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Kill and Contain Mouse Trap

  • Kills mice
  • One touch set with an easy view indicator
  • Disposable
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Product Details

Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap kills mice. The exclusive design kills and contains the mouse. Easy to use, the trap is great for tight spaces and sets with just one touch-AND, you don't have to see the mouse to know it's been caught.
  • Redesigned, now more effective (vs. previous design)
  • Safe around kids and pets; won't snap fingers or paws
  • Easy-view indicator; sets with just one touch
  • Great for tight spaces
  • No-see, no-mess disposal
  • Kills mice

  • Return Policy

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Questions & Answers

Q:I can not get the arm and to set on my tomt mouse traphi
by|Oct 10, 2022
3 Answers
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A:  I had this happen. I had too much in the bait area. Only a little peanut butter or cheese is needed. If you over fill it won’t allow you to set trap.

by|Jan 26, 2023

A:  I had the same problem and when I call the company they told me that I had put too much peanut butter in the little thingy ... took some out and problem solved.  good luck!

by|Oct 13, 2022

    A:  Make sure bait is only in the bait well of the bait door. If try to bait inside the back of the trap this can interfere with the trap being set. Please contact us at 877-220-3089 if further assistance is needed.

    by|Oct 24, 2022
      Q:Is it reusable?
      by|Nov 23, 2021
      5 Answers
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      A:  No they are single use

      by|Dec 19, 2021

        A:  Easy, effective and no mess!

        by|Feb 22, 2022

        A:  No, I do not re-use it.

        by|Jul 2, 2022

        A:  Not re-useable. One time kill.

        by|Feb 1, 2022

          A:  Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap is a one time mouse trap and it should be discarded after it has caught a mouse.

          by|Nov 30, 2021
            Q:Just bought a pack of two, and both were already in the set position. Is this normal? I put the...
            by|Sep 30, 2020
            5 Answers
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            A:  I’ve had boxes already set occasionally too. They have worked fine - altho I did check that the capture spring worked before setting them out. Re: bait. I’ve generally used peanut butter with success, but recently had mice going for my mom’s chocolate bowl, so used chocolate. And it worked.

            by|Oct 1, 2020
            1 found this answer helpful

            A:  I have had two of these for a year or more. No mice caught. I have best results with the old fashioned, but messy traps.

            by|Sep 30, 2020

            A:  I'm not sure if it is already on set mode. Mine was unset from the box. Get to the point, I used regular peanut butter and it worked really good. It's very active. I set one trap at a time for one spot but bought 2 more boxes of 2 until it stopped catching. I still set one in the same spot and check on it weekly basis. So far no sign like mice poops. Good luck!

            by|Oct 21, 2022
            2 found this answer helpful

            A:  I use peanut butter and it works well. After putting peanut butter in the bait box, I shut the flap and then use about six inches of package tape to seal it shut because mice can push that little flap open and escape. If you use tape to seal the bait box, be careful to not block the lever arc. I never had these issues with the original product. The black Tomcat product is even worse at catching mice. I am still disappointed that the design of the Kill and Contain Mouse Trap was changed when Tomcat obtained this product from the original manufacturer. At that time the lever arc was shortened by half. This has reduced the effectiveness of the product and now it is more difficult to see when a mouse has been caught. It appears that the trapping mechanism inside the shell has also been modified. With the original design the peanut butter was visible when you looked in the mouse hole after setting the trap. Once the original version caught a mouse, you could no longer see the bait area. Now it appears the trap has been sprung when you purchase the product. Recently a trap caught a mouse. I must have checked it very soon after the mouse was caught as there was blood dripping from the trap. The blood was the only indication a mouse had been caught. The lever did not move to the mouse caught position. Amazing that a company would obtain and change a great performing product to a sometimes it works product that is expensive. The original version eliminated any mice within a day or two, but not the Tomcat version. When I no longer have a cat I will switch to poison which I would not do it the original design were still available.

            by|Oct 29, 2021
            3 found this answer helpful

            A:  Thank you for your question regarding Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap. Some traps may be set from testing at the factory but should perform as expected. The traps normally catches mice within 2 to 3 days of setting. Please call us at 877-220-3089 if you have other inquiries.

            by|Oct 1, 2020
              1 found this answer helpful
              Q:Does it contain poison?
              by|Jun 8, 2019
              5 Answers
              Answer This Question

              A:  No it does not. Just an empty strap you bait your own. I used the TomVat bait gel and peanut butter but neither worked. Hope this helped.

              by|Jun 9, 2019

              A:  No, it pretty much crushes the critter and you throw it away. It works great!

              by|Jun 10, 2019

                A:  No, it does not contain poison or bait. You have to bait it with something tasty for mice.

                by|Apr 14, 2022

                A:  No. Just put a 1/4 teaspoon into the cup. Arm it an put it along a baseboard corner and bam, dead mouse. You will want more than one. I keep spares on hand for winter.

                by|Apr 14, 2022

                  A:  We appreciate your interest in Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Trap. This product does not contain any type of poison. Please contact us at 877-220-3089 with any other inquiries that you may have, and we will be happy to assist you.

                  by|Jun 11, 2019
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                    This is junk - doesn't work
                    I bought four of these. Each one was empty, but contained mouse poop so they either escaped or didn't get trapped in the first place.
                      Bring back the old design
                      I used the same looking design from Ortho many times and caught many mice with it in short time after being set. Had a really easy trigger. Looks like that was bought by Tomcat and redesigned internally to make triggering more difficult. I have a video of a mouse I’m currently trying to catch. It runs inside, I hear a snap and he runs out with the trap remaining set. I thought I was getting the same trap when buying this one so I bought 4. The Ortho model had a pressure plate that when the mouse stepped inside, it sprung the mouse up into some plastic ribs inside to kill it. This appears to require the mouse to have a mouse college degree to operate. They have to wedge themselves down into the bait area pushing the trigger forward to activate. Even if it did, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t kill it and allow it time to chew it’s way out and add to its education to be more cautious of traps.
                      Response from Consumer ServicesSep 23, 2022
                      JimV, we're sorry to hear Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Traps didn't work as expected and appreciate your feedback. Reach out to us here for assistance with our product guarantee: https://www.tomcatbrand.com/en-us/help-center
                        Attracts mice easily. No escape once caught. Throw away right away. No mess.
                        Attracts mice easily. No escape once caught. Throw away right away. No mess.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Recommended
                        1 found this review helpful
                        This mouse trap is really easy to bait. I used peanut butter. It has settings showing that the t...
                        This mouse trap is really easy to bait. I used peanut butter. It has settings showing that the trap is not set - is set ( which is easy) - and then flips to “mouse caught”. You really can’t see that a mouse has been caught so the notice is is necessary. Trap has a small handle which makes disposal less unpleasant. I might be inclined to give this a five star rating after I catch my 2nd mouse.
                        • DIY
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Recommended
                        Did Not work. Trigger did not catch mouse
                        I was very hopeful this product would work but did not. I set the mouse trap the night before and did everything the instructions said. I removed any food so the mouse is set exactly for the trap and placed peanut butter inside the trap. I woke up this morning hoping it worked, and instead just saw chewed up plastic and droppings around the trap, which was moved from the corner of under my sink towards the center, and droppings on the inside of the trap, but no mouse.
                        Response from Tomcat Customer ServiceJun 2, 2021
                        We're sorry that the Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse trap didn't work as expected. Bait should only be put in the well on the bait door on the back. of the trap (opposite the entrance). If any bait is placed in the front (this is especially important for the new design) the mouse will likely not enter the trap to get the bait in the back at the bait door which is what is needed for the trap to be triggered. We would like to discuss our product guarantee with you, so at your convenience, please give us a call at 877.465.5160. tomcat
                          I set trap correctly with peanut butter all the way in back
                          The mouse ate its way out of the back of the trap, I couldn’t believe it
                          Response from HomeDepotFeb 25, 2021
                          Kosmic, we are sorry to hear of your experience with Kill and Contain Mouse Trap (2-Pack) by Tomcat. We would like to speak with you in further detail so that we can both extend to you our guarantee as well as learn more about this issue to make a more complete report to our Quality Assurance Department. We ask that at your convenience to please contact us at 877-220-3089. Please refer to this product review when calling in. tomcat
                            3 found this review helpful
                            Ate itself right out of the trap.
                            Mouse caught but ate its way out. Left plastic crumbs from the trap door and ate it's way right back out.
                            Response from Consumer Service Feb 8, 2021
                            Jan, we apologize for your distress regarding Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap. Be sure to place bait at the back door of the trap only, this will ensure that the mouse will climb up and over to trigger the trap. We want you to be confident in our products; therefore, we offer a product guarantee. To receive more details about this, please contact us at https://www.tomcatbrand.com/en-us/help-center.
                              Worked the first time used
                              I wasn’t very optimistic but liked the idea of killing contain, so give it a shot. Placed a trap in the garage where I had seen some droppings. Next morning indicator was sprung and the trap weighed about 4g more than when it was set. No movement or sound from the trap so I assume the kill worked as expected. Only 4 stars because a different trap in another location showed a few new droppings but the mouse was not enticed inside. Will update in a few days if the little sucker comes back.
                                • Recommended
                                Tomcat Trap + Tomcat Bait = Useless
                                Not sure what the problem is here, but the mouse in my warehouse office seems to find this Tomcat product, filled with Tomcat bait, useful as a toilet. Unfortunately, I need it to be useful as a trap. Will be returning to the store and exploring other brands since Tomcat has given me a double failure. Oh, and I see they like to spam 1-star reviews with: "Please contact us to discuss our product." I'll save you the time: make products that work.
                                Response from HomeDepotDec 17, 2020
                                We are sorry the Tomcat Kill N' Contain Mouse Trap did not control the mice as expected. We are not sure why the trap is not being triggered. The Kill N' Contain Mouse Trap was designed for a single use. If used multiple times, the spring will wear out and cause the trap to not operate properly. When using our bait, it will take at least 2 days for the rodent to die after eating the bait. We want you to be confident in our products. For this reason, we offer a product guarantee to our consumers. At your earliest convenience, please call 877-220-3089 for assistance. When calling, please refer to this review. tomcat
                                  4 found this review helpful
                                  Won’t trigger
                                  The old trap worked like a charm, but these won’t trigger. In fact, the mouse chewed the plastic off the back, overturned it, and it still didn’t trigger. Not sure why you redesigned it
                                  Response from Consumer ServiceOct 7, 2020
                                  We are sorry that you are disappointed with your purchase of Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap. Make sure bait is only in the bait well of the bait door. If try to bait inside the back of the trap this can interfere with the trap being set. We want you to be confident in our products; therefore, we offer a product guarantee. To receive more details about this, please contact us at https://tinyurl.com/ydb2q8sn.
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