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6 ft. - 10.5 ft. Extendable Rugged Reacher XL Telescopic Grabber

  • Telescopic grabber for extended reach from 6 ft. to 10.5 ft
  • Adjust grabber jaws angle up to 90°
  • Heavy-Duty grabber tool retrieves items high, low, and far
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About This Product

The Unger Professional Extendable Rugged Reacher XL tool extends your reach from 6 ft. to 10.5 ft. The telescopic grabbing tool lets you grab items high, low, and far without the need for a ladder. Unger's heavy-duty tool safely and easily clears and cleans items from your roof and gutter, retrieving items stuck in trees, and helping hang outdoor lights with its extendable reach. The jaws adjust to 90 degrees for greater control and more accurate grabbing. The Rugged Reacher XL extends and shortens quickly, easily, and smoothly with the quick release lever. Ergonomic trigger and non-slip foam pad give you comfort and control during your clean-up projects.


  • Telescopic grabbing tool safely and easily extends your reach from 6 ft. - 10.5 ft. without a ladder
  • Adjust jaws angle up to 90°
  • Ideal for clearing twigs, branches and debris from roofs and gutters, yard and trash clean-up
  • Grabbing tool is perfect for retrieving kites, toys or other items stuck in trees or bushes, hanging outdoor lights, bird feeders, picking fruit and more
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Product Information

Internet # 329170747

Model # 981340

Store SKU # 1011119101

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Dimensions: H 77.25 in, W 5.1 in, D 4.25 in


Product Depth (in.)

4.25 in

Product Height (in.)

77.25 in

Product Length (in.)

77.25 in

Product Width (in.)

5.1 in


Cleaning Tool Type

Trash Grabber

Pack Size


Professional/ Residential

Professional, Residential

Voice Control Hub Required

No Voice Control

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Return to Store with Receipt

Questions & Answers

Q:Can it pick up a full 32oz Gatorade bottle?
by|Jul 15, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hello, and thank you for taking the time to reach out. Due to the length of the Rugged Reacher XL and strength of the user, it is not recommended to lift more than one pound. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out again. We're here to help.

by|Jul 19, 2024
    Q:How much does the grabber weigh ready for use and not in box?
    by|Jul 14, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Great question! The Rugged Reacher XL weighs approximately 3.12 pounds. We're here to help. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have.

    by|Jul 17, 2024
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      Good for light weight grabbing.
      I was very excited to receive this long extendable reacher grabber because I wanted to get some palm fronds that fell into our tangerine tree. It doesn’t have a firm enough gripper. It seems like it fails to grasp firmly enough to pull a frond out of the branches of the tree. It is great for reaching up to pull light things out like dead flowers. Also it works very well at picking up small things. The nice flexible rubber grips on the jaws pick up paper or other items from the floor. So I would imagine it would work well for getting leaves out of a gutter or a frisbee of a rooftop.
      Great telescopic extended.
      This tool excels in its functionality. The extendable feature enables anyone to access items placed out of reach, aiding all around the house to help organize. The grip mechanism securely holds objects, reducing the risk of drops and accidents during use. I like the extra extended length so no issue with reaching anything anywhere with out a ladder. I also can see people using this to clean out gutters.
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      No Gripping Strength :(
      Unger Entendable Grabber - Testing out the grabber and it just doesn't have the pinching strength to pick up an empty plastic watering can with the end grips. I then tried putting my hand in the end grips and realized there isn't any pressure holding on. It will encircle and hold onto something with the inside wide grip and I tried pulling on a branch, but it felt like the end was going to bend. It is easy to extend from 6ft to 10.5ft length and to adjust the end to the 90 degrees. The ergonomic trigger is smooth and is covered with soft foam for comfort in your hand. The idea of this item is obviously good, but the overall mechanics of it are lacking. It just is not strong enough to do what I need it to do. I don't think it works the way people would expect it to work after reading the online description. I made a video of trying to pick up the watering can; it was empty and not heavy!
      Very nice solid grip
      This is a really nice tool to my surprise. It is aluminum with plastic and heavy rubber grips. It extendes to the second level of your home and keeps its shape and doesn't wobble. I was able to use it to remove a wind chime from the second story window and reattach it. I will show you how far it reaches without a ladder. It holds a fair weight without bending or losing strength.
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      humorously amazing
      unger’s rugged extendable grabber is an amazing grabber similar to the typical around the house grabber but so much more. this one has a 90 degree swivel for the gripped jaws which provides better maneuverability as well as being able to extend up to 10.5 feet in length making it great for far and high retrievals. this tool is seriously almost as tall as my garage. as such, i am able to reach almost 15.5 ft up in the air. the trigger mechanism is very user friendly while the whole pole is super lightweight, perfect for most adults, young and old. for storage it is not bulky, just need a space of like 7’ tall or wide.
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      Awesome Huge Grabber tool!
      This is a great grabber tool! I started looking for something to get stuff off of my roof recently because my kids are at the age where toys and balls frequently get on the roof and I'm tired of having to get up there and get them down. So, when I found this, I felt it was safer, easier, and something the kids could even use to get things off the roof. And I was right! Now the job of getting those things down is much easier and the kids can do it. Such a big win in my book! The only issue with the kids using it is the weight. It is fairly heavy and with it extended it makes it a bit unwieldy. The jaws also sometimes stick close if theres tension on them. So, you'll release the handle and the handle will come back out but the jaws don't open so it would be more of a taking things down tool and not necessarily a putting thing up tool, if that makes sense. I have liked it a lot and some of my friends have ordered one for their kids to get their own toys down. It's also great for kites and balls in trees. Such a great tool that I wish I'd gotten it sooner.
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      Robust Grabber
      The Unger Extendable Rugged Reacher XL Telescopic Grabber is a very sturdy and well built product. It has a combination of an aluminum pole with a soft rubber grabber at the end. There is also a steel section within the grabber mechanism with a touch stronger grab than the rubber. The grabber jaw consists of two symmetrical actuators that are in the "open" position and move together with the squeeze of the solid feeling plastic handle. With the minimum size of the pole being 75 inches (190.5 cm), Unger installed a soft 12 inch (30 cm) long holding point for your second hand on the pole and giving the user good control. The reach can be extended another 50 inches (127 cm) by pushing the spring loaded rocker button and pulling out the aluminum section stored in the main pole. The actuator works quite well whether the extender is at its shortest or longest positions. The grabber holding power is dependent on the user squeezing and holding the actuator throughout the grabbing process. The size of the object being grabbed is limited to the jaw opening of about 7 inches (18 cm). If needed, the angle of the grabbing actuators can be changed up to 90 degrees simply by hand loosening and tightening the knob at the base of the grabbing mechanism. The use of the grabber requires a certain amount of hand strength to squeeze the actuator. Getting a tennis ball out of a pond or an air filled lounger sitting in the middle of the pool are relatively easy. Picking up a croquet or bocce ball in the deep end of the swimming pool takes a stronger squeeze. Just holding this grabber makes you smile. It is a good sturdy product that certainly comes in handy when you need to grab an object that is past arm's length.
      Should be handy...
      I find this grabber very substantial in its construction. Granted, the pole is made of aluminum, specifically to keep the weight down for long reaches. But it's not cheaply made, it's actually quite sturdy. The gripper head is also substantial, so much so that when the pole is fully extended to its full 10.5 ft, the gripper head feels pretty heavy. The trigger handle works very good, and all of the adjustments are easy and straightforward. It's a little bit cumbersome feeling at times, especially when fully extended. And the gripper is certainly not capable of picking up everything. But for lighter weight stuff, it works perfectly fine. I initially used it to remove some twigs sticking out of my gutters, but I'm sure it will come in handy for other things in the future. This is my second Unger product; I also have a long reach window cleaner pad and pole, that I've been happy with.
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      I’m genuinely surprised how great this grabber is… It has dual rubber and metal teeth for different things you’re trying to pick up. The extension button is simple and easy to use. It’s made with some strong but lightweight aluminum. The grips and handle are very comfortable. I’m totally liking the angle feature. It really helps with grabbing different shapes and sizes. I totally recommend picking one of these up before they sellout ….
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      Very impressive telescopic grabber
      Every homeowner needs one of these grabbers. We have all been in a tough spot trying to get something out of a tree, water, roof, etc. and this will make all the difference getting you out of a bad spot. My observations: • Adjusts from 6’ to 10.5’. Once you add your arm length the reach is quite impressive. • The quality is excellent. The gripping power is sufficient to grab the types of items that will land on a roof, water, etc. This will easily grab frisbees, twigs, balls, toys, and beyond. I was even able to pick up a heavy duty 18V 12 Ah power tool battery during my testing. • The trigger works well with no issues. • I like the gripping head that has several pivot points to get into gutters, etc. • The pole has 9 different lengths to choose from. The pole moves easily into each slot and stays there while you are working. • I like the padded grip on the pole to add stability. • This is simple to store in your garage when not in use. I hung mine vertically on the wall making the footprint small. • This will save you from grabbing a ladder in most circumstances, which is better for convenience and safety. • Lightweight and easy to maneuver. This is an impressive tool, and I am happy with is build quality and usefulness. I am excited to put this to use. I recommend it.
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