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10 lb. NanoPave JSS Ghost 2-in-1 Joint Stabilizer and Sealer Bottle

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Product Overview

NanoPave JSS is a revolutionary 2-in-1 joint stabilizer and sealer product for use with pavers, natural stone, and flagstone. NanoPave JSS creates a strong, durable bond in common sand or crushed stone jointing materials for joints up to 4 in. NanoPave JSS is a UV resistant, VOC-free sealant that protects and helps maintain the natural beauty of most paving surfaces.
  • Ghost: natural look finish
  • Coverage rates up to 100 ft. /Gal. water-based, VOC-free, nano-polymer technology
  • Fast curing, long-lasting protection with ultra-high clarity extreme temperature application range [40°F - 90°F]
  • Suitable for application to dry or damp surfaces resistant to blushing, staining, and cracking
  • Formulated to penetrate and stabilize joints up to 4 in. industry leading, advanced formula JSS
  • Easy to apply using standard equipment

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Container Size
1 Gallon


Application Method
Pump-up Sprayer
Base Material
Coating Product Category
Natural Look
Concrete/Masonry Surface Application
Pavers/Stones,Porch & Patio
Dry To Touch Time (hh:mm)
Maximum hydrostatic pressure (lb.)
Maximum Optimal Temperature (F)
Minimum Optimal Temperature (F)
Paint/Stain Features
No additional features
Paint/Stain/Waterproofer Product Type
Concrete Waterproofer/Sealer
Recommended Number of Coats
Substrate/Surface Usage Type
Substrate/Surface Use Type
Surface Location

Questions & Answers


is this good for hardening sand for in-ground (vinyl) swimming pool bottom?

Asked by ed April 14, 2020

I would not recommend for under vinyl pool. Product makes sand very hard and may damage your Pool bottom.

Can this product be used on 12x12 red pavers

Asked by Jay October 15, 2019

Yes. We used it on brown pavers. Easy to use. Looks nice. Not slippery when wet. It makes the pavers look new. Not shiny just gives it a rich look. Follow the direction and don’t let it puddle and dry. We do ours every year. Keeps it nice.

I bought a bottle, but it has no instructions. Even thought I peeled the whole label, still could...

Asked by Gary August 22, 2019

Shake it up, put it in a sprayer and spray. It will come out milky but it dries clear

Can you use this product in joints (1/2-4" width) filled with 1/4 minus crushed rock?

Asked by Chip August 15, 2019

I used this product on wide joints up to 4" filled with Decomposed Granite between the flagstones. Don't know about crushed rock

Will this product helps to keep paver sand from washing away in heavy rain, while still allowing water to shed through?

Asked by Karen July 26, 2019

It will last about a year, I had to put up some gutters to help the problem

Can you spray on top decomposed granite that is already between flagstone

Asked by Hadra April 8, 2019

Make sure the DG is compacted to remove any air holes.

Will this make flagstone or pavers slippery?

Asked by Colleen March 20, 2019

I applied the NanoPave to a flagstone walkway. Nanopave seals the stone and the DG between the stones to hold everything together. It does not make the stone any more slippery than the stone is to begin with. My flagstone has a rough texture that it retains even when wet. If your stone is smooth before applying Nanapave it will most likely be just as slippery after using it when it's wet from rain.

Will this harden up a parking pad that has nothing but road base gravel in it?

Asked by Poseidon76 July 21, 2018

Not really. Dirveways take a lot of weight and abuse.

Hello, I read that it is not recommended to use this product with pea gravel. Would it work if I ...

Asked by NewDIY July 16, 2018

I would not use it for this project. Sand and no pea gravel, I would use it.

Can you use this product to seal joints filled with decomposed granite or "breeze" rather than po...

Asked by patiobuilder June 14, 2018

NanoPave JSS is designed for joints up to 4" wide. Decomposed Granite and Breeze are reccommended.

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I poured and compacted several bags of decomposed granite on my front yard path, then sprayed Nan...
I poured and compacted several bags of decomposed granite on my front yard path, then sprayed NanoPave. The GD hardened so that it did not spray up or move when my 5 year-old grandson raced down with his bike and kept slamming on his brakes. It is imperative that we compact the DG or else the remaining air between the granules of granite will not allow the whole thing to harden properly. I poured 2 more bags of DG over the originally hardened path (to raise it higher) but failed to compact it and ooops - my mistake: the top layer did not harden properly.
by handymaam
Response from TechniSoil Product ExpertMay 12, 2020
Handyman, Glad you had solid initial results. Yes, compaction is key to attaining optimal results. Also, it's difficult to get a 'bond' when adding a layer of decomposed granite thinner than 1.5", it is like 'thin iced on a pond and oftentimes can be too brittle. Thanks for your business and please let us know if we can be of assistance. TechniSoil
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Purchased three gallons to stabilize sand between pavers....major fail first rain. Used a gallon ...
Purchased three gallons to stabilize sand between pavers....major fail first rain. Used a gallon sprayer to apply during evening hours, looked great after application, but now it is mess.
by Unhappy
Response from TechniSoil Product ExpertNov 8, 2018
Sorry to hear that your project had some challenges. Depending on joint width and coverage rates, there is usually an easy solution. Please give out Technical Support Team a call @ 877.356.2250 and they will be able to assist and help offer a solution. TechniSoil
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The product is good, but not great. What I applied generously is deteriorating with the weather ...
The product is good, but not great. What I applied generously is deteriorating with the weather is the same reason why I bought the product to deter from the weather!
by Sawdust43
Response from TechniSoil Product ExpertNov 8, 2018
The JSS product shouldn't deteriorate in normal weather conditions.
As you mentioned, it's designed to deter erosion, flaking, etc.
Coverage rates, jointing material, application methods and job site
conditions can always play a factor. To assure we can offer the best support
please give our Technical Support Team a call @ 877.356.2250 so
we can further assist. TechniSoil
Easy to apply with a garden pump sprayer with easy cleanup. In applying to a paver pathway, there...
Easy to apply with a garden pump sprayer with easy cleanup. In applying to a paver pathway, there really wasn't enough standing solution to require use of a moss rubber squeegee, so I ended up returning that. I'm about 2 weeks post-application and the sand joints appear to have set well. So I can't comment on durability; using a gas blower on the pathway doesn't seem to be removing any material. As others have mentioned, I would certainly avoid using a pressure washer or even a concentrated stream of water from a nozzle.
by parapapa
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The pebbles between our pavers were always coming out making a mess on our walkway. Nanopaver ha...
The pebbles between our pavers were always coming out making a mess on our walkway. Nanopaver has secured them down & now the walkway stays clean only drawback.....TOO expensive & we had to use 3 coats to secure the pebbles.
by CS
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So far so good. Can’t review the longevity of this product. But ease of use and quality is excell...
So far so good. Can’t review the longevity of this product. But ease of use and quality is excellent. Finish is very appealing, made old pavers look new. I used this in place of the sand lock products, got tired of redoing every 1 1/2 yrs. i hope this stuff lasts longer
by Ottoman
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Not very impressed!
I have a patio made of 18 X 24" concrete squares that used to have 2 X 4" wood between them; the wood had rotted out so the spaces were thoroughly cleaned. I packed 1/4"-minus decomposed granite between the squares by a repeated process of filling and compacting with a piece of lumber and a rubber mallet; the material was fully compacted. I calculated the amount of area of the decomposed granite that I wanted to stabilize at 62 sq. ft.; since the Nanopave material is supposed to cover a minimum of 60 sq. ft. in this application and I wanted to make sure I applied enough of the product, I ordered and applied 2 gallons with a garden pressure sprayer. This allowed full saturation of the granite. We've had no rain and the daytime temperature has been 68-72 degrees for well over a week. As you can see from the photos, normal foot traffic continues to cause substantial scattering of the granite granules. I have to sweep or blow off the patio every 1 or 2 days to keep from tracking the granite into the house.
by kf6sza
Response from TechniSoil Product ExpertAug 17, 2016
We apologize your project did not meet expectations. The issue here is the compaction of the joint materials before applying NanoPave JSS. If the joint materials are compacted before application, it will significantly block penetration of the polymer into the jointing material effectively leaving a crust. Compaction of the joint materials after the NanoPave JSS application would increase stability, however it is not required if the project meets recommended material and application guidelines. For more information on repairing the project area, please contact our Technical Support department at 877-356-2250. TechniSoil
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Not to be used for older flag stone installations
We have a larger flagstone patio we installed a few years ago. We wanted to cut down or eliminate the clover growing and ant coming up between the joints. We used this product and were extremely disappointed. We called customer service at the manufacture and they explained that you need DUST to be mixed in with the sand or crushed stone to harden the joint stabilizer product. This product may be good for new installations but not for existing installations. The pictures show what happen within 2 weeks of installation.
by TL
Response from TechniSoil Product ExpertMay 31, 2016
The joint material in the picture appears to be severely degraded from washout and weed growth. The FAQ section for NanoPave JSS regarding existing applications discusses this situation in detail, essentially stating that hardscape surface stones and joints will need to be repaired if there is damage or degradation before NanoPave JSS can be applied. The NanoPave JSS installation guidelines are also explicitly clear when it comes to joint material selection according to the size of the joint. Joints from 3/4" up to 4" wide require a crushed stone mix material with a gradation that includes crushed rocks, fines, and stone dust. 3/8" minus decomposed granite (DG) is the most popularly used material for this reason. We also recommend to perform a test section first to determine suitability of the materials being used, and if there are any questions, it is best to contact our Technical Support desk before proceeding with the project. TechniSoil
Easy to apply and performed above expectations
I used Nano Pave on a small broken concrete patio I was making where the joints were as much as 3" wide. I didn't want to have just loose gravel in the joints because it's always a mess and awkward with regard to chairs, etc.; so when I saw this product, I thought I'd give it a try. It was all very simple to apply, cured overnight, and we love the natural look of the "Ghost" non-glossy finish. We're getting the 5 gal containing next time, we've got a walkway to put in!
by Lillian
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Outstanding product
I typically don't do the online reviews but I figured I would put in my two cents. I had to reset about 300 square feet of older concrete pavers in my backyard. I needed something to stabilize the joints since I used a regular sandbox sand vs the polymeric sand which is a lot more expensive. The product is phenomenal so far only time will tell how long it holds up. Super easy to apply and it won't stain your pavers or stone if you overspray. Below I attached a photo which shows treated area and untreated area which was washed out after heavy rains. I ran out of the stuff so I had to order more from HD. Great product hopefully it will stand a test of time.
by Paul
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