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Connect Smart Grilling Hub

  • Compatible with any grill
  • Flip and serve notifications
  • Step-by-step assistance from setup to when it’s time to eat
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Product Overview

The Weber Connect smart grilling hub is your secret ingredient to perfectly grilled food. Its a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to your smart phone on everything from a food readiness countdown, to when its time to flip and serve. All it takes is a glance at your phone to know that everything is on track and grilling to perfection.
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  • Compatible with all Weber Grills
  • USB rechargeable battery and LCD display
  • Receive notifications when food is ready to flip and is the perfect temperature to serve
  • View a countdown that tracks food progression based on time and temperature, never guess when dinner will be served
  • Receive step-by-step grilling assistance 1 very thing from grill setup to when food is ready to flip, serve and eat
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, free IOS and Android app
  • 9 segmented display, embedded magnet
  • Turn any grill into a smart grill with the Weber Connect smart grilling hub
  • 1 meat probe, 1 ambient probe included, 4 probe capacity
  • Weber Connect app contains recipes, tips, tricks, preset cook programs and everything you need to know about grilling
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2.95 in
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1.34 in


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Charcoal,Electric,Natural Gas,Propane
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Questions & Answers



Asked by Mike June 1, 2021

Hello! Thank you for your question! Yes, our thermometer has an alarm for when your food reaches desired temperatures. Thanks!

Will iGrill probes function with this device?

Asked by John April 23, 2020

Hi John, the iGrill 2 Pro Meat Probes are compatible with the Connect Hub.

Can i monitor temps on rhe go. Like run to store.

Asked by Rob February 19, 2020

Hi Rob, by connecting your device to WiFi you can monitor your grill from anywhere you have an internet connection. Thanks!

How does this compare wirh iGrill 2 or 3?

Asked by Elevensdad February 16, 2020

Thank you for your question! The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub is a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled grilling assistant, with the ability to monitor temperatures and tell you exactly when to flip your chicken, wrap your brisket, or take your steak off of the grill. You can think of the Hub as a step-by-step guide with the ability to remotely monitor your grilling session via WiFi, whereas the iGrill 2 or 3 are better suited for temperature monitoring and doneness alerts. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more information at support@weberstephen.com.

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Upped My Grill Game, Some Issues
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] TL/DR: Overall, is the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub worth buying? The hub should’ve, but didn’t, come with four probes (1 ambient temp probe and three meat probes) and doesn’t have a storage container. The probe organizers are okay, with the help of gorilla glue to keep faceplates on. The hub (well-built, with magnetic base, clear, bright LED lights, and rechargeable battery, which takes a few hours to charge) and probes (with silicone indicators that will likely fail over time) serve their purpose really well, despite only being able to monitor three pieces of meat at a time (i.e., “programs,” if you buy two extra probes). I had no connectivity problems at all. Overall setup was really easy. The convenience is wonderful. The end result for both chicken breasts and filet (separate grill jobs) was spectacular… seriously upping my grill game. The hub, on its own is four stars (because it didn’t come with more probes or storage). The app is about a four (as long as you remember to select a meat probe when using a cooking program, and not the ambient temp probe). FWIW, I’d consider the purchase... in conjunction with other options on the market. Now, for the full review. I wanted to get a grill smart hub for some time. I love to grill, but knew I was overcooking my chicken (steaks never seemed to be an issue, or so I thought) admittedly, for years. My wife always wanted me to err on the side of caution and overcook our chicken breasts -- vs undercook, like I did my first time grilling chicken breasts… 22 years ago. Yes, she remembered and was scarred for life, apparently. I used meat thermometers, watched timing, flipped often to ensure even heating, etc. But, no matter what I did, while not burnt, the chicken was still overcooked. For me, the red meat always seemed to turn our fine (med rare for me; dead chuck for my wife). But, I finally had a chance to get a Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. What I experienced follows. There are really two parts to the hub, the hub itself (along with accessories included) and the Webber Connect app. We’ll start with what you get in the box. OOB, the basic pack comes with instructions (quick start and more in-depth), an app download QR code, other advertising info, the hub (which has a magnetic base for attaching to a metal surface to stop the hub from sliding off your grill arms when grilling), a micro USB charging cable, and two meat probes (both have organizers, one has an ambient grate clip) -- no storage container of any sort (for the price, it should have one included). You first download the app to ensure it’s ready to go. You start and connect the hub to the app. With the probes disconnected, and by pressing down on the hub, you can check battery status. For my first grill session (the chicken breast), the hub was charged to 90% out of the box, but I charged it to full capacity anyway, which took about 10 minutes on a dedicated 10W USB power brick. The second grill session (the filet) started with a dead hub (only one week from the chicken). From dead battery to full charge took four hours. Hub indicators show the battery charge and bluetooth/wifi connectivity status. You press and hold down the hub body to start BT pair mode. Pairing the device with my Android phone was simple. My phone found the hub easily, as I had the two within a foot of each other. Note: with the app, you can, optionally, switch to wifi mode (giving you a much longer monitoring range). Regarding the probes… one of them serves only to keep track of ambient (room/grill space) temperature. The other is an actual meat probe. So, if you buy two more meat probes (and given the hub has four probe ports), you only have three meat probes. Probes and the wire mesh shrouds that surround the probe cables seem built well. The organizers keep the probe housing from fraying or breaking, general good sense and care when using the probes does the rest. Organizers are stackable, “clicking” on to one another, but cheaply built. The faceplate of one popped off when I pulled one organizer off the other. Inside there was a small metal weight to give the organizer some heft. I gorilla glued the front and back plates together. That should hold it. We’ll see if the other fails and needs glued too. Each probe has a color-coded silicone indicator on it to let you know which probe is connected where, nice (in theory) if you’re using a few probes. Instructions say not to let the silicone indicators touch heating elements, flame, etc. Following the instructions (keeping the indicator up and away from the heat as much as I could), I’ve had no issues with them catching fire, but after two grill sessions, they already show signs of melting/wear. With the probes attached to the hub, quick hub taps provide a readout of probe temps. Indicator lights show which probe’s temp is showing on the hub. I wanted to see how accurate the probes were before using them on the grill. Inside the house, I plugged them in and set them on my couch arm. My internal house temp was 72 degrees. The ambient probe read 81. The meat probe read 77. Hmmm. But, I still wanted to give it a go. While the hub charged, I connected the app. Setup was easy. The app allows you to configure hub WiFi and update the hub’s software (mine had the most current out of the box). The hub and probe temps appeared on the app dashboard (and confirmed the 72/81 degree temps). You can set up to four total cook programs (red meat, pork, poultry, lamb, fish), find recipes (for the same sets of meats), set and get grill temp alerts, and set timers. Or, you can simply tap Start Grill, identify your program, find and walkthrough recipe prep and execution, and/or set alerts/timers. Note that the app doesn’t know which probe is the monitoring probe and which is the meat probe. You have to remember to select your meat probe when starting/monitoring a program. The hub and the app should have a sync’d, dedicated ambient temp probe slot. We used the hub/app, so far, to grill boneless, skinless chicken breasts and filet (on different days). One cook program only applies to one type of meat and only one piece of probed meat in that meat type/program. I don’t know why they give you four meat programs when you only have three dedicated meat probes… maybe setting one program to start after the other? Anyway, this approach seems very limiting. You’re supposed to probe the biggest/thickest piece of meat in your meat program to ensure meat “doneness.” First, you get only one meat probe with the set (for the price, the kit should've come with four probes). Second, chicken breasts (and other meats) come in different widths and lengths. This means a) you need more probes; and, b) you have to create a separate chicken/meat program for each probe (if you have more than one meat probe, but only up to the three available meat probe ports). To a degree I get the approach. Afterall, you might do chicken, burgers, and steaks and would monitor each in their own program. But, you can still only monitor one piece of meat in each program. Consistently-sized cuts will be fine. But, different cuts and sizes need more personal monitoring. And, what if you wanted to cook more than three meat types at the same time? With the limitations OOB, I could only monitor one chicken breast or one filet remotely, the largest. I wasn’t thrilled with this, as I had a sense of how the bigger pieces were faring, but had to watch continually the smaller pieces (opening the grill and losing ambient heat). If you use a cook program, the app steps you through prep, grilling, and finishing. The ambient temp probe was great in helping monitor grill temp (allowing you to keep the lid closed more, which lets the meat reach internal temp faster). And, as long as you make sure to select the right probe, when starting grilling, the meat probe works well at letting me know when to flip the chicken/filet and when they reach internal temp. Both sessions, I was nervous about letting the app monitor the grilling for me. Initially I checked more than when I normally grill. But, eventually, I settled down and let the hub do its thing. I found that the ambient and meat probe temps were off by about 5 degrees, compared to my gas grill’s built-in ambient-heat thermometer and another meat thermometer I use to check temps. However, with an eye kept on the smaller pieces of chicken/filet, my family and I enjoyed the best-tasting, juiciest, perfectly-cooked (i.e, restaurant-quality chicken breasts and filet) we ever had. We couldn’t believe how good the meat was both times… pretty much cementing the fact that I was a mediocre grill cook at best. With the help of the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, I just seriously upped my game. Happy grilling, all. :)
by DetailzGuy
Food comes out perfect.
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love my Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. This device really does take the guesswork out of cooking on the grill. I’m able to monitor up to four pieces of food at once. Customizing different cook settings is easy. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is easy to connect. The step-by-step grilling assistant makes grilling easier by giving me a countdown on when food is ready to be flipped and is finished cooking. I’m not wasting time cutting into the meat to see if it’s done and opening the lid on the grill and letting heat escape. Flip and serve notifications are accurate and helpful my meat tastes so much better after using this. I’m definitely happy with this product and the delicious end results.
by tiffanyb91
Flawless Grilling Every Time
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Our family uses our grill no less than 3 times a week. But, since I have gotten my Weber connect smart grilling hub, I have been able to become a Grill Master! Before, having the Weber connect, food would be inconsistent, and I would cook only about 4 different meats on the grill. All of that is changed now. The Weber connect is virtually fool proof in making perfect grilled meats/fish every time. Between the phone app, hub and probes, this is a simple, intuitive and comprehensive solution. Downloading the app and syncing the hub to my iPhone took less then 5 minutes. The app walks you through the grilling process step by step. You start by picking what protein you plan to cook and then what doneness. It then gives you step by step instructions on grill temp, grill prep, getting the protein ready, like trimming the fat off a roast, tying it up if needed, and/or seasoning, then it shows you how to insert the probe correctly and proper placement on the grill. It automatically sets the clock, tells you when to flip it, when it’s done and reminds you to let it rest. As for the hub, it allows up to 4 probes (comes with 2). One probe monitors the grill temperature and the other 1- 3 monitor what you are cooking. The grill temp monitor lets you know when the grill is at the perfect temperature to start cooking. The hub also has a display that indicates the temp of the grill and once you start cooking the time until you protein is done. Although I have not tried this because I only have 2 probes, with 4 probes you can monitor the cooking of three proteins, like three steaks, one rare, one medium and one well done all at once. This seems complicated but, the way the app works, it easily to setup and monitor all at the same time. I have found I can be anywhere in the house and monitor what’s happening on the grill with my phone. So far everything I have cooked using the Weber connect has come out perfectly. In fact, it has allowed me to start grilling almost any protein on a grill with consistency, correct doneness and like a grill master. Also, as a bonus, my family is much happier with the food I’m grilling now.
by clowenstein
Great Tool (follow up post) to Msbtoo
Wrote a while ago and got a replacement hub and probes (due to battery life and faulty probe). The replacements are great. Keeping the battery life well, two weeks charged and unplugged, still running 95% plus battery. Probes, working great, within 1 degree of each other. A suggestion on the menu. The “Select Program” is good, but could benefit from another selection. “Cook Program” shows great information on the meat, especially the cook temperature needed. The “Recipes” are useful as well, lots of details. The “Temperature Alert” is what I want, but I have to “know” what temperature per meat, per cut. What I need is a Temperature Alert that shows me the temperature options per meat and allows me to select, I do not remember what temperature that I need. This was an option on the old iGrills, which I had before, I could pick meat, temp style (rare, medium, well as appropriate) and go. The temperature on steps on “Cook Program” without the (annoying) clicking through steps, steps.
Great idea to grill at right temperature
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I recieved this to try for my honest opinion. I am always worrying if I cook the meat right and this will come in handy. The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub can be used with either Anroid or I phone as this connects to your phone. When setting up the phone it did take me a little bit as you need to have the thermometer close to phone . I keep it in the box after use and cleaned so I do not loose the pieces and it stays clean . Easy to read instructions. I used it to make steak over the weekend and really like that I do not have to worry about over or under cooking of the meat that I am cooking. Makes it easier to grill . It is also Bluetooth.
by Wendyk65
Such A Great Accessory!
What a phenomenal tool! It’s been great having those rare steaks for my wife as well as juicy pork chops and chicken breasts for everyone. Didn’t expect any less from Weber!
OK unit, poor battery life, probe failed
Been an iGrill user for years, decided it was time for an upgrade and moved to the Grilling hub. Love the WiFi connection and range. Disappointed in the battery storage. Plugged it in, full charged it, unplugged from the power, and placed it in a cabinet for the next grilling. About 2 weeks later took it out, plugged in the probes, nothing! Plugged it back in charged it up, put it away again. About a week later, took it out to use, again no battery, I guess I will need to leave it plugged in all the time. One of the probes stopped recording, no obvious breaks in the wires or damage. Time to buy a replacement,
by MSBToo
Response from Consumer CareMay 16, 2021
Hi! We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback regarding the Connect Hub. It is unfortunate to hear of the battery life and the probe not working. Our support team has reached out via email to further assist you with this. Thank you!
Like it but I don’t love it
I just bought this and I like it a lot but I don’t love it. Ive owned Many Weber products and have lived all of them. I’ve recently gotten into smoking on a regular and have been looking for something that would assist me in my over night cooks. This does ok but I really would love this thing if it had a temperature graph. That would be great to look back on to test different fuel/set up techniques and see what’s happening. I hope to see a software update soon, I’ll recommend it when this is a thing.
by Burntbacon
Response from Consumer CareMay 16, 2021
Thank you for your feedback! We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration in the future. We appreciate you being a long-time Weber fan, thank you!
Over Zelous
Only used it a few times. The first time I ran it on two devices simultaneously and when I was done it locked up and wouldn’t unlock even with the hard reset. I had to wait till the battery drained down and start it up again. The next several times it worked without issue on one device. I found it very helpful. I’m a fusser so without the device I’m in and out checking on it. This allowed me to cook inside with knowledge of the meat being cooked. Easy to use and appears to be a good/helpful product.
by Riverdog
Good Features, Dissapointed
The device and concept are great, and makes my Summit Grill Center a smart grill. I got this a a gift, and I also have a SmokeFire with three built in hub. The problem is that the App only allows for one Hub.... either my SmokeFire or the Connect hub. Each time I use one grill or the other, I have to forget the other device and re-pair the hub. Weber has no plan for the app to support pairing data from more than one device.
by Rdgizmo
Response from Consumer CareMay 4, 2021
Hi! Thank you for being a long time Weber fan! We are excited to hear you are enjoying your Weber Connect Smart grill Hub. We will pass along your feedback regarding the use of both devices at the same time. If you need any additional assistance please reach out to our support team at Weber by phone at 800-446-1071 or by email at support@weberstephen.com. Thank you!
Showing 1-10 of 65 reviews