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32 oz. Glass and Mirror Foaming Glass Cleaner

  • Prevents mirror fog plus leaves a streak free shine
  • Foaming glass and mirror cleaner clings to vertical surface
  • Ammonia free cleaner with a fresh scent & long lasting protection
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Product Details

ZEP Plus Foaming Glass & Mirror Cleaner leaves a professional streak free shine plus prevents mirror fog and future grime build up. Foam clings to vertical surfaces vs liquid cleaners. Ammonia free cleaner is gentle on surfaces but tough on grime like toothpaste splatter, soap scum and more. Zep Plus Advanced formula keeps your mirror fog free so getting ready is easier and additionally leaves invisible protection for a longer lasting clean and clear surface.
  • Keeps mirrors fog free
  • Ammonia free formula with no harsh smell
  • Foam clings to surface
  • Use on glass and mirrors, plexiglass, acrylic glass
  • Not for aftermarket tinted glass or surfaces harmed by water
  • Do not overspray
  • Spray and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth
  • Use regularly for best benefits and lasting protection
  • Fresh scent
  • Free from phosphates, parabens, PFAS
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Works well, almost no streaking.
This ZEP foaming glass and mirror cleaner does appear to perform better than standard window cleaner. The foam does drip a little bit as expected, but most of the cleaner does stay where you put it. I cleaned a section of the inside of my windshield as a test, and although the picture is not very good and the outside of my windshield was dirty, there is a definite line that I can see where the glass remains clear without the streaks which always seem to show up with conventional cleaner. I am very happy with this window cleaner, and will look for it in the future.
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Cleaner works great, spray nozzle makes a mess.
This was ordered online and shipped to my home without issue. This glass cleaner works really well. It cuts through smudges and finger prints just fine, and even splatters of tooth paste and even some dried on bugs. I've used this in both bathrooms and on my car windows and have been impressed with how well this cleans. I gave this product a 4 star review because the spray nozzle on this makes a mess. The tip works like a faucet aerator. But it kind of just splats the cleaner on the surface in a foamy blob that splashes everywhere. If you're using this in your bathroom, I would suggest spraying onto your rag first then wiping the mirror, or you'll have glass cleaner everywhere.
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3 out of 5... It's Ok
I'm a huge fan of Zep products. This glass and mirror cleaner, however, missed the mark for me. The product dispenses as foam, but it's quite watery; it immediately begins to run after it's sprayed. It's messy. Also, after initially spraying my bathroom mirrors and wiping them down, I noticed debris was left behind. It took a few sprays to get the mirror completely clean.
Cleans all
This ZEP Glass cleaner works great on my stove top and glass table. It distributes a nice foam that wipes up easily. It leaves the surfaces clean and shiny. The bottle is easy to hold and spray. I have also used it on stainless steel appliances and it removed any dirt as well. It also leaves them streak free. This is an easy to use product that cleans and shines very well.
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OK cleaner hampered by poor sprayer
OK cleaner hampered by poor sprayer I like ZEP products, so was eager to try out their glass cleaner. The results were mixed, but on the whole, unimpressive, and this is unlikely to displace the product I previously used. My biggest issue was with the ZEP trigger spray bottle, which, though it foams up nicely, dispenses the product in a strong narrow stream that then spatters and splashes against the glass surface. It’s not a useful deposit pattern and the splash puts product where you don’t want it. The narrow stream puts a lot of product in a small area, where it builds up, runs, and again, ends up where you don’t want it. The cleaner itself produced good results when used with newspaper (and was less likely to leave ink transfer) and a special glass cleaning cloth, but just fair when used with paper towels. My wife got unacceptable results trying to clean a mirror using a microfiber cloth, and went back to using our previous stuff to finish the job. I got good results on all surfaces when I used it to clean up a newly installed glass and stainless-steel range hood – again using the specialized glass cleaning cloth. I expect that I’ll use up the rest of this bottle, but would not buy it again.
As Good As Any
I was happy to try this new glass cleaner. The price is good but I’ve been using an aerosol can for many years because it just works well. I’m happy to report that the cleaner is as good as any I’ve used. I clean a lot of windows and detail a lot of cars at home so I’ll definitely be using this a lot. The sprayer works well (an important factor) and the cleaner works streak free. The second key to success is a good microfiber cloth designed for windows, available on the same aisle at The Home Depot.
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Great home glass and mirror cleaner
ZEP 32 oz. Glass and Mirror Foaming Glass Cleaner is a great home glass cleaner. When applied on the foam setting it has a great cling time, giving you the time to grab paper towels or a cloth to start cleaning the glass or mirror streak free. It cuts through soap scum with ease and again no streaks. With it's new formula helps to keep your mirror's fog free for a longer time. The is no ammonia in Zep to there is no bad smells from it's use. Please Note: This is NOT for aftermarket tinted glass or surfaces harmed by water.
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My new favorite Glass & Mirror Cleaner
The ZEP Plus Glass & Mirror Foaming Cleaner works with ease. It’s my new favorite window & mirror cleaner. When sprayed on a surface the foaming action keeps the cleaner in place rather than flowing off as most glass cleaners do. It has an excellent hang time allowing the user to pickup paper towels and begin the cleaning process. I used the ZEP Glass & Mirror cleaner throughout my home with great success and no streaks. Additionally I found it worked wonderfully on my RV glass & mirrors. The road grime can be a challenge to remove and the ZEP glass cleaner did the job with ease.
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I have grown skeptical with most glass cleaners, especially when used on inside car windshields, they always seem to be unable to clean the oily residue that builds up, and then after cleaning, they leave streaks that come thru when facing into the sun! This Zep Glass & Mirror cleaner gets the streaks out and gets the glass CLEAN!!! I have started using a waffle towel to wipe, that and ZEP wipes out the streaks and residue. It comes with a foam sprayer on the bottle, it says, and I will wait and see if it prevents build up with an invisable barrier. It has a clean smell.
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Works great!
I've used plenty of Zep cleaning products, and they have never let me down, so I was excited to try this glass cleaner, because I don't have one that I truly love. Sure enough Zep got it right with this product - cleans easily, leaves very few streaks, and does not have a noxious odor. I tested it out on one windows covered in kiddie fingerprints, and when that came clean easily, I tested it on EVERY window and mirror in the house that was covered in all manner of oily, greasy, sunscreeny hands. Nothing challenged Zep (well, actually, the sunscreen required a couple tries). As always, ZEP drives an exceptional bargain, give you lots of product for very little money, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.
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Showing 1-10 of 46 reviews

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