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Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes (8-Count)

  • Attracts and kills all common household ants
  • Targets ants outdoors before they can come indoors
  • Easy to use - insert stakes, break tab, kill the colony
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Product Overview

it works, liquid ant bait

TERRO - It Works!

Generations of consumers have come to know that the bright orange package stands for “Ant Control.”No matter what type of home pest control challenge you face, TERRO has the solution!

kill the ants you see and the ones you don't, liquid ant bait

Kills the Ants You See & Don't See

Foraging ants take the bait back to the nest. The communal nature of an ant colony allows the bait to be spread, killing the ants you see as well as the ones you don't see.

total population control, liquid ant bait

Total Population Control

Ant baits are designed to slowly spread throughout the entire colony to offer total control in just a few weeks.

attract ants, liquid ant baits

Attracts Ants

Since this is a bait, initially you will see more ants, before they disappear. But it's a good thing! The enticing sugary liquid can then spread through the entire colony.

how liquid ant bait works

How It Works

The active ingredient slowly interferes with the ant’s digestive system, ultimately killing it, but leaving enough time for the ant to go back and share the dose with the rest of the colony.

where to place liquid ant bait

Where to Place

Place near trails, along baseboards, in corners, on counters, under and behind appliances, on windowsills, and other locations where ants are numerous.

Use more liquid bait placements

The More Placements, the Better

Place additional bait stations anywhere they may enter your home. For best results, use multiple placements to ensure a sufficient supply for the ants.

remove attractants, liquid ant bait

Remove Other Attractants

Before placing the bait stations, be sure to remove other sources of food, such as crumbs, sugar and grease spots to prevent attracting ants elsewhere.

monitor liquid ant bait placements

Monitor Placements Regularly

Monitor placements regularly, but do not interfere with the pests or bait.

replace bait placements as needed

Replace Bait As Needed

Replace bait placements when the liquid is depleted or becomes dry.

prevent ants from returning, liquid ant bait

Prevent Ants from Returning

Once the colony is under control, keep placing baits to prevent new colonies from forming.

liquid ant bait attracts and kills all common household ants

Works on Common Household Ants

Liquid ant bait attracts and kills all common, sweet-eating household ants.

control ants indoors and outdoors, liquid ant baits

Control Ants Everywhere

Liquid ant baits can help you target infestations wherever they exist, whether indoors or out.

With Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes, stop the problem at the source. The stakes target ants outdoors before they can make their way inside. The slow killing poison gives ants time to transport the bait to the colony and the queen, eliminating the ants you see, and the ones you don't. The baits are easy to use - simply place the stakes in outdoor areas where ants have been observed, break the tab open, and let the bait work its magic. A see through bait monitor helps you keep track of when it's time to replace. The stakes are weatherproof, offering protection through all elements.
  • Kills the ants you see and the ones you don't
  • Stakes are ready to use - simply insert stakes, break tab, kill the colony
  • Ready to use - insert stakes, break tab, kill the colony
  • See-through bait monitor lets you know when it's time to replace
  • Stake design has tiered stairs provide ants with easy access to bait
  • Explore more TERRO® liquid ant baits
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Ants

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Product Depth (in.)
4.5 in
Product Height (in.)
7.75 in
Product Width (in.)
2.75 in


Concentrated or Ready to Use
Ready to use
Garden Pest Location
Included Items
Stakes Only
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Pest Control Type
Lawn Insect Control
Primary Active Ingredient
Product Weight (oz.)
2 oz
Safe for Edibles
Safe for Pets

Questions & Answers


Is this safe if I have a lot of rabbits, squirrels, racoons, lizards, and snakes in my yard? I d...

Asked by barb July 25, 2020

The active ingredient is the same as Borax cleaner, but in microscopic form in a sugary bait. It is designed to kill small insects and should not affect animals. Plus, the bait is housed in solid plastic holders with an extremely small opening, so it would be very difficult for an animal to access the sugary solution.

Can the stakes be refilled with liquid ant killer?

Asked by Homedepotcustomer34 July 4, 2020


In a packet of 8 how many am I supposed to use?

Asked by Ap June 1, 2020

I use all 8 every year, installed in spring. Sometimes I add more if it seems like there are more ants outside.

How far above ground do they sit?

Asked by CJ May 28, 2020

About 1 and a half inches

Is this safe for use in potted plants?

Asked by Em May 25, 2020

This is a great option for potted plants.

Will this treat Big Headed Ants?

Asked by MIAMIGIRL January 6, 2020

I have/had the tiny ones

Are these safe in my Butterfly Garden. The ants eat on roots of flowers there ?

Asked by KansasCityLady1 August 14, 2018

Safe in which way? The flowers wont harm the Ant Bait nor will the butterflies be able to eat the ant bait.

Are the stakes protected from water and rain? I have an irrigation system that runs everyday, was...

Asked by Tuan July 12, 2018

It has been my experience, that a large amount of water put directly over the stake over a period of time will eventually water down the bait and wash it away.

how long do the liquid ant stakes last before they run out of the liquid

Asked by tango May 6, 2018

Difficult question to answer. How long does a bag of chips last at a part? Until they are eaten is the only answer. The Ant Bait Stake will long a very long time if you do not have any ants but if you have a lot of ants taking the bait then it will probably last a week.

These stakes say for outdoor use. Is it safe to use in a crawl space?

Asked by Laurie April 8, 2018

I've used the outdoor kind in my den, garage, and plan to use outdoors today. I have pets, but I was careful to place it where they could not access it.

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this product does not work
I bought these bait stations recently, of course by looking at all the positive reviews it had, but greatly disappointed with the outcome. I placed these bait stations near ant paths at several locations for more than a week now but still I continue to see the ants passing it by and not even getting close by these baits.
by rdev
Response from Woodstream TeamOct 8, 2020
Thank you for this feedback. If the ants were not interested in the bait, they may not be looking for sweet based foods?
1 person found this helpful
The ants attacked this like it was a free meal !!!!!!! Trying to open each one by twisting the t...
The ants attacked this like it was a free meal !!!!!!! Trying to open each one by twisting the tab was not easy to do at all. The only downfall was that some type of animal, (maybe a squirrel) tore my spikes right out of the ground and ripped the green stake and the clear plastic bait holder to shreds !!!
by Twfjc
Response from Woodstream TeamNov 12, 2020
Thanks for sharing!
1 person found this helpful
I put the ant bait in the zucchini plant pot a few days ago but I still see a few ants...maybe no...
I put the ant bait in the zucchini plant pot a few days ago but I still see a few ants...maybe not as many...couldn't open the flower to check but saw a couple of ants on flower and stem so we shall see.
These traps work. I needed to find a way of avoiding lots of ant killing chemicals spread around ...
These traps work. I needed to find a way of avoiding lots of ant killing chemicals spread around our yard. Our front lawn began to look like one big ant hill. I placed 4 boxes, 32 traps around the lawn and the ants are drawn to them. It is a constant battle but these traps are a great alternative to using lots of chemical killers.
by MarkallDay
1 person found this helpful
Quick and easy. Works great.
Quick and easy. Works great.
by Tony
Response from Terro Consumer SupportAug 12, 2019
Thanks for sharing!
We bought the stakes and the traps for inside. Within a day the ghost ants were gone. Great, grea...
We bought the stakes and the traps for inside. Within a day the ghost ants were gone. Great, great product. Recommend them to our daughter who also had great success. Within hours of e had a stream of ants on the ledge above the stake. Now nothing.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Response from Terro Consumer SupportAug 1, 2019
Thanks for sharing!
good product
These ant stakes work okay I put two along the foundation on the kitchen side and two along the foundation on my master bathroom side, there doesn't seem to be anymore ants around my kitchen sink any more but I have seen a few around my bathroom sink just not as bad as it was. I'm going to give it another week to see is they disappear if not maybe get some spray to go with them. They are rear easy to put out and just break off a tab and your done.
by Towguy
4 people found this helpful
New Bait Package, easier to use...
Terro Ant Bait Stakes, Home Depot SKU number: 204661245, Suppled by the Home Depot SEEDs program. The Terro ant bait Stakes are a new version of their proven ant bait system. The “stake’ version is an new plastic housing with a stake or spike molded into the base for supporting the container of liquid ant bait. The bait container housing is ~2 inches high by ~1.7 inches wide, with a ~2.3 inch long spike on the bottom for planting in the ground around where the ants are residing. There is a window in the side of the housing to allow for checking the level of the liquid bait. There is a simple twist off bait opening, that is removed when placing the bait. This provide a opening for the ants to access the bait. The opening is toward the top end of the bait housing, thus placing it higher from the base, and making it less likely that rain water will wash into the bait and flush it away. The housing seems to be quite sturdy. I think this new design would also be harder for pets, or small animals to get into I have used Terro Ant baits before, and they work quite well for ants that like sweet based foods. Terro products come in a verity of product package formats. From a just a small vial of the liquid bait, to flat clear bait containers, to larger, outside containers. This new bait trap design I think is better and easier to use than their older outside design. It also seems simpler, and at the same time sturdier. As to how well they perform, I my experience, they work quite well for the type of ants that they are designed to attract, and eliminate. I would recommend them to anyone with a ant problem.
by BobC
5 people found this helpful
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 668 reviews