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Flexio 2000 HVLP Paint Sprayer

  • Paints eight times faster than a brush, saving time
  • Perfect for walls, ceilings, exterior siding and fences
  • Provides adjustable paint control and full coverage
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Product Overview

For use with outdoor painting projects, this Flexio 2000 HVLP Paint Sprayer is the perfect addition to your painting tool kit. Each sprayer offers complete control with low overspray and consistent coverage. Perfect for walls, ceilings and fences, this sprayer can paint a surface up to 8 times faster than a typical brush.
  • Great for applying a consistent finish and fast coverage on household projects like walls, ceilings, exterior siding, fences and more
  • 8X faster than a brush to complete big projects quickly and features an iSpray front end that provides an improved spray pattern
  • X-boost turbine delivers the power to spray paint and stains right from the can, including paint and primer in one coat
  • Sprayer comes with two paint power settings: high, which is ideal for paints and low, which is ideal for stains; both settings provide a consistent finish
  • Complete adjustability for your projects with air flow and material controls and 3-spray patterns with adjustable pattern width
  • Few removable parts allow for quick and easy cleanup
  • Complete adjustability for your projects with air flow and material controls and 3 spray patterns with adjustable pattern width

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Maximum Hose Length
Maximum tip size (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Compatible Paint Type
Exterior Paint,Interior Paint,Polyurethane/Lacquer,Primers,Sealers,Stains
Cycles Per Gallon
Flow rate (gallons per min.)
Hose length supplied (ft.)
No Additional Items Included
Number of Spray Settings
Operating Pressure (psi)
Paint Sprayer Type
Paint Sprayers Product Type
Performance Features
Adjustable Spray Width,Air Flow Valve,Low Overspray
Power Type
Product Features
No Additional Features
Product Weight (lb.)
Pump Type
HVLP Turbine
Recommended Annual Usage (GAL./YEAR)
Spray Tip Pattern Size (in.)
Spray Tip Size
Trigger Configuration
One Finger Trigger
Usage Type
Light Duty

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


What does “HVLP” stand for?

Asked by Rowdy June 9, 2021

High Volume Low Pressure - it uses a turbine to create airflow below 10psi.

Can this be used to spray black rust-oleum on a wrought iron fence?

Asked by ME May 28, 2021

You should place a large piece of cardboard behind the fence to keep the wind down. Low pressure and about 6 inches away. Use even sweeps . It is faster than a brush, but getting into the sides can cause drips.

Will this work with Gel Stain?

Asked by Kristin May 22, 2021

Sure, if you thin the gel enough to spray, almost any sprayer could work, but it's no longer gel stain. For a philosophical conversation about gel stain and what it means, contact us at 1-800-328-8251.

Wchich one is better wagner 3000 or 2000

Asked by Dperez April 22, 2021

The 3000 has a little more features. 2000 I find is for small projects and costs a little less.

Looking at this for spraying kitchen cabinet doors. Anyone think it will be okay for that sort of fine finish?

Asked by 11311 March 12, 2021

Shouldn't be a problem. Using this for paint or stains will work with adjustment of the nozzle. Do a test before you get started. Will save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Us this hood for varnish?

Asked by Leean January 31, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us. Wagner Flexio 2000 can be use with varnish. Please give our technical support a call at 1-800-328-8251 if you need further assistance.

Is this a good spray gun for painting a fence and deck??

Asked by Ed December 13, 2020

Yes the Flexio 2000 is an excellent choice for your fence, deck projects. The iSpray front end nozzle should have no problem spraying paint for you. Call us for application tips at 1-800-328-8251.

Can stain or sealer be used with this sprayer

Asked by BigJ December 12, 2020

I have only used it on latex water base paint. I am sure it can however it is hard to clean with water base

Is this good for small projects

Asked by 8286LM October 23, 2020


Difference between 350 and 2000 model?

Asked by David October 9, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to us. The Flexio 2000 comes with the new nozzle designed iSpray and is a two speed (hi and lo) sprayer and can spray some unthinned latex paint. The Control Spray 350 doesn't have (hi and lo) speed and you will need to thin down your latex paint. Please give our technical support a call at 1-800-328-8251 and we will be able to assist you.

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Faster than brush or roller
I used the Wagner Flexio 2000 to paint wainscoting panels. The sprayer did a good job but did start to spatter after about 20 minutes of use. The finish closely resembled a fine finish paint roller. I think that in order to achieve a nice splatter free paint job, you would need to thin the paint before spraying. It is definitely faster than brushing or rolling on.
by BadBellyblues
Response from Wagner Spray TechMar 30, 2021
Thank you. WagnerSprayTech
1 person found this helpful
Wagner Paint Sprayer
You need to think paint with water significantly more than recommended in the directions. Cleaning is a process and needs to be done multiple times in the day.
by Eric
Response from WagnerSprayTechMar 5, 2021
Thank you for your review. WagnerSprayTech
Worst possible experience - RUINED my project
This awful paint gun did a great job RUINING a project that I just spent 3 days preparing. I had just finished priming and sanding a new window casing that I build myself and applied an exterior latex paint, something this gun touts "enough power" for, and it came out in a complete lumpy spatter that dried in what looks like a "beaten metal' texture. This thing is ridiculous - I would not recommend it for anything but spraying a cheap outdoor project - maybe a fence. Save your money for something that can do the job. Now I get to go scrape and sand my new casing and start the process over. I can't believe the employee at HD paint desk recommended this thing. Returning it same day - awful.
by Ochip
Response from Wagner Spray TechJan 4, 2021
The Flexio 2000 comes with the iSpray front end nozzle which is set up for your fence, deck or walls and will leave a roller like texture with unthinned materials. For a fine finish you need the Detail Finish front end nozzle (part #529013) which you can add, or it comes with the 3000 model. Thin latex paint about 10% with water and spray from 6" away. https://www.wagnerspraytech.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Wagner-HEA-Tip-Matrix.jpg For more help call us at 1-800-328-8251. WagnerSprayTech
3 people found this helpful
Fantastic Spray Control
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My previous experience was with the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty. I used it to stain my fence abd it worked very well. Now I have the Flexio 2000. The big advantage with it is the amount of control you have. The Flexio 2000 has X-Boost Turbine to control the amount of air you need (high and low), the Material Flow Control with 12 steps and the width selector. All of these options give you so much control over your project. My first job was to stain a patio chair that I just made out of pine. I took the Flexio 2000 out of the box, placed a liner in the paint cup, poured in the stain, set the X-Boost on low, the flow control on 3 and began straying. The only adjustments I made were to change the angle of the spray and set the Flow Control to 1. This gave me a very light amount of stain. I have to give it 2 passes but I had total control over amount of stain I wanted. It was so much better than using a brush to apply the stain. It took me less than 10 minutes to spray the entire chair. I was amazed. Wagner advertises 5 minute cleanup, I don't think it even took that long. It was super easy. I poured the stain back into the can, removed and discarded the liner, poured some mineral spirits into the cup and sprayed it out. Then I disassembled the unit, wiped everything down and put it back in the box. Perfect.
by Sailor
Response from Technical SupportNov 20, 2020
Thank you for the review and sharing the photos.
So easy to use.
I bought my paint sprayer a few months ago, needing to paint my storage container at my sculpture studio. I had students paying on it last year after a project, and wanted to create a fresh canvas. The FLEXiO 2000 was incredibly easy to use, had great coverage and for the price, and incredible deal. Oh yeah, it was easy cleanup too.
by Mr Lucky
Response from Technical SupportNov 18, 2020
Thank you for your review.
Superior finish
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I used the FlexiO 2000 to finish this farmhouse style desk for a customer. The finish was excellent. This sprayer was very easy to use. Whether for someone to use occasionally or a professional, the FlexiO 2000 will get the job done!
by Farmhouse Creations
Response from Technical SupportNov 16, 2020
Fantastic project, thanks for sharing your success.
Great asset
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The flexio 2000 from Wagner is a much better improvement than the regular painter 2.0. This product comes with sprayer Cup liners, an extra set of air filters, longer cord and xbooster option. It comes in two pieces in which is made with stronger materials. This product is just as easy to control the paint flow as the regular spray painter was. This product has made it even easier to paint my project’s. I would recommend this spray painter to anyone that likes to get their home improvements painting done faster.
by Tracker007
Response from Technical SupportNov 11, 2020
Thanks for your review.
Puts paint brushes and rollers to shame!
Bought this bad boy for a large job of painting all my shutters. I was hesistant as the airless sprayers I've used in the past were a pain to cleanup, let alone rust inhibitors I had to add to the packings and pistons didn't dry rot.. This thing is designed so well - No packings, no pistons, just air! Pour some paint in the provided bag - screw on the container, plug it in - and off I went! The two cots I applied turned out smooth as butter - clean up was the easiest part - disassemble - rinse with water - let dry... Done Sir Done! Don't think I'll ever go back to using rollers or paint brushes on large jobs. Keep up the good work Wagner. You got my business for life!
by shambles75
Response from Technical SupportOct 14, 2020
Thank you for your review. The shutters look great, love the color. We're glad you are so happy with the sprayer and how easy it was to clean up.
So easy to use and to clean
I bought this sprayer to clear coat my enormous out side wooden deck and stairs. This unit performed perfectly. The adjustable spray and two speed motor makes its use adaptable to most painting situations.. I also used it to spray Thompson water sealer on my back porch, it performed flawlessly.
by Ptcruiser
Response from Technical SupportOct 1, 2020
Thank you for sharing your photos and review of the Flexio HVLP.
Flexio 2000
I bought this sprayer because I know the name Wagner and they been in the paint spraying game a long time for consumers. I painted the vinyl siding With Behr paint and achieved fantastic results. I found that the 5 gallon bucket of paint did not spray as well as the single gallons of paint as it would clog the sprayer more than the single gallons.. It is no easy task to spray the house, but with the Wagner sprayer I found it to be the best way to go over just brushing or rolling it on. I did go over with a brush lightly after spraying the paint on and I am very Happy with the results.. The sprayer works very nicely considering it is electric and not using an air compressor to spray on the paint.. It went on evenly for the most part and with a few minor spits and mishaps that occurs when doing a big project. I must say I achieved professional results with minimal effort and experience with paint sprayers. The entry point to buy this sprayer is well worth it and I would flush it out with paint thinner and water after each use before taking long breaks. I highly recommend it for DIY projects on a larger scale.
by jackpot
Response from Technical SupportSep 30, 2020
The house looks great! Thanks for your review.
Showing 1-10 of 1,047 reviews