Customer Reviews for DEWALT 8 Gal. HEPA Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Cleaning

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Model #DWV010

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  • 15' Anti Static Hose
  • Hose Wrap (Strap)
  • Heavy duty casters provide jobsite durability

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Great vac.
It is a really great tool. It sucks amazingly. It blows the filters clean of dust. Does not lose suction while doing it. It is really great how the hose locks into most of my dealt tools that can use suction. A must have is the accessory kit sold separately a very good buy as well. I am very happy.
by Johnny D iii
Purchased for multi use
Purchased this vacuum because I wanted something I could use as an extractor & a wet/dry vac use. I am going to cut to the chase & rant on a few issues. The lid clamps had a ton of friction and it appears w/ use the operation will ease @ the expense of clamp wear. Although the power cord appears better than most vac cords it isn't as easy to wind along the handle nor does the plug clip well to the cord. The hose is stiff, probably won't crush, but is doesn't move as nicely as my current Ridgid hose. No attaching accessories are included which means more $$. Ok lets get some positivity going. Really nice wheels to glide across surfaces. Hose attachment to vac is easy and allows for less protrusion than other vac's. Operation has been as advertised and noise level is on par w/ most vacs. 8 gal is quite portable.
by keenxxx
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Buy this over a standard wet dry vac
I was confused as to the differences between a dust extractor and a wet/dry vac. (i.e. can a dust extractor be used as a wet/dry vac.) I also was tired of spending a significant amount of time cleaning up dust after a project. So I took a chance and ordered this unit. I live in a condo and don't have the luxury of a dedicated indoor workshop with plumbed dust extraction. The Dewalt 8 gal dust extractor is an extremely well build dust extractor that can also be used as an all around "shop vac". The best part about a dust extractor is that is puts out clean air via it HEPA filtration. The dewalt units are great because they connect to virtually every Dewalt tool with a locking twist of the hose end. You can also solidly attach conventional vacuum attachments to the hose. Finally, the bags on these units are very robust. They attached very securely to the unit and from what I can tell keep the unit insides clean. The auto thumping feature hopefully prevents from having to clean the filters! Only down side to the unit is that it pulls some noteworthy amperage so, you cannot connect a miter or table saw to the same circuit unless you have a heavy load circuit. This unit does have the ability to turn on automatically when you power on your supported tool. This feature is great for sanding and especially power planing.
This is a great vacuum especially if you are a a professional painter ! I used to sand down some ...
This is a great vacuum especially if you are a a professional painter ! I used to sand down some doors and I didn't need to cover or clean a lot
by Gabe
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Pretty good!...
Pretty good!
by Tiengchow
Only one complaint
I bought this vac for work I'm doing in a hotel , I ordered it from a drywall company along with the port a cable sander , my complaint is the switch for the tool stopped working probably the 2nd or 3rd week I had it , so it would turn on or off when I turn on the tool , then it started again and then off again now it's not working , I could take it in or back do to the amount of work and time I have to do this so I felt with having to turn it on and off as I go , but it's really bothering me because I'm on stilts all day . Other that that I love this vac and can wait to use it on other things especially with my wood working jobs , so any info would be appreciated.
by Mike 66
Lightwieght easy to carry
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Purchased this with a DWE46125 Dust shroud and DWE4011 grinder. As a remodeler we constantly have to cut into plaster and drywall. The dust issue is obvious. Had tried another brands dust shroud but we could never solve the vacuum hose issues. Constantly either duct taping the hose connections together or using 2 miles of adapters to make the different hoses connect. I went all in with dust collecotor and grinder all dewalt. The system works perfectly. (For info on the grinder and vacumn see other reviews.) Also own a 10 gallon, but I find myself using this one more as it is lighter and easier to carry around. The hose does wrap up on top as well as the cord. Pros - The vacumn has amazing suction. The thumper really does clean the filters, comes with a fleece bag. Hose has a good length and finally the main reason I purchased was that it locks into my other dewalt tools. ie; table saw, miter saw any tool with dust collection. Cons-Hose marks up everything, I bring in a drop cloth when using it for finish work and do not use it as a shop vac when on site.
by Joe M
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 39 reviews