • Wait 48 hours before use to ensure surface completely dry
  • Read all instructions prior to use
  • Online price includes PaintCare fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT, WA
  • Note: product may vary by store
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Product Information

Internet # 202351175

Model # 247596

Store SKU # 430032


Container Size: 1 Quart


Container Size

1 Quart



Specialty Finish/Small Project

Application Method


Base Material


Coating Product Category


Color Family




Coverage Area (sq. ft)


Dry to Touch (min.)

30 min





Number per Package


Paint Key Features

No additional features

Paint Product Form


Paint/Stain Clean Up

Mineral Spirits





Specialty Finish


Surface Material Use

Drywall, Masonry, Metal, Plaster, Wood



Questions & Answers

Q:Doesn't look like this is a white paint that can be tinted to a specific color. So my question is: Can I paint over top of this with my paint color and still have it work?/Will it still work with another paint over top of it?
by|May 10, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Great question, Jessi! Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer can be topcoated with any latex topcoat after 4 hours. Avoid heavier coats of the topcoat, as it will reduce the effectiveness of magnets. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 3

by|May 11, 2023
    Q:Can I used this on cork board to make a magnet surface?
    by|Feb 28, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Happy to help, Jackie. Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall and plaster, unfortunately it cannot be applied to corkboard, it will not adhere to that material. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 6

    by|Mar 1, 2023
      Q:Can I use this over a chalkboard?
      by|Nov 6, 2022
      1 Answer
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      A:  Happy to help, Michele! For the best results, we recommend applying Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer to a clean, smooth surface. A smoother surface will provide for a stronger magnetic attraction. Make sure the surface is clean of any chalk dust to ensure full adhesion. Please keep in mind, this product will not create a writable surface. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 3

      by|Nov 7, 2022
        Q:will this paint hold up refrigerator magnets? We have a large collection, and are considering this paint to convert a drywall into a "display case" for fridge magnets. I heard that if you if you many coats (7-10) it will work better. Thoughts?
        by|Aug 12, 2022
        1 Answer
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        A:  Thanks for reaching out, David. Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer is a base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets. For best results, shake the can in an electric shaker in the paint department or stir paint thoroughly for at least 10 minutes, scraping the bottom of the can. Stir to a smooth, lump free consistency and stir regularly during application. Apply at least 3 coats of primer and no more than 2 coats of top coat for maximum attraction. Rare earth magnets adhere best to the treated surface. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 6

        by|Aug 23, 2022
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          Difficult to work with but it is magnetic...
          My kid wanted a MAGNETIC CHALKBOARD WALL (137inx89in) so I bought this product as well as the recomended foam roller and a quart of Beautitone Chalkboard paint in black. First of all, the "light grey" primer is more like thick black sludge that you have to constantly mix by hand. (Getting the store to mix it in the shaker didn't do anything) Use in little batches because it dries fast and causes clumps as it dries. I thought one can would be enough for 2 coats but I was sadly mistaken and had to hunt down another can. 2 cans resulted in 2 full coats and enough leftover for spot touch ups for where I thought my kid would use magnets the most (concentrating on the middle strip of the wall) The end texture was like sand paper and roller marks were visible. I hoped the paint would cover that... I was wrong. Because the primer was pretty much black, I thought this would help with extending the black chalkboard paint I was going to put on top. Again, I was wrong. I put on a first coat of chalkboard paint with a regular pile roller but when it dried I didn't like how rough the wall was, it wouldn't be good for chalk... So for the 2nd coat I hand-painted it to get in the grooves and used a squeegee to try and make it smooth. After drying, even if the texture was less gritty, you could still see all of the roller marks from the primer through the paint! So back to the store I went for more chalkboard paint! The 3rd coat I just hand-painted on as well to make sure I had a good even coverage. I will edit my review once dried for 7 days and chalkboard conditioned.
            It works if you work
            This is a great product but you need to follow the directions and not take shortcuts. Mix it well. It says covers 20 sq feet, don't count coats, calculate coverage. Earth magnets are a must not just a suggestion. They are not expensive and well worth it.
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              Love it
              Mixing was tough. Once on the wall, I had to sand to make smooth
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              Do NOT waste your money and time
              Should have taken it as a sign not to purchase when the product was missing its UPC on the can. When I purchased it, all the cans on the shelf did not come in boxes as pictured on line, product outdated? I proceeded to purchase 3 cans of the magnetic paint, had the product mixed at the store, went home directly after, opened the cans and the product was still in big clumps, and was adhered to the sides of the can. Spent half an hour mixing it myself. Proceeded to follow the steps on the can, had a new foam roller as directed. Applied 4 thin coats, waited until each coat dried 4 hours before applying the next. Continued to apply each coat hoping that it would get better but it got worse and worse. The foam roller absorbed more of the product than what was placed on the wall. After each thin coat was applied the wall appeared to be gaining a grainy texture. The product rolled off the brush when trying to paint the edging and splattered everywhere. Again, praying it would get better I applied the 2 thin coats of chalkboard paint, this time with a nap roller, but it was too late to save the wall, the texture of the magnetic paint has made it look like an eyesore. I consulted a professional painting company and was advised that the magnetic primer would have to sanded down, or plastered over. Was told that a foam roller should not have been used to apply the magnetic paint, as it does not spread the product properly, contradictory to what the can states. This product is not worth the aggravation, time, and money.
                We bought this because my wife wanted to create a magnetic chalkboard to use while teaching remot...
                We bought this because my wife wanted to create a magnetic chalkboard to use while teaching remotely from home. The one can was enough for three coats for the size she wanted and it works like a charm for magnets. She then painted over it with chalkboard paint, and it looks and works great.
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                Yes it will hold thin magnets!
                Get it shaken at the store! [But youll still need a couple stir sticks] The paint is metal flakes suspended in liquid, it will settle. It also carries a very strong scent. Cleared out quickly but you'll need ventilation during the job. As a gearhead I loved the smell: picture a million mile oil pan with the purest sludge you've ever seen, mmm. Best to start with super smooth skim coat[level 5] Now, 7 coats. If you're doing this after 2017 and are still complaining about magnets not sticking youre not thinking outside the box. I read a few reviews with 3 coats this and that and immediately said, ok 6 coats. Yes my wife balked at 3 cans but I guaranteed results. Get your cans opened, stir stick in hand and spoon all the paint into a bucket, 2 gal is sufficient. Grab that handheld mixer attachment that's been sitting in the kitchen for 30 years and get it on your drill. Now mix the paints going from a low to high setting while continually getting the coat off the bottom of the bucket. Mix well between pour and keep covered with plastic, it sets quickly. When the last magnetic coat is ready to pour add your top coat at 1/3 to 1/2 volume and blend in bucket. Should only have to top coat once for full coverage.
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                  Easy, effective
                  As advertised and as you can see, when applied this paint produces a magnetic surface. It's as easy as paint to apply but 1. Make sure to have it shaken at the place of purchase just before you start your project, if you let it settle you are unlikely to get good results and you absolutely cannot shake it adequately by hand. 2. Apply 3-4 coats, maybe 5 if you're painting a textured wall. 3. For best results skim coat the surface you're painting. Regular fridge magnets work on this surface. If done correctly this product is great and is as easy to apply as regular interior paint.
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                    Very expensive, purchased two cans and still it would not work as mentioned. On the plus side the...
                    Very expensive, purchased two cans and still it would not work as mentioned. On the plus side the black looks good but now will be covered up. Now resorting to either metal or cork board.
                    Response from Rust-OleumSupportMay 17, 2018
                    Thank you for sharing your experience! There are several things to keep in mind when using the Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer. The first thing is that the iron-containing pigment in the paint can easily settle to the bottom of the can, so stirring to get all of the pigment re-incorporated into the paint is essential. Also, it's important to use the right amount of paint for the area you're painting. Ideally, one quart of the primer is needed for about a 16 square foot area. If the product is not applied heavily enough, you won't get the full magnetic effect. If it takes more than 3 coats to get the proper amount on the surface, that's ok; simply keep applying until you have the correct amount on the surface for the area that you are covering. The smoother you get the primer on, the better it works, since the magnet will have more contact points to hang on with, so a foam roller is recommended for application. Larger, flexible magnets are usually the best to use, since they're stronger and have more surface area. As a primer, this product can be painted over with just about any kind of wall paint without affecting the magnetism. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 7 Rustoleum
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                    This is a decent magnetic surface, and more coats does improve the hold. It will not hold somethi...
                    This is a decent magnetic surface, and more coats does improve the hold. It will not hold something super heavy. I purchased 30 mil magnetic sheets and even one coat will hold small magnets on. I do recommend 2 - 3 coats if you would like a stronger hold.
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                      This is an excellent product when used as directed and with the proper magnets. The issue with t...
                      This is an excellent product when used as directed and with the proper magnets. The issue with the low ratings is that either 1) the magnets used against the painted surface are too weak, or 2) there were not enough metal particles on the wall (paint not mixed well enough or not enough coats). Have it mixed at the store, use it soon after you get home, and MIX, MIX, MIX (before and while using it. Apply 3-4 coats and you've got a great surface. You'll know you're done coating/applying the wall when magnets stick well to it (TEST before applying the top coat of latex paint). For magnets, you REALLY need Neodymium magnets at a minimum. Ferrite ("ceramic" and flexible refridgerator type magnets) will generally not stick well when there is paper or anything else between them. For Neodymium, N40 to N52 will work best (higher grade is stronger). Multi-pole / Polymagnets are available off-the-shelf and hold extremely well, the picture shows 2.5lbs being suspended from one of these. This is a very rewarding paint when you know how to use it, highly recommended. The odor during application is very strong, but once dry there is no odor and it's worth the temporary smell.
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