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XD 82-Volt MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Utility Cart with 3.7 cu. ft. Cargo Bed, Battery & Charger Not Included

  • Two forward and and reverse speed options
  • Heavy-duty transmission and reinforced steel frame
  • 3.7 cu-ft rust-resistant cargo bed capacity
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Product Overview

"Model#: 1696858: Model Name: SXDUC82 The Snapper XD 82V Max self-propelled utility cart greatly assists in moving heavy materials and supplies, plus features a quick-release lever to effortlessly dump the attached cargo bed. Carry, dump, or tow materials for up to 3 hours on a fully charged 2.0 Briggs & Stratton Lithium-ion battery(not included). The 3.7 cu ft rust-resistant cargo bed and large 12" x 5" turf drive tires; allow you to move a variety of things without damaging your lawn. Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 82 volts. Nominal voltage is 72. *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 82-volts. The nominal voltage is 72. **Run time, charge time and output capacity may be affected by conditions."
  • Up to 3 hours (180 minutes) run time with a fully charged 2.0 Briggs & Stratton 82-Volt MAX Lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • 3.7 cu. ft. rust resistant cargo bed capacity
  • Fold away steel hitch for towing up to speeds of 6 mph
  • Quick release lever dumps cargo bed contents effortlessly
  • Reinforced steel frame and heavy duty transmission with two forward and reverse speed options for lasting durability and ease of use
  • Self-propelled with 2 forward and reverse speed options
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  • California residents

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Product Depth (in.)
53 in
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
26 in
Wheel Size (in.)


Bin Material
Capacity (cu. ft.) - Total
3.7 cu ft
Dump Cart
Handle Material
Number of Wheels
Product Weight (lb.)
88 lb
Tire Type
Pneumatic Tires
Weight Capacity (lb.)
220 lb
Wheel Material

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Limited

Questions & Answers


How does one restrain it with a load when going down-slope? With our yard, that the hard part. ...

Asked by Al April 18, 2021

Would this be good for concrete mix jobs?

Asked by Richard April 18, 2021

Absolutely. You might have to be aware of the weight of the concrete you are hauling. But this cart is a work horse. Not good on mud.

Where to buy battery & charger*

Asked by Kd March 24, 2021

Briggs & Stratton Store online. A little cheaper, but with shipping, about the same as HD.

What is the total weight?.

Asked by Joey December 1, 2020

Hello on the website in the specifications it says 88 lbs.

Hi, how many watts is the motor's power?

Asked by Glen August 12, 2020

Why doesn’t Home Depot list the exact battery and charger that goes with it? Can someone guide m...

Asked by BC July 7, 2020

Sure, here's a link, hopefully you'll be satisfied with that thing because I sure wasn't. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Outdoors-Outdoor-Power-Equipment-Replacement-Engines-Parts-Replacement-Parts-Outdoor-Power-Batteries-Chargers/Snapper-XD/N-5yc1vZbxd3Z1z0kgzd?storeSelection=3859,6931,3824,3809,3804&experienceName=default

Does this have a braking system?

Asked by BC July 7, 2020


Would you recommend this for hauling horse manure down a short hill? How much is the battery and...

Asked by Bc June 28, 2020

This utility cart should be fine to use for that particular purpose as long as you keep some things in mind. The loading/weight capacity for this cart is 220 pounds. We do not recommend using the utility cart on a slope greater than 16.7 degrees, especially when loaded. You will want to exercise caution when going up and down the slope/hill and make sure that you do not park the cart directly on the slope as well. You can find the Briggs & Stratton 82V 2.0 Ah battery (model number 1760266) here: https://thd.co/2K3c80y, the 82V 4.0 Ah battery (model 1760265) here: https://thd.co/3eJ3YYJ, and the 82V battery charger (model 1760263) for those batteries here: https://thd.co/2V5psIa

Can you ONLY use the 2.0 briggs and stratton lithium battery? I can't seem to purchase one unless...

Asked by LawnGuysWife June 18, 2020

Thanks for the answer, but the problem is that the batteries are out of stock and can't be purchased separately from available tool kits. Disappointing. I didn't purchase this product because of this issue.

what is the warranty?

Asked by sam June 3, 2020

1 year

XD 82-Volt MAX Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Utility Cart with 3.7 cu. ft. Cargo Bed, Battery & Charger Not Included - page 2

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Great idea, lousy execution My property has a hill and pushing a wheelbarrow full of anything up ...
Great idea, lousy execution My property has a hill and pushing a wheelbarrow full of anything up it is no fun. When I spotted this I put it in my cart and bought it in time for mulching season. I ordered 10 yards of mulch and was looking forward to the job being easier this year with this cart... it wasn't, this cart sucks. The biggest problem is it lasted a whopping 3 hours before it died. I didn'y even get to tackle the hill! The expensive battery that didn't come with the cart still had 3 bars left, the power gauge was still green, the cart just wouldn't move. I thought a quick call to Snapper and they'd be able to tell me how to resurrect it. Wrong! After being on hold for >15 minutes, I finally talked to a person at Briggs & Stratton, who, although very nice, was also very unhelpful. I knew more about the product than she did. After answering 20 questions I was told to take it to a Snapper dealer. This really wasn't a good option, so I tried turning it off, it wouldn't turn off, but it wouldn't move either. I pulled the "key" and then reinserted it, it went off, but when it powered back on, although having the power switch off, no go. I pulled the battery, and recharged it, still no propulsion. This cart sucks. When it did work, it had a bunch of annoying quirks, I think the corporate legal team had a lot of influence in the design. The "throttle is a thumb lever, but you have to press another different button before the throttle will work, sort of a "pre-throttle" apparently for your own protection. The cart has three other switches, a power switch, a forward/reverse switch and a fast/slow speed switch, each covered in a transparent rubber cover. The result of this thick rubber cover is you can't see the switch clearly and the tactile feedback is non existent. When it did work, the "fast" speed was too slow. I can't imagine using the slow speed. The "throttle" really doesn't have much variation in speed, it's more a go switch. The position of the forward/reverse switch is in an inconvenient location, somewhere closer to the throttle would have been better. I had to maneuver the cart to get it in place to dump the mulch so forward/reverse was a frequent selection, so bending down and pressing the rubber cloaked switch hoping it was in the position I wanted and then pressing the throttle, and nothing happening because I forgot to press the "pre throttle" switch was an annoyance that was really wearing on me. The cart did a good job of transporting mulch. The pneumatic tires are mildly knobby and had good traction on the damp lawn. The dump feature is another aspect that fails to perform. The mechanism to dump is okay, problem is the dump cart doesn't tilt far enough forward, so only about half of the contents come out of the cart. You have to bend down and scrape the remaining 50% by hand, every time. So I have a expensive self propelled cart that doesn't dump well that doesn't propel itself, and I have 10 yards of mulch to spread, and rain is coming. Snapper's less than helpful advice is take it to an authorized Snapper dealer and maybe they can figure out what's wrong. So I have to push against the dead motor to try and spread as much mulch as I can before it starts raining, this cart sucks. I know things break sometimes, when they do it's the support you get that makes or breaks a product. Here, Snapper/Briggs & Stratton was abysmal. This dud is going back to Home Depot.
by TheQueensGardener
Response from Snapper Product ExpertApr 30, 2019
Thank you for your review. Your feedback is important to us and will help us to continue to improve our products to be the best out there for our customers. This utility cart (model 1696858) does have a 5-year warranty time frame and the batteries and charger have a 2-year warranty time frame. For any warranty consideration the product in question will have to taken to an authorized Snapper service dealer for a warranty inspection. If a manufacturing defect is found they can file a warranty claim on your behalf.
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The Snapper XD 3.7 cubic foot, 82 volt, utility cart makes hauling anything easier. As a middle a...
The Snapper XD 3.7 cubic foot, 82 volt, utility cart makes hauling anything easier. As a middle aged man this utility cart makes hauling much easier. No more lifting wheel barrels all around. The cart does all the work for you. Looking at the controls you have an on/off button, a slow or fast button, you also have a forward and reverse button. There is a button above the thumb throttle that is a safety, you have to push that button in order to use the throttle. You get 30 seconds and then the safety engages. Its a feature that you have to get used to. The cart also has the ability to dump. Just grab the handle and pull in the locking lever and dump! It dumps pretty easily with a load of topsoil. The cart is very stable considering it only has three wheels. I found that when the cart is empty and the grass is wet the tires sometime spin. Not a big deal but I wanted to mention it. There is also a lock on the rear tire to keep the cart in place. Indicator lights near the thumb throttle let you know your battery level. Using the rapid charger and battery made by Briggs and Stratton (sold separately) you can be all recharged and ready to go in 30 minutes. This cart also has the ability to connect to your lawn tractor using the attached arm. The arm stores away till needed. Overall this cart makes my landscaping jobs easier and that's awesome!
by Ben62
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Oh YES! Wow this Snapper Battery operated cart is so helpful! If your an outside enthusiast and...
Oh YES! Wow this Snapper Battery operated cart is so helpful! If your an outside enthusiast and spend all day gardening, planting, mulching, moving sod, moving rocks, carrying firewood, etc then this is the cart for you. I have a pull wagon which was convenient but this is so much more helpful. It's made well, has a fast and slow speed, goes forward and backwards, quick release lever to dump contents, has a break petal, 3.7 cu ft and 82 volt battery. The battery and charger are sold separately. We have used this for the past two days, run time was about 3 hours and still had life left in the battery but we decided to charge for today's workload. We have a lot of property with slopes and it worked very well. Slows a little going up hill and gets away a little when going down hill (just like a car) but gets the job done. The brake really needs to be pushed quite hard to engage. Easy to dump with the quick release lever. The throttle lever is conveniently located. There is a steel hitch for towing that folds away when not in use. The tires are 12" by 5" turf tires. There is a lock out button that times out when you stop, just push it and it will go again. The battery charged quickly, easy to insert and take out. Being self propelled makes it easier to maneuver. This is convenient for anyone to use (especially for us as we are getting older) but would be especially useful for senior citizens to continue to be active outside, gardening , landscaping, carrying wood etc. We are loving it.
by Mrsocks
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This is the perfect tool for the senior gardener. My wife loves that she no longer has to lift an...
This is the perfect tool for the senior gardener. My wife loves that she no longer has to lift and push a wheel barrow. With the push of a button this unit moves up slopes with ease. The run time is about three hours. Definitely worth the investment. Note the battery and charger cost an additional $300.00
by Bill
This is based on battery with no charger. Returned....
This is based on battery with no charger. Returned.
by Homebody
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Very pleased with cart. BIG help when stageing sand/dirt, cinder...
Very pleased with cart. BIG help when stageing sand/dirt, cinder blocks, stepping stones, tools and trash bags/debis. No real problem moving loaded cart over firm sandy soil... but a wider pneumatic center tire would be much better getting through softer sand. 2.0 battery pack has the power and sufficient charge/runtime for my needs.
A good idea, but poorly designed and poorly built.
I bought this thing to make my life a bit easier. I'm not impressed.  This cart arrived with flat tires (they likely never had air) and a loose drain plug on the gearbox. Oil leaked into the shipping box.  I had to spend time filling the tires, buying transmission fluid, and piecing together a collection of funnel and tubing that would fit the small and ridiculously located oil fill port.  The casing around the fill and drain plugs have sharp flash that will slice your fingers, so beware. The remaining oil that was in the gearbox appeared to be motor oil.  The manual says to use ATF. I did, but this makes me wonder about quality at the factory.  The clamps that secure the handle were loose in the carton.  They could have easily been lost thru a few of the holes in the box that happened during shipping.   For the price I expected better design (for access to oil plug), better factory assembly, and better packaging. Having fixed it all, it seems to work well but it's only been a few days.   I'm not sure if I can recommend it yet.
by Sawdust
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by SD
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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