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Press N Set Mouse Trap (2-Pack)

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Product Overview

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When it comes to rodent control, trust the experts.

Tomcat offers a complete lineup of products that can be used together to ensure that your house is pest free.


Press 'N Set package photo


Tomcat Press 'N Set Disposable Mouse Trap

Tomcat's innovative press-to-set feature is 2x more effective than wooden traps according to lab testing. When a mouse has been captured disposal is easy and touch-free thanks to the grab tab.


Trap out of package.


Remove trap from packaging.

Baiting the trap photo.


Bait trap with attractant in the bait well.

Setting the trap photo.


Set trap by pressing set bar until you hear it "click" into place.

Placing the trap photo.


Place where mouse activity has been noticed.

Out of package  traps.



Includes 2 Press 'N Set Traps.

1-Touch Set Icon


1-Touch Set

Simply press the set bar and place trap.

Attractant Gel Bottle



Improve trap effectiveness with Tomcat Attractant Gel.

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How Often to Apply

If mouse is not caught in 2-3 days, place trap in alternate location where mouse activity is suspected.

Trap location photo.


For Best Results

Place 2 traps 5 - 10 ft. apart.

Disposal photo.


Grab Tab

Convenient grab tab for disposal.

The Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Traps (2-Pack) are disposable for convenience, non-toxic for safety and are easy and ready-to-use. The Press 'N Set traps require only 1 touch to set as an added benefit. Constructed of plastic, the snap traps require no assembly.
  • Easy to use - just press to set
  • Convenient, built-in grab-tab for easy disposal
  • Kills mice, guaranteed
  • Sets with just 1 touch
  • May be used with Tomcat mouse attractant gel
  • Includes 2 traps
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Mice

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Product Depth (in.)
1.5 in
Product Height (in.)
6 in
Product Width (in.)
4.5 in


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Pack Size
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Pest Control Type
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Primary Active Ingredient
Product Weight (lb.)
Safe for Edibles
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Questions & Answers


are these reusable ?

Asked by killmouse1 April 20, 2018

I bought two of these traps about three years ago and reused them over and over again. Probably killing over two-dozen mice overall. I was very pleased with how they worked. However, they do wear down. I still have one that works ok, but just barely. The other one needed to be replaced, as it would no longer trigger. Old-fashioned traps freak me out, so I'm always So I think they are well worth the money for the convenience and ease of use.

Are these really sensitive? I have tiny mice that are not setting off wooden traps

Asked by Keith December 21, 2018

I caught a wee, cute baby mouse with one of these. Wee, cute and DEAD.

I put peanut butter in the little cup and the mice eat it without setting off the trap. Am I doin...

Asked by Alys May 26, 2019

Trap must be defective. Something as light as a business card or piece of paper shouldl set it off.

Are these ok to use with dogs in the house? If so any advice on using them around dogs? Thanks!

Asked by Tk February 7, 2019

Don't put them where a dog or cat can get at them. They will give them a nasty snap on their noses and possibly make them bleed.

Is this good to catch voles?

Asked by Syed August 23, 2020

Syed, the Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap is for use to control house mice. It is not for use to control voles.

Can I use these traps outdoor in Seattle rainy weather?

Asked by DIY December 13, 2020

Thank you for your question regarding Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap. This product is meant for indoor use only. If you have any further questions or would like further assistance, please contact us at 877-220-3089 and one of our representatives would be glad to assist you.

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  • 4.1 out of 5 stars overall
79% of customers recommended.
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Santa Clarita
2 for the price of one
Customer review from logo
Well didn’t expect to catch 2 mice at once. As you can see the small trap somehow has two mice in it.
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Monroe mi
Works Great even small rats
Customer review from logo
Used 2 of these with peanut butter, saw a small rat run out of my lawn then ran between garage and house tried to hit it with broom and missed, set this trap in a planter went in garage for awhile, came out about an hour later and the rat was in it's jaws dead! Unfortunately I think it's a one time use, because I couldn't reset either of them.
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Disposable, quick kill
Mouse caught within 2 hours. I will always keep these on hand. I used a nickel sized dollop of creamy (not crunchy, recommended by a friend) peanut butter. This trap is the best. Worth every penny!
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Did the trick!
I had a house mouse (mus musculus) in the house and, once I got the right bait, this trap took care of it quite efficiently. The Tomcat gel bait did not work, but peanut butter worked like a charm. I really like that the trap was very easy to set and it made cleaning up the remains a breeze. I had no problems with mine at all.
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Best trap
Quality :
Value :
I’ve always used sticky pads but the success rate for those are below 50%. The problem was getting worse and nothing seemed to work . I got these traps and I’d say within 5 hours of setting them up , each trap set up (3) caught a mouse . Instantly killed and no mess. It really works and is effective .
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Quality :
Value :
I saw a mouse and immediately bought what was available at the depot. I set them both up, per the instructions, using peanut butter. The next day the peanut butter was gone in one, then the other. No mouse caught. Then, a few days later, one of the traps triggered, but no mouse. I think it malfunctioned and broke. A few days into the process I emailed the company for help and did not recieve a response. I discarded the broken trap and left the other trap, empty of peanut butter, and a week later, somehow, a mouse ended up running over it and got killed. It bit through the torso rather than the head, so I'm guessing it just happened to run over it by chance. I ordered some other traps online, so hopefully they will be less disappointing.
Was this helpful?
Response from ScottsCustomerCareApril 10, 2020
We apologize for your frustration regarding Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap. We are not sure why the trap is not being triggered, although some mice are smarter than we give them credit for. We would be interested in speaking with you further about this so that we can learn why the product may not have worked. If you would be willing, we ask that you call us at 877-220-3089 and refer to your review so that we can make a more complete report to our Quality Assurance Department. Scotts
They break too easily
Quality :
Value :
I have had dozens of these at our farm. Yes they are easy to set the first time they are used, but they have lots of plastic parts and break easily. The packaging does say "disposable" and you'll be disposing these because they will break immediately. Unless you know that you only have ONE mouse to catch then I'd suggest getting something else like the older style Victor wooden base traps that are simple metal traps that last for years. I have lots of experience with Tomcats and every single one of them has broken quickly. If they are for single use then these are an expensive, wasteful way to catch mice. Get the Victor brand that does not break. You can see in my picture of one of the Tomcat traps it has the trigger pushed down with a piece of wood and it didn't snap shut. That's the way they ALL are, the picture is full of BROKEN TOMCAT traps, some that didn't even work once! If you are buying these you probably want something that does not break and can be reused. Nobody has just ONE mouse to catch!
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Response from ScottsCustomerCareMarch 30, 2020
We apologize that you were not thoroughly satisfied with Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap. This trap is disposable and only meant to be a one time use trap. We want you to be aware that we do back our product with a product guarantee. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak further about this. You can reach us at 877-220-3089. Scotts
Brooklyn nyc
Customer review from logo
I brought this trap. 3 days ago. Set up traps and put some butter crunch in the hole. Went to work. Came home and both traps had mice. Nice product. Ordering more. Brutal but hey worked 100
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Works as expected
Quality :
Value :
Works as expected
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It worked great for us!
I set two traps and caught two mice. I was too disgusted by them so i tossed out the whole trap. I am buying a few more and may reuse them if i do have more mice.
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