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0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Marble Chips

  • White marble chips will not fade, discolor or attract pests
  • Quickly and easily spread landscaping rocks for ground cover
  • Purchase marble chips with other project materials to match
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0.5 cu. ft. Marble Chips make a durable and attractive ground cover. They resist deterioration and typically do not attract termites or ants. These medium-sized, white marble rock chips are recommended for walkways, patios and similar areas of your yard. They can easily complement many landscape designs.

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Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Coverage Area at 3 In. (sq. ft.)


Bag Capacity/Dry Volume (cu. ft.)
0.5 cu ft
Bag Weight (lb.)
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Rock Type
Marble Chips

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Questions & Answers


Can vigoro marble be used indoor?

Asked by MyLee February 21, 2021

If you are going to use the marble around (not covering) plants already growing, they would be nice. Just remember these chips can be up to 1" and are heavier than garden "pebbles". Also, rinse the chips first to get rid of the marble dust.

Are these good to protect against garden pests?

Asked by Maria January 31, 2021

They are good at keeping weeds out, but I don't know that it would help keep out bugs. There are probably fewer bugs with this than open soil, and I haven't seen any bug problems since I installed the marble chips.

What is the chips size range?

Asked by Darius November 23, 2020

size is number one gravel on scale. approximately 3/4 in less than a golf ball

It seems like every bag has high moisture inside, is it intented or a wrong storage? Also all the...

Asked by ap7 November 7, 2020

I bought mine a few months ago. Intended for outside so it didn’t matter if rocks were wet. I would avoid breathing dust of any sort. Not toxic to handle.

Do these come in black color? What is advantage of using marble chips versus stones in the garden?

Asked by HomeDepotShopper October 18, 2020

As far as I know, they only come in white. For me the advantage was cost. 84 bags cost me approx 350$. Stones would have been almost 1000$. Color wise, stones are not as likely to be as bright white. It all depends on what color scheme you are going for. I thought about doing black but after buying a couple bags of black stones and laying them out, it just didn’t look as good as I thought.

Do marble chips come in black? I have found stones to fade in my garden. Would colored marble c...

Asked by HomeDepotShopper October 18, 2020

have only seen in white. the white has grey tones with the white color. if looking for black you might try rubber much which has multi different colors.

New to gardening. What are the pros and cons of using marble chips versus stones around plants a...

Asked by HomeDepotShopper October 18, 2020

The rocks don’t stay white like they should, when the sand that’s inside looks brown I know the rocks will loose their color on the first day it rains. I wouldn’t recommend them to any my other customers.

40’ x 8’. How many bags of marble chips would i need

Asked by Gillie October 6, 2020

How deep do you plan to spread them? Need that info first!

My vigoro marble chips when got wet during & after watering plants become grayish stone, White c...

Asked by Eva October 2, 2020

once marble has been saturated with water it takes a while to dry out. white color will return after it drys out

When does Vigero bagged Marble Chips go on sale?

Asked by Lookingforabargain September 28, 2020

usually mid april and may

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Great Product
I got 10 bags of these these for the walkway down the side of my house. I decided to do some replanting and wanted to replace the old rocks with better ones.  I spread a very thin layer of the marble chips over weed prevention fabric. The chips are smooth, and small enough to look like decorative stone. When first opening the bags, I noticed there is a little bit of powdered dust from the rocks turning into sediment from the wear and tear. Once spread out and the rainfall comes and rinsed off the marble they are very attractive with a few hints of gray but overall they are white. The color blend worked well because it looks natural. These Marble Chips have added a very beautiful appearance to the front of our house. They exceeded my expectations and am very pleased to have purchased it.
by Nathan
1 person found this helpful
Very easy to handle . looks very nice a clean....
Very easy to handle . looks very nice a clean.
by HomeDepotCustomer
I was looking for small white rocks for our new...
I was looking for small white rocks for our new patio and these were perfect. Not TOO white, but a blend of it. I know there is another version of these in a black label that state "white marble chips", but after looking at them side by side, you can barely tell a difference. Save the few bucks. Wife was happy and that's all that mattered to me.
by GillyTwoShoes
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easy spreading...
easy spreading
by buyer
1 person found this helpful
Great look for great price
I put down landscaping rocks at the front of my house so I wouldn't have to worry about re-mulching or laying pine needles every year. It turned out great! Myself and my son completed the job in about 2 hours! I am very pleased with the outcome.
by Dana
2 people found this helpful
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Very inexpensive and great quality. The stones are big enough to look decorative and give a very clean look. We love it.
by Emy
Redid my whole back yard with them , everybody loved them
Redid my whole back yard with them , everybody loved them
by Jheads
I was able to realize my vision and bring it...
I was able to realize my vision and bring it to fruition using the marble chips.
by Linda
I landscaped the window gardens. My landlord loved it....
I landscaped the window gardens. My landlord loved it.
by Sweetpea
Showing 1-10 of 3,225 reviews