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Meater Plus Wireless Meat Digital Thermometer

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  • Wireless meat thermometer lets you cook w/ no strings attached
  • Connects to MEATER App so you can monitor your cooks remotely
  • Accurate to within +/- 1°F so you get perfect results every time
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Product Overview

Discover true cooking freedom with the MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer. The completely wireless design keeps your Traeger wood pellet grill, oven or other cooking appliance free of wires and you can remotely monitor your cook and plan your meal through the MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer App, now you don't have to camp out next to the grill the entire cook.
  • Get perfect results every time and wirelessly monitor your cook
  • Monitor temps, plan cooks and estimate cook time through meater app
  • Wireless range up to 165 ft. and 24-hours of cooking with each charge
  • Magnetized charging dock attaches to grill hopper for easy storage
  • Measures both internal and ambient temperatures in F° and C°
  • LED indicator shows charging dock battery life
  • Durable stainless steel and ceramic construction
  • Water-resistant and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
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Product Depth (in.)6.25 inProduct Height (in.)1 in
Product Width (in.)1.5 in


Color FamilyStainless SteelDisplay TypeIndicator Lights
Grill CompatibilityCharcoal,Electric,Kamado,Natural Gas,PropaneGrilling Tools & Utensils FeaturesDishwasher Safe
Outdoor Living Product TypeDigital ThermometerReturnable90-Day
Thermometer FeaturesArea Temperature Reading,Bluetooth Enabled,Probe,Temperature Alarm,Timer Included,Wireless

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Elegant Package - Great for Gifting
This is so useful! Cook like a pro on your first attempt, or make an old hand even more consistent. The package, the charger/repeater, and the probe are all elegant and strong, and the tech just works -- every time. I don’t know how the probe communicates with the base even when it is completely enclosed in a metal grill, oven, air fryer, or even a refrigerator, but it just works. The base/charger uses bluetooth to talk to a phone, tablet, or PC that has the app installed. If that device is on a wifi network and/or connected to the internet, then it can share the meaterplus information with other devices on that wifi network that have the app installed. Or if you create a Meater Cloud Account, you can create a web link that works on any device with a web browser connected to the internet. I like the graph that it creates showing the whole warming, cooking, resting and cooling process. I can even add a note when I baste or turn the meat, and it will show up with a dot on the timeline. This device works for my household because I can set up the cook on my phone and then send the link to our less tech-minded chef who supervises the cooking. Our household converted to a primarily plant-based diet after my daughter moved home in 2020, but we still eat fish a couple times a month. The meater+ works for cooking fish, too, as long as the fish is large enough to keep the pointed half of the probe below 212’F. One review suggested pushing the probe into a potato while preheating the grill to protect that half of the probe while still obtaining an accurate temperature reading for the air in the grill. [The dark-colored end of the probe can withstand temperatures up to 527’F, but the pointed end must be kept below 212’F.] I have also found it convenient to have a temperature probe that keeps a record of temperatures for 24+hours. I was able to monitor our attic temperature with and without operating our whole house fan, and also to monitor our new garage refrigerator’s internal temperature and compare it to that of the more expensive refrigerator in our kitchen. One caveat, for using this device as a data-logging temperature probe, the graph won’t be saved unless the probe reaches at least 104F so if I want to save the graph I either take a screenshot before putting the probe back in its base or set our toaster oven to its lowest setting and let it preheat with the probe inside for a minute or two to convince the Meater software to save the chart for me before I put the probe back in its base (which ends the “cook”).
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I upgrade to Meater Plus
I already had the regular Meater recieved as a gift from my son. So I am a believer in the Meater product. What a great product I've made many pork roast and split chicken breasts on my Weger gas grill. At first I was a bit skeptical of allowing this device to control my cooking progress on the grill. But after a couple of meals that turned out delicious. I was confident that Meater knew what it was doing. What I didn't like with my first Meater was the limited distance the bluetooth would send out the signal. So I used the option of using my tablet next to the grill and the tablet would send the signal to my phone indoors. Which worked well. But I always wanted the Meater Plus. And now I own this excellant product. Maintaining the Meater is easy. A little liquid Dawn and a little elbow grease keeps my Meater looking brand new. It sez it's dishwasher safe but I would not do this to either of my Meater products. That's my decision you can do what you decide. Pairing the product's to the Meater app. Was easy the app does all the work. The app remembers all your meals you cooked. And even has recipe ideas. Which is a nice touch. I even signed up for the Meater group on my Facebook page. Plenty of delicious meal ideas there. Very happy with both products. It will be nice to finally have the Meater plus with its 165 ft range. With all this being said. It's a little pricey. But once you own either Meater product you'll wonder how you ever grilled without this excellant product.
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Surprisingly cool gadget
I'm in IT, and I find most Bluetooth gadgets to be a "solution looking for a problem" (it seems like everyone just wants to jam Bluetooth or IoT into everything)... but I have to admit, this one is surprisingly useful and pleasantly functional. DO NOT THROW AWAY TO BOX, it looks like disposable cardboard but it is actually the charging pad and wireless relay for the thermometer! It has a small battery compartment on the underside and when the thermometer is snugged in place there are some metal terminals that recharge the thermometers internal battery. Because the battery in the thermometer is small it has a short wireless reach, but the box seems to function as some sort of wireless relay because of it's larger battery and allowed me to get a hundred feet or so away from the grill without any issues. Setup was easy. You'll need their app (of course), and the app has guided screens to walk you through the pairing process (hold a button until the box blinks, etc.). Once everything is paired you just stick it in like a normal thermometer and the app shows you 1) food temp, 2) ambient temp (e.g. grill temp). That was very useful because I was able to find tune the grill temp to get the cooking speed right. You can also set alarms for the food temp which is probably the most useful feature of this whole thing. I was able to tell the app to alert me when my burger got to the temp I wanted, and then I just went inside and worked on the rest of dinner until the phone started making noise. I did knock one star off because I am concerned about an "alert" the device gave me about the thermometer reaching it's maximum allowed temperature. This happened during a flare up of burger grease (not a fire, but you know what I mean... those little whooshes of burger flames). If it's designed to work in a grill this should be an expected use case and the thermometer and battery should be housed in a way that can handle that.
Response from Traeger GrillsJul 20, 2022
Hey DIYinOH, thanks for taking the time to review your Traeger Meater Plus! The maximum temperature the external portion of the Meater probe can withstand is 527°F, and the maximum the internal portion can handle is 212°F. Be sure to insert your probe beyond the safety notch to avoid damage to the internal sensor. More information can be found via Meater's online Support page, please don't hesitate to check it out if you have any questions or concerns! - Brandon H, Traeger Customer Service TraegerService
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Thermometer and app work well together
I like the Bluetooth functionality on the thermometer but the range for connection to my phone is limited to just a few feet when the lid to the grill is closed. When the lid is open, I get better range with occasional drops. It’s good that the app is proficient at reconnecting when the connection gets dropped. · Because the thermometer is designed to be inserted into one piece of meat for the full cooking cycle, the app isn’t designed to simultaneously monitor cooking status for multiple pieces of meat. It is possible to move it from piece to piece to measure temperatures of individual pieces. · The thermometer has to be inserted 2-5/8” into meat to avoid damaging the electronics. · The thermometer instructions state that it can be cleaned in a dishwasher but I’ve found it to be easily cleaned in the sink with dishwashing soap. · I tested the lower extent of the internal temperature measurement and found that it’s about 5°F, which means that the thermometer is useful for other temperature measurement applications. · Made in Taiwan.
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Amazing Wireless Thermometer
This wireless thermometer is just great. Everything is great. The app is easy to use and follow (and is required for use).The case, which also charges the thermometer, is well built and has magnets on the back to "mount" it to a metal object. The LED charging light is easy to see and understand. The thermometer is very accurate based on my testing it along other thermometers I trust. The unit charges the probe with a AAA battery, which is easy to replace when needed. Overall, i'm very impressed.
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You Need One of These!
To be honest I was skeptical. Do I really need another gadget that ties in to my phone? I was pleasantly surprised with the Traeger Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer. It's a game changer! No more guessing as to whether or not your meat is cooked to perfection. Set it up through your phone, insert the probe and you will get a play-by-play as to how your cooking is progressing. It even estimates how much time is left to cook your cut of meat just the way you like it. Also tells you when to remove it from your oven or grill and how long to let it rest. No more guessing whether my steak is actually medium rare! This is really a cool tool. Fun to use! Can't wait to try it on a roast. I think you need one. :)
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A MUST-HAVE for rotisserie!
I LOVE my Rotisserie for my Weber Kettle but had a hard time getting accurate temperature readings during cooking. The Meater thermometer solves this! The flat end has a sensor to read the temperature in the pit, while the pointed end senses the internal temperature in the meat. All you need to do is download the free app and you can monitor your cook using your phone! It will even give you suggestions on when to pull it off the cooker and how long to rest for optimum taste.
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Great Wireless Thermometer
I have a regular digital meat thermometer that is battery powered, that you simply check meat with periodically. It doesn't remain in the meat cooking. I have some wired thermometers that can stay in the meat while in the grill, but they are wired. This is my first time seeing a wireless thermometer. Traeger MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Digital Thermometer is pretty awesome. No longer do you have to fight the cord while turning your meat over. You push the thermometer into the meat and let it cook. Make sure that you push it in all the way to the designated line. Otherwise it could damage the thermometer. You can download the MEATER app from any app store. Once you have set it up on the app you can check your temp and set it to alert you when the meat is ready. This is especially handy for long smokes like brisket, pork butt, and ribs. The app interface is pretty simple when you get the basic understanding of how to navigate it. The thermometer itself is charged by inserting it into the included box that runs off of alkaline batteries. The box looks like it is made of quality bamboo, so the packaging was impressive. As is the thermometer itself. High quality materials and it seems durable. The app will warn you if you get it too hot (the thermometer itself). Which is a nice safety feature. I am impressed with this wireless thermometer and I would highly recommend it.
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Very cool wireless thermometer
This is a really neat bluetooth wireless thermometer. It looks like it will be very convenient for cooking on my smoker, as well as for roasting and baking meat in the oven. I've been using wired temperature probes in my smoker and oven, and while those work well, the wires are a hassle, and I've had to replace several wired probes over the last few years. The completely wireless Meater Plus thermometer is so much more convenient to use--no wires to thread out of the smoker or oven door. And the Meater probe can be placed in a pork shoulder and completely covered with foil. The iOS app was easy to install and configure, and it flawlessly detected the thermometer and connected to it. Being able to monitor meat temperature from my phone is very convenient, and the pre-defined temperatures in the app for different types of meat is really handy. I really like that the thermometer charges when stored in the wooden base, and that a single AAA battery can charge the thermometer up to 100 times. This is a very impressive thermometer. I look forward to using it when smoking meat and roasts this summer!
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The best temp gauge for cooking!
This by far the coolest temp gauge for cooking on the grill.  No wires, no complicated instruction almost plug and play. Connect right to app in just a minute. The base needs to be as close to the probe as possible but not inside of grill. Very accurate and super easy to use single or multi-probes. It can also hookup to Alexa just by going to app and setup and has extended range. It appears as thou they have thought of everything for a non connect wireless probe.  Am loving using this and will order other probes and get rid of the mess of wires in the drawer.  Almost forgot charging station is a single AA battery
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Showing 1-10 of 60 reviews