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1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane (2-Pack)

  • 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane to finish in one coat
  • Excellent scratch and stain protection on interior wood surfaces
  • Self leveling, water based poly covers up to 50 sq. ft. per quart
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Product Overview

Beautifies With Scratch and Stain Resistant Finish

Beautifies With Scratch and Stain Resistant Finish

Polyurethane protects wood projects such as furniture, crafts and trim. Protective clear coat and sealer provides a scratch resistant surface on interior wood.

Varathane Logo

Creating flawless finishes for over 60 years

Expert wood finishing quality since 1958 for the professional, DIY fixer upper, furniture maker or home restoration project.

Triple Thick Formula for One Coat Coverage

Triple Thick Formula for One Coat Coverage

Available in Water-Base, Oil-Base and Triple Thick Polyurethane with Satin, Gloss and Semi-Gloss sheens for custom project needs.

Craft Sealer

Craft Sealer

Create unique décor and gifts

Protect Items from Moisture

Protect Items from Moisture

Seal and protect wood from moisture

Topcoat Tables and Furniture

Topcoat Tables and Furniture

Use polyurethane for protecting tables, chairs, cabinets and furniture

Apply Polyurethane to Wood

Apply Polyurethane to Wood

Products like Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane make wood stain projects fast

Interior Ceramic Tile Floor

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Water-based poly features low odor and easy soap and water clean up.

Water Based Poly Headboard

Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane

Crystal clear, non-yellow finish offers protective coating over indoor surfaces including tables, shelves and more.

Oil Based Polyurethane Based Can

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Oil-based polyurethane creates a warm amber glow that deepens over time. Golden tone highlights wood grain.

Oil Based Poly Table and Bench

Varathane Ultimate Oil-Based Polyurethane

Durable poly sealer offers superior scratch and stain resistance for delicate furniture and stained wood.

Triple Thick Polyurethane Can

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Triple thick poly top coat protects 3X faster than traditional polyurethane. Advanced durability in one coat saves time.

Triple Thick Poly

Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane

Seal and protect surfaces with a premium, long lasting finish. Ultimate protection for stained or natural wood.

Varathane 1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane (Case of 2) is 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane. Its advanced water-based, self-leveling formula allows wood projects to be completed with just 1 coat. It provides a durable finish with exceptional scratch and stain resistance on bare and stained wood.
  • Protects from scratches and stains on interior wood surfaces including furniture, doors, trim and more
  • Only 1-coat necessary, covers up to 50 sq. ft.
  • Matte finish offers a soft, low-sheen look
  • Ultimate durability provides long lasting protection for stained or bare wood surfaces
  • 3Xs thicker formula allows for quick project completion
  • Premium water-based formula dries to the touch in 2 hours
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Apply in direction of wood grain using a high quality synthetic brush with a smooth, uniform coat
  • Avoid overloading brush when applying, a very thick coat is not necessary product will naturally build a thick finish
  • Over large areas, work in manageable sections and blend sections together while edge is still wet
  • Product has a slight amber effect, if applying over light colored stains or paints, test in an inconspicuous area first
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  • Online price includes PaintCare fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT, WA
  • California residents

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1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane
current product
1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane (2-Pack)
1 qt. Gloss Triple Thick Polyurethane (2-Pack)Top Rated1 gal. Clear Gloss Ultra Thick 2X Water-Based Floor Polyurethane
Name1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane1 qt. Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane (2-Pack)1 qt. Gloss Triple Thick Polyurethane (2-Pack)1 gal. Clear Gloss Ultra Thick 2X Water-Based Floor Polyurethane
Container Size1 Quart1 Quart1 Quart1 Gallon
Base MaterialWater BasedWater BasedWater BasedWater Based
Application MethodBrushBrushBrushBrush
Paint/Stain FeaturesSealerSealerSealerSealer
Number of coats recommended1112
Paint/Stain Clean UpSoap & WaterSoap & WaterSoap & WaterSoap & Water
Surface Material UseWoodWoodWoodWood
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Container Size1 QuartCoverage Area (sq. ft.)50 ft²


Application MethodBrushBase MaterialWater Based
Coating Product CategoryWaterproofer/SealerColor FamilyClear
Dry to touch (min.)120 minInterior/ExteriorInterior
Number of coats recommended1Number per Package2
Paint/Stain Clean UpSoap & WaterPaint/Stain FeaturesSealer
Paint/Stain/Waterproofer Product TypeShellac, Lacquer & PolyurethaneProduct FormLiquid
Substrate ConditionBare Wood,Finished Wood,Old/Reclaimed Wood,Stained Wood,Unfinished WoodSurface Material UseWood
Time before recoating (hours)0TransparencyClear
Vertical/HorizontalVertical / Horizontal

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantySatisfaction guaranteed for full refund of purchase price

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Found myself refinishing some oak cabinets in an old house I bought. Had intended to do a color c...
Found myself refinishing some oak cabinets in an old house I bought. Had intended to do a color coat using General Finishes Java gel stain in a standard way (brush on, wipe off). Discovered that flaws and discoloration of the old wood was going make this plan unsuitable unless I completely stripped the cabinets and did considerable work. Changed the plan to using the stain as you would paint (brush on, let it dry, repeat as needed). This gave better results but I found that each coat of brushed on stain further reduced the oak grain texture that I wanted to retain. I also found that the cold winter weather was making the stain dry very slowly (3+ days instead of 24 hrs.) making the job take forever. Finally got the formula all worked out and settled on 2 coats of stain as being adequate and was ready to move on to a poly coat. The grain was still mostly visible but not as strong as I'd hoped. This is where things started to really go south. Since the GF gel stain was oil based, I decided to go with an oil based poly coat. I went with a Cabot satin finish. I applied one coat on the lower doors and waited for it to dry. And waited. And waited some more. 3 days in, it was mostly dry but still very tacky in some areas. I re-read the label and confirmed that this poly was 'fast dry' and that I hadn't made any mistakes. I hadn't done anything wrong but the finish was a high gloss one that didn't seem to be getting any duller with time. I waited some more and eventually moved the doors to an area near a heater duct. After about a week, it finally dried but I still had a finish that I would describe as 'high gloss'. The temps in the house were above 60 and indoor humidity was in the 40-50% range so I don't really know why it took so long to dry. I could have lived with the long drying time but the high gloss finish looked terrible and I hadn't done the extra prep work needed for a glossy finish. Now it was time to do some research. I found that GF made both a 'matte' and a 'flat' poly coating that I could switch to but it would cost twice as much as everything else and I'd have a 2 week wait. Looking online, I found that I could buy this Varathane product from my local Home Depot. It was in stock, cost far less that the GF product, had the 'matte' finish that I was looking for, was water based and a claimed drying time of only a couple of hours. I considered the 'not thick' version but when I saw that 3-4 coats was required for a good, even protective layer I went with this '3x' version. 3-4 coats would have taken lots more time and many more chances to screw something up. Got a quart and tested it on a sample piece of dark stained flooring. On opening the can I discovered it was milky white and almost as thick as latex paint (the Cabot poly had been like water). I applied my test coat with a foam brush and was so surprised to see that it looked almost dry after about 30 minutes. Wasn't so happy about the finish with the foam brush so I switched to a fine bristle paint brush and applied a second coat. The paint brush gave a much better finish but I found that you need to work pretty quickly because it starts drying so fast. As would be expected, this thick poly doesn't level as well as the thinner stuff. You need to work in small sections and work fast. Also, be careful to not get any drips or blobs in corners or gaps. If you do, it'll look like tree sap and never dry completely clear. If you go with a single coat, expect some faint brush marks. A second coat will improve that some and give a more even gloss. My situation was probably different than most people since it was being applied over gel stain and I wanted the grain texture but I decided that 1 coat looked OK. I'm not so sure about protection though and may eventually go with a second layer. Overall, I was very satisfied. The gloss level was only slightly more than the finish of the stain alone. It was slightly darker but that was no problem. Best of all, slight imperfections don't really show with the matte finish making this the ideal top coat for older wood that you don't plan to put tons of effort into. It can also be touched up without being obvious. I loved the quick drying time compared to my previous experience with the Cabot poly. The water based formula makes for simple and easy cleanup. This will save you money as you are able to reuse the same brush over and over. A couple of minutes in the sink and the brush is almost the same as before you started. No wasting time and money with mineral spirits and no waste to get rid of. One quart goes a long way. Maybe not quite as far as the single thick but I should be able to do my whole kitchen with just the 1 can. Got a couple of small drips on the counter. It dried for a day and was very hard to clean off with a scrubber pad. This speaks well for durability. The brush marks left were fairly minimal. A second coat will reduce them without a noticeable change in the finish. I had no issues apply this water based poly over the barely dry oil based stain. 24 hours of drying was plenty for the stain although it supposedly takes up to a month to fully cure. This stuff may not be totally idiot-proof but it's as close as you can expect and far better than the thin stuff that loves to drip. What did I not like? The drying time is actually a little too fast. Within about 5 minutes you'll notice it getting too tacky to work with. The cost is also a little steep compared to the single coat polys but for the work you save, it's probably worth it. It's still way cheaper than the premium GF stuff. That's really the only negatives I noticed. Make this your go-to top coat and you'll most likely be satisfied with the results. I am. Now the real work begins as I have to waste hours fixing the 'satin' Cabot mess on the lower doors.
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    Good Water Based Poly
    This is a good water based polyurethane that is easy to apply and clean up afterwards. The product is a thick milky fluid that turns clear when it dries. The milky color helps because I can see where it has been applied. It is very thick but the claim that one coat is enough is not accurate as I had to apply 3 coats on my raw wood shelf to get the smooth finish I desired. Because it is water-based, it does not have a strong smell and is not volatile which makes it ideal for babies' or children's furniture. It also dries pretty quick. I will stick to the oil based polys for my floors or items that need to endure a lot of use and wear, but this is good for furniture or shelves and the clean up with soap and water instead of mineral spirits is very nice.
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    Thick and Thin.
    This seems to be a nice product for indoors. It is very thick , levels nicely, low voc. When you open the product it's is Mikly white this clears as it dries. Good for building up a finish dries fast and levels nicely. I mainly use oil base products and was happy with this product for it Low VOC along with being much clearer than oil base . See my pictures where the darker yellowing color is the Oil base product from the same manufacture other than being exterior the Same color Clear. Drying time is quick however it takes a while if your sanding between coatings. My sample pictures were on dirty wood to see how long it really took to,sand the product not peel it. Overall on a finished product I was happy with end results. Time will tell if this is really as durable as an oil base product. Easy to apply, fills voids , clear . Easy to clean up, low VOC.
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    Triple Thick Polyurethane by VARATHANE 1 Qt.
    This Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane is 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane. The advanced water-based, self-leveling formula allows most wood projects to be complete with just one coat. I applied one coat on my white painted hand rail leading to my basement. With this Matte finish providing a soft look, the railing stays cleaner than before. I just wipe with a damp cloth occasionally. After heavy usage of the railing, I see no signs of wear or scratching. I thought I was going to have to apply at least 2 coats for my desired finish, but the one coat was all that was needed. I did notice a slight "ambering" of the white color, very slight...as advertised. Be sure to follow all of the instructions for the best results. This is NOT your traditional Varathane. Use a high quality synthetic brush. Cleans up with soap and water.
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    Easy to apply
    The Matte Triple Thick Polyurethane is easy to apply with a brush. Clean up of the brush can be done with soap and water. The Polyurethane is white when it is applied and dries to almost a clear finish. I painted it over painted white stool. When it dried, it has a slight yellow tint, but is only noticeable under certain light. This would not be a problem if use over wood tones. Although this only took one step, I prefer using multiple coats of the traditional Polyurethane.
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    not matte
    Good for protection but If u want a chalk type finish matte this one is NOT the one. The reason i used chalk paint was for the matte finish, now its shiny thanks to this poly.
    Response from Rust-OleumSupportDec 13, 2021
    Oh no, we can help! When using the Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane, it is important to thoroughly mix the container beforehand as well as often during application to ensure any settled material is dispersed. Make sure to apply using a natural bristle brush in long, smooth strokes to ensure the correct gloss level. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 5 Rustoleum
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      Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
      Rating provided by a verified purchaser
        Great product. Covers and without brush strokes....
        Great product. Covers and without brush strokes.
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        Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
        Rating provided by a verified purchaser
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        Not Matte finish at all!!!
        This “matte” clear coat ruined my entire project! I have to now reorder my paint and would never recommend this brand or finish to anyone. It is glossy. I am so devastated that all my work was for not because of this product. And I followed the instructions to the letter.
        Response from Rust-OleumSupportOct 5, 2020
        That is odd! Make sure to thoroughly mix the container of Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane to ensure any flattening agents is dispersed for the best finish. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 5 Rustoleum
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