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PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Charcoal

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, shines UV-C light, and filtrates
  • Features a 4X boosted TurboLift vacuum
  • Includes blOck Plus, a dual-sided digital barrier accessory
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Product Overview

Shed happens! And when it does, Bob PetHair Plus is your best friend. This Bob is our strongest floor cleaner and provides the best relief for pet owners who love their pets, but not their mess. Use blOck Plus, the only digital barrier with two perpendicular digital walls, to keep Bob out of unwanted areas by creating up to two invisible barriers.
  • 4X boosted TurboLift vacuum, extra long sweeping brush, 4x8 mopping wipes, 3-layer filtration, and a supplemental UV-C light ensure a thorough clean of all floors
  • Schedule cleaning times and navigate across floors using the Full Command remote
  • blOck Plus creates up to two perpendicular 10 ft. invisible barriers Bob won't cross
  • Ferocious 4X boosted suction power-lifts fur off floors, while triple layer filter captures harmful particles and pathogens in the air
  • Extra long main brush and side brush spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits
  • Embedded checkup system tests Bob's sensors and parts for proper functionality
  • Accompanying 4x8 mopping attachment wipes stains and small spills while Bob's vacuuming and sweeping hard floors
  • Edge detection prevents Bob from falling off edges; can be disabled to clean dark carpet
  • Automatically returns to the charging station when low on battery
  • Click here for more information on How to Deep Clean Carpets
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs

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Floor Care FeaturesBagless,Edge Cleaner,Elevation Sensor,Low Battery Indicator,Variable SpeedAuto Docking/Recharging,Bagless,Edge Cleaner,Low Battery Indicator,Pet Hair,Scheduling Capabilities,Variable Speed,Virtual Walls,Wet/DryAuto Docking/Recharging,Edge Cleaner,Floor Sanitizer Technology,Mop,Pet Hair,Quick Cleaning Mode,Virtual Walls,Wet/DryApp-Controlled,Auto Docking/Recharging,Bag Change/Receptacle Full Indicator,Edge Cleaner,Low Battery Indicator,Pet Hair,Rechargeable,Rotating Brush,Scheduling Capabilities,Self Charging,Self Emptying,Wifi
Recommended SurfacesHardwood Floors,Laminate,Low-Pile Carpet,Marble,Multisurface,Tile,VinylHardwood Floors,Laminate,Low-Pile Carpet,Marble,Multisurface,Tile,VinylBare Floor,Carpet,Hardwood Floors,Laminate,Tile,Vinyl,WoodHardwood Floors,High-Pile Carpet,Laminate,Low-Pile Carpet,Plush Carpet,Tile
Battery Life (Min)60 Minutes60 Minutes60 Minutes75 Minutes
Navigation PathRandomRandomRandomRoom-By-Room Navigation
Included AccessoriesBatteries,Charger,Duster,Dusting Brush,Filter,Floor brush,Mop head,Remote controlBatteries,Charger,Dusting Brush,Filter,Floor brush,Mop head,Remote control,Wet/Dry Cleaning PadsBatteries,Charger,Dusting Brush,Filter,Mop head,Remote control,Wet/Dry Cleaning PadsFilter
Filter TypeReplaceableReplaceableReplaceableReplaceable
Brush Bristle TypePlasticPlasticPlasticRubber
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Amperage (amps)
0 A
Appliance Category
Floor Care
Battery Life (Max)
120 Minutes
Battery Life (Min)
60 Minutes
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Brush Bristle Type
Cleaning Path Width (In.)
Color Family
Filter Type
Floor Care Features
Auto Docking/Recharging,Bagless,Edge Cleaner,Low Battery Indicator,Pet Hair,Scheduling Capabilities,Variable Speed,Virtual Walls,Wet/Dry
Included Accessories
Batteries,Charger,Dusting Brush,Filter,Floor brush,Mop head,Remote control,Wet/Dry Cleaning Pads
Navigation Path
Number of Batteries Required
Product Weight (lb.)
8 lb
Recommended Surfaces
Hardwood Floors,Laminate,Low-Pile Carpet,Marble,Multisurface,Tile,Vinyl

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
UL Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
• 2-Year limited warranty • 2-Year battery warranty • 5-Year subsidized repair plan • Lifetime of customer service

Questions & Answers


How is it in tight spaces? I have small rooms with quite a bit of furniture. Will it go through t...

Asked by Kt April 30, 2021

No. It will hit the legs and keep trying to go straight through them instead of turning. This is a huge waste of money

3018 bahia ave holiday 34690.

Asked by george April 13, 2021

This is not a question and has nothing to do with the Bobsweep product. Contact Home Depot Customer Service for assistance.

Will pet hair robot work on any floor I do not have ?pets

Asked by Me1904 March 14, 2021

Hardwood Floors, Laminate, Low-Pile Carpet, Marble, Tile, and Vinyl are the Recommended Surfaces for bObsweep. bOb does very well cleaning pet hair and other debris on floors. What might present problems is rug fringes and high pile as they tend to get caught in the main brush which might cause bOb to shut down.

How big of a collection compartment does it have?

Asked by Beezy January 28, 2021

Nice and big

does this work on all floors?

Asked by bruth16201 December 19, 2020

Yes, works on hardwood floors and carpet

Which model is best for hardwood floors?

Asked by Jonesey November 15, 2020

I don’t have pets but is amazing how well it cleans

So if a pet has an accident while bob is going will the mop part get it up? Or will it smear it a...

Asked by Barngirl November 13, 2020

Smear. It’s only a vacuum.

Does it require wifi

Asked by Voom November 12, 2020


I have two Great Pyrenees dogs. I sweep nightly and there’s still clumps the next morning. Will t...

Asked by Pyrmom November 8, 2020

Yes, I have three long hair pets and since using this my apartment is now actually clean!

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Asked by Lady November 5, 2020

A few hours if it's nearly all drained out.

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We recommend this product and other BOBSWEEP ROBOTIC VACUMS. we are very satisfied with our "BOB" HE GETS THE JOB DONE, with 3 Shar-Peis in our house and lots of traffic our bob keeps my floors clean. very easy to program him to run at a set time or i can manually get him going when ever i need him. amazing technology, parts, product and customer service.
2 people found this helpful
Excellent customer service
The costumer service is great! The bob sweep is a time saver but needs help from time to time works best on hard floors.
by Collin
Good Ole Uncle Bob
We were in the market for a new robo vacuum. Having four kids and 4 great danes we needed something powerful. After some research we decided on the bobsweep pethair plus. We got Bob charged, up and running in no time. He figured out were to go and who to stay away from quickly. The entire family loves him. My kids and my husband race to get the remote to drive Bob around and clean up the unscheduled messes. My children call him uncle bob. We have a powerful central vacuum, 2 cordless stick vacs and good ole bob. When life gets crazy as it usually does you can always count on Bob to do his job without making excuses. One evening we noticed dog hair and sand on the floor, then realized Bob didnt do his job. We went on Bobs website and tried troubleshooting why he didnt turn on. We tried the resetting and had no luck. We contacted bobsweep and were pleasantly shocked that he was still under warranty. They graciously even paid for his shipping. We removed brushes etc. from uncle bob, packed him up and shipped him out. A short time later bob was home with all new brushed running around chasing everybody again. For the 2 weeks bob was dead and gone the house definitely had more dirt and dog hair. You now have a customer for life.
by Millers
3 people found this helpful
After the third use the flap broke off of the debris holder. Cheaply made
After the third use the flap broke off of the debris holder. Cheaply made
by Joe
This pet robotic vacuum is wonderful, but make sure to pick anything up you don't want the BobSwe...
This pet robotic vacuum is wonderful, but make sure to pick anything up you don't want the BobSweep pet to pick-up.
by Typinj
1 person found this helpful
Time Saver
Before bOb, my family took turns in vacuuming our floors using a heavy upright vacuum. Spent time 2x daily to move chairs and other small furniture to pick up pet hair because our dogs shed a lot. Thanks to bOb, we no longer have to do that due to its size, it saves us a lot of time for two years now. Easy to program and all it takes is one sweep per day to do the job, using Deep Clean feature and nearly one hour sweep with full charge. This super low maintenance only requires manual removal of hair and debris collected and you don't even have to do that until the bin indicator tells you to. Dust bin is big enough to hold dust for days. Highly recommended product if you value time and convenience!
by Erick
3 people found this helpful
Love bobsweep
Never thought I would buy one of these vacuums but glad I did . We run it daily set on its schedule ...with multi pets it picks up a ton of pet hair . Battery lasts an hour on deep clean and when runs low goes back to the charger. Only issue so far is kitchen level is little higher and it gets stuck there so needs a little help Otherwise love it!! Customer service is awesome !!! Email right back and have called me back and answered all my questions and helped me order filters
by Oliver88
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Bob is my best friend
Bob has been a wonderful addition to our household. We use him everyday. With asthma and pandemic, Bob has made us feel more clean than ever before! The amount that Bob picks up without us even noticing is remarkable. Love this product!
by Lp617
3 people found this helpful
Bob is still a kid and needs babysitting
The idea was great! But the results are not so favorable. Bob is very cute running around my living room and kitchen. But I have to follow him or he gets stuck. I have to babysit him. He gets stuck transitioning between floors. He gets stuck on low carpet. He gets stuck under my couch every.single.time. Even when I dust mop first. Pet hair is wound around and around all the wheels and brushes and I have to take it apart after every use. The silly screwdriver included is too big and it’s difficult to use because of that. I could never program this to run if I’m not home because it stalls after 2-3 minutes. It takes at least an hour to vacuum one room. I can’t use him in bedrooms because of large rugs. Bob doesn’t seem to do rugs at all. The remote is invaluable and works well. I typically follow Bob around with it. Right now Bob is waiting for me to take him apart again to remove dog hair wound around his wheels and brushes and even their wheels. The trap fills after 1-3 uses, mostly because the hair accumulates on the brushes. I have one shedding, long-haired dog, one non-shedding dog, and one shedding cat. The trap is easy to empty. I still have to use my big vac to vacuum room rugs. My pets tolerate Bob well. My cat seems to be amused by him. So that’s a plus, I guess. I will likely quit using Bob eventually. Right now the idea of someone else doing my vacuuming is cool and it’s fun to drive the little guy around. It’s NOT fun cleaning out his wheels and brushes every time. Nor is it fun to free him from getting stuck on a floor edge to have him turn around to do the same thing all over again instantly. He doesn’t learn to avoid these things! I put blocks around to help, but he always finds a way to get stuck.
by ZoomZoom
14 people found this helpful
Best. Customer. Service. Ever!
Within the first month of use, quickly realized that this item was too large to fit under most of our furniture. I called customer service (spoke immediately with a professional, kind, patient and friendly rep), and they offered to swap it out for the Bobi pet (smaller profile) at no cost to me! Fast forward to after about 10 months of faithful (daily use with one shed-crazy dog and cat), and our Bobi pet stopped charging. After a quick chat/email with Gabe (customer service), he walks me through the troubleshooting process, and determines that our Bobi needs a diagnosis. They covered UPS shipping, and within days (truly appreciated having Bobi back after not having his help for days), they had sent me a new vacuum! Works better than ever! I don’t mind a product that may need a little troubleshooting after almost a year of daily use, when the customer service is as painless and efficient as it is at Bobsweep!! We have 1800 sq ft of dark hardwood floors which show every. Single. White piece of dog fur! I still end up vacuuming with a hand-held vacuum once a week before mopping, but this Bobsweep is a tremendous help with the daily maintenance!
by Jojo
3 people found this helpful
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