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24 oz. Safer Home Indoor Pest Control Ready-To-Use Spray

  • Safer Home Indoor Pest Control is a multi-insect killer spray
  • Works fast - kills ants, flies, and roaches within 3 minutes
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
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Product Overview

Don't let uninvited pests invade your home- usher them out the door with Safer Home Indoor Pest Control Spray. This spray is effective against a variety of common household insects and kills ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, fleas and more on contact. The quick-kill formula works fast to kill 100% of ants, flies, and roaches within 3 minutes. Its made with natural oils, including clove oil and cottonseed oil, so it's safe for use around children and pets when used as directed. The ready-to-use spray bottle makes application a breeze. Simply shake the bottle before use. For general application, set the nozzle to the spray setting and hold the bottle 8 in. to 12 in. from the target area. For crack-and-crevice treatment, set the nozzle to the stream setting. Spray directly on pests until wet, but not to the point of runoff. Safer Home Indoor Pest Control Spray is perfect for use in kitchens and pantries, as well as behind baseboards, around windows and doors and in crawl spaces. Effective against: Ants (including Argentine, pharaoh, red imported fire), aphids, armyworms, bed bugs, beetles (Asian Lady, Black Carpet, Cigarette, Colorado Potato, Spotted Cucumber), boxelder bugs, cat fleas (adults and larvae), cockroaches (American, German, Oriental, Smokey Brown), earwigs, flies (Blue Bottle, Flesh, Horn, House, Stable), hornets, loopers, mites, mosquitoes, moths (Clothes, Diamondback), silverfish, spiders, stink bugs, brown dog ticks, wasps, yellow jackets and whiteflies.
  • Kills ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, fleas and other insects
  • Quick-kill formula kills 100% of ants, flies, and roaches within 3 minutes
  • Made with natural oils and contains no harsh chemicals
  • Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Leaves no residue - will dry without cleanup
  • For indoor use - apply to kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and more
  • 24 oz. ready-to-use spray bottle for easy application

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Product Depth (in.)
2 in
Product Height (in.)
11.63 in
Product Width (in.)
4.5 in


Application Type
Concentrated or Ready to Use
Ready to use
Garden Pest Location
Not for Garden Use
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Pest Control Type
Lawn Insect Control
Primary Active Ingredient
0.05 pct. Clove Oil
Product Weight (oz.)
24 oz
Safe for Edibles
Safe for Pets
Spray Application Type

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Lightly-Scented, Colorless, Effective
This Safer Brand 24-ounce Safer Home Indoor Pest Control Ready-To-Use Spray is a far better alternative to spot treat common household and indoor pest. The adjustable spray nozzle can be directed for direct stream spray or a wider area spray. Two off position makes returning to a secure setting with each quarter twist. There is only a faint hint of a scent that isn't as aggressive as other commercial pest sprays. Safer Brand spray is nearly colorless and dries quickly after being applied. As a safer and less pollutive spray to be used indoors and in your home, well worth using safely around your pets and family.
  • Recommended
Effective without nasty insecticide odor, cleans easily with just water
Some indoor insects are more difficult to deal with than others and the photos show the results of using this spray on a wasp. Wasps love the area around us and that leads to many of them getting in the house and they can be very aggressive, leading to stressful removals if done by swatting or capturing. This spray effectively dealt with this wasp without the critter getting agitated and flying around. I sprayed it twice, although once was probably enough. Notice that the window caught some of the spray, but this was not a problem because wiping with plain water removed all traces of the spray and left the window without any evidence of having been sprayed. This spray has very little aroma and that aroma is in no way offensive and certainly does not have any traditional insecticide odor. I expect that we will also use outside on box elder bug concentrations because we do not like the idea of using poisonous insecticides where grandkids can get to the area. The spayer operates smoothly with little effort and the lever action is very convenient and easy to use.
  • Recommended
Safe for pets
The Safer Home Indoor Pest Control Ready-To-Use Spray is made from natural ingredients and doesn't have that insecticide odor. I like how easy the pump is to use and there are two different spray types you can choose. I like the stream to aim right where I want it to go along doorways and baseboards. Then you can turn it off so someone won't accidentally spray it. Every product also has a QR code on the label so you can gather more information from their website with a simple click of your cell phone.
  • Recommended
Seems Pretty Good
Alright so this spray seems to work. I sprayed it on some spiders in our house and some ants and it seems to kill them pretty quickly. But no where near as fast as a traditional bug killer. I love the smell but if you don't like the smell of clove you might want to avoid this as it has a pretty strong smell. The bottle clearly states to shake it well before spraying it and this causes the spray to come out almost as a foam. This looks weird for a few minutes but dries quickly and you wont notice it on lighter interior walls, but I do not recommend you spray it on your walls if they are a dark color. When I sprayed the inside of my darker garage floor it left visible white spots everywhere. The bottle covered three small bedrooms and two bathrooms for me (spraying generously 6" up along the base of the walls) and I had extra to do the inside of my garage, but it is important to note, the bottle states this is more for spot kills on bugs rather than a barrier defense inside your home. I just wanted to see how long it would last and what type of coverage I could get. I would recommend this if you are looking for a safer alternative to spray inside your children's bedrooms or in your kitchen, but if you are going to spray the inside of your windows and doors as a barrier then I would look elsewhere.
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Great product.
I got this product because I have pets and children. This two uses natural oils instead of harsh chemicals to kill insects. You typically spray pest control and get nothing but harsh chemical smell and side effects. When you spray the stuff that smells like cloves. You don't have to worry about safety near this stuff. I'm not sure about the long-term pest control. I don't this this has much residual effect.
  • Recommended
Great Product
Safer Brand Home Indoor Pest Control is a perfect product that is safe to use around pets and children. The active ingredients are natural oils that kills pest on contact. The bottle has an easy to operate spray handle with both stream and spray settings. The smell that is emitted is not unpleasant to the senses. This product kills a multitude of common household pest and is convent to use without the fear of inadvertently getting your children or pets ill. As always all products like this should be kept out of reach of children and pets. The label provides first aid information should unwarranted exposure happen. Do not use on people, plants or pets. Do not inhale the product either. Use as directed only as per the label and instructions.
  • Recommended
I Don't Have Ants or Roaches But...
I do have the occasional arachnid now and then. For me, the decision to use a "Safer" insecticide on them is a no-brainer. I don't own any pets or have small children but I'm still concerned about them when they visit. The Safer Home insect killer uses clove and cottenseed oils for its active ingredients. The instructions claim that they are safe if the product is used as directed. Does that mean "Thoroughly wet listed pest but not to the point of saturation/runoff" or "Do not spray directly on children or pets."? Hmmmm says I. Oh well, I still feel Safer (pun intended) using Safer than any other man-made chemical in my house. I also liked that the sprayer works good and seems to be child-proof as it will not unscrew. I deducted a star for the hard to read label but almost gave it back for the wonderful info made available through the QR code and on the Peel Here page.
  • Recommended
Pest spray
This product Safer Brand 24oz indoor pest control came just in time, have a 3 month old German Shepard puppy and spring is coming so time to spray indoors to keep the bugs outdoors. Really like it’s pet safe so no harm comes to our pet, sprayed alone windows and floorboards and even our puppy crate. No strong overpowering odor’s to deal with, the 24oz bottle about 1/2 gone did about every where needed, trigger worked great and held up to the constant spraying without faultier. Kill arrange of bugs and flying critters like misquotes, wasp, yellow jackets, spiders, dog tick which I really needed with a puppy, the list is huge on pests it kills. After a rain this year we are covered up in ants along the kitchen sink and small window, and with it raing today sprayed a long the window and sink, no ants yet so my wife is very pleased. I would definitely recommend this Safe Brand indoor pest spray to anyone, Safer Brand 24 oz. Safer At Home Indoor Pest Control Ready-To-Use Spray and if you have a pet it’s also safe for them too.
  • Recommended
Now here's a killer of a product folks! Safer Home brand Indoor Pest Control works like a champ. It will kill ants, spiders, and roaches. It's safe around your kids and pets. We all know how those pets like to keep our floors clean, don't we? Thee MDMR is under the back label if you need to know any of that stuff. It just takes two to four squirts along the baseboards in your kitchen, walls, bedroom; everywhere.
  • Recommended
Indoor Pest Control
I love this product by Safer Brand Home because it is safe to use even if you use it around children and pets. It is good on multi-insects and made with natural oils. Since it kills on contact, you don’t have to wait till the insect dies to pick it up for disposal. Kills ants, aphids, beetles, cockroaches, hornets, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets, and a host of other insects listed on the back of the back of the bottle.
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Showing 1-10 of 38 reviews