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Customer Reviews for DMX 1-STEP 100 sq. ft. 3.6 ft. x 29 ft. x 5/.32 in. Underlayment for Vinyl Planks, Laminate and Engineered Hardwood Floors

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Model #DMX 1-Step 2.0

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  • Use with vinyl plank, laminate and engineered hardwood flooring
  • VOC free
  • No mold, no cold

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Installation was easy. I made all cuts with sheet metal shears. The box included the needed seam ...
Installation was easy. I made all cuts with sheet metal shears. The box included the needed seam tape.
by Bill
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    Great until it wasn’t. The dimples HOLD WATER.
    I just got done ripping 400 square feet of this stuff out of my basement. I had it under laminate, and it worked pretty great until I had a surprise water issue sligtly deeper than the underlayment. Even with airflow and a dehumidifier my floor was destroyed. I don’t blame this stuff for that — it wasnt designed to handle an inch of water — BUT the fact that every little blue dimple held water right up against the bottom of my floor made the damage even worse than it needed to be. This is a flaw that could have been anticipated.
    by CJ77
    Response from Customer ServiceJul 17, 2019
    DMX 1-Step was not designed to be submerged under water. Our dimples are 8mm (1/3") in height, if you have 1" of water, surely you will have water in the dimples. We don't understand how that would be considered a flaw.
    You can dry out the membrane and re-use it if you wish.

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      Very Easy to install. Delivery was quick.
      Very Easy to install. Delivery was quick.
      by ProfJott
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        I stumbled upon DMX 1 Step while researching vapor barriers on YouTube. I am installing 3/4" ply...
        I stumbled upon DMX 1 Step while researching vapor barriers on YouTube. I am installing 3/4" plywood over DMX 1 Step on a concrete slab and finishing it off with Lifeproof laminate flooring from Home Depot. I think anyone with basic skills can install this product. It is soft and flexible, yet durable and cuts easily with razor knife or scissors. I am already noticing a big difference as far as floor warmth. I am using Tapcon screws to fasten plywood down to concrete and had a problem with the screws not holding, after consulting with Tapcon tech support, they determined that I was using too long of a screw and recommended using 2 1/4" screws for my application and using a countersink drill bit. After I followed their recommendations, I had no problems. I see no downside to using DMX 1 Step and will definitely recommend it to anyone. The vapor tape was they sell for DMX is expensive at about $10.00 per roll, each roll only covers 100 square feet. It looks like clear packaging tape to me so, do some research on the tape, you might save some money using packaging tape instead. Overall, great product. I'm glad I chose DMX 1 Step.
        by Kevin
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          Very good product. I have used this product under two types of flooring so far. I laid it, filled...
          Very good product. I have used this product under two types of flooring so far. I laid it, filled the top with thinset, then troweled a one inch thick pebblestone floor over the top for the first room. Next time I will not bother with the thinset for a pebblestone floor. In the second room I laid a carpet pad and carpet over the underlayment. Might be the softest floor I have ever walked on. I have a large area I need more protection than the 3/8 inch you get from one layer, so I am planning to thinset and put down a second layer. I tested a small area and that seemed to work well. I also tested the product with the epoxies I use for pebblestone floors and got no reaction. Tuff stuff.
          by Greg
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            The underlayment was very easy to work with. It has only been down a short time but so far I am ...
            The underlayment was very easy to work with. It has only been down a short time but so far I am very pleased with it.
            by Warmtoes
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              I was installing a click lock system vinyl plank flooring in my basement and wanted a sub floor s...
              I was installing a click lock system vinyl plank flooring in my basement and wanted a sub floor since my child and her friends will be hanging there. Knowing a sub floor over a concrete floor is the difference between a bruise and a break (and doubles as an extra insulation barrier) I needed something that would resist mold and mildew. My basement floor will (rarely) get moist, but never wet (flood) so mold and mildew were a major concern. After MUCH research, going to stores and hours of watching videos on many products, I decided on DMX 1STEP. I tried to level the floor as best as I could according to the directions on line (not being off more then 1/4 inch in a 4' area), but after pouring almost 5 bags of self leveling cement I laid my 8 foot level and noted the floor was uneven by 1/8 to 1/4 inch in various areas like a roller coaster. I bought another 5 bags and when all was set, noted the same thing, but now in different areas- so feeling it would never be 'perfect' I threw caution to the wind and just laid down the DMX 1-step, considering both the DMX and Vinyl floor are flexible. THRILLED, THRILLED, THRILLED, is all I can say- It went down beautifully, and was a wonderful sub floor for the plank click system flooring that floats on top (also purchased at HD). After laying the DMX I also immediately felt a warmth difference in the room which was wonderful! After the vinyl floor was installed you can feel a bit of nice give to it, nothing you would notice unless you were actually looking for it, which I was by jumping on it and hoping back and fourth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a sub floor (esp. in their basement). I also noticed it is soundless (no clicking when walked upon) an added bonus. I did buy the TYVEK barrier tape to hold it together though, not the recommended DMX tape, an oversight when I ordered it. The tyveck tape was SUPER adhesive and did the job well so unfortunately I do not have a review for the DMX tape, but I am sure if its as good as their sub floor it will be just as adhesive and you can save a few dollars buying it when you buy the sub floor.
              by workingmom
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                The BEST way to control moisture and give your floor a softer feel!
                I bumped into this product searching the Internet for a way to waterproof my basement floor. I emailed several questions directly to the manufacturer and they responded immediately with details on how to handle each situation. DMX 1 Step is easy to install and as I covered more of the concrete floor I started to notice that musty basement smell could not be detected in the areas I completed. The hardest part for me was drilling into the concrete floor to use the TAPCON screws. Buy a higher quality hammer drill and lots of drill bits. I installed 5/4 x 4 sleepers and then 3/4" OSB glued and screwed over top. The sleepers are installed 24" on center. The floor has the same kind of flex as the main level of the house. My wife loves the way it feels when she walks on the basement floor. The moisture control is allowing us to install hardwood floor in the basement. That is typically a no-no. I'm confident the DMX 1 Step is going to be the key to my finished basement not looking or feeling like a finished basement. It's a great product!
                by HandyMike
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                Easy to work with and install
                This product was lightweight and very easy to install. Only needed a utility knife and some tape. I was covering about a 400 square foot space and it took just a couple of hours. This wasn't the cheapest option, but considering I would have needed a separate vapor barrier and underlayment for installing in my finished basement, it ended up being a good value as an all-in-one. Performance-wise, I'm happy so far. Walking around on the floor is comfortable and quieter than some other laminate floors I've walked on. Shortly after installation, I had a pipe back up on the unfinished side of the basement and some water ran under the underlayment. Not much, but even so, I've seen no ill effects on the flooring itself, and that was one of the main reasons I purchased this stuff in the first place. Couple things to note: Each sheet comes rolled up tightly, and the inner part of the roll takes a while to straighten out, so I recommend you unroll them a day or two prior to installation and maybe walk around on them to try to flatten them out. I also found it difficult to maintain the recommended space around the sides of the room both because of the movement of the sheets and because freehand cutting with a utility knife meant I wasn't cutting clean edges -- but a handier person could probably do better.
                by Mitch
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                Potentially better design than Dri-Core, but has some drawbakcs
                I purchased DMX 1-step for a moisture barrier and control of water ingress for our basement. I looked at Dri-Core but after seeing how the design isn't a true vapor barrier at all the OSB joints, I decided on this product. It was easy to purchase and received it at home within a couple of days of ordering. It was very easy to install and taping the seams was quick. If I would have installed an engineered floor, this would have easily been a great solution. Because i wanted to install carpet, they recommend doing a floating floow using >5/8" OSB with tongue and groove. The biggest problem is in the U.S., they sell OSB T&G with the T&G on just the 8' wide length, there is no T&G on the 4' side. In order to have the floor locked together, I staggered the 4x8 sheets on the floor so only one section of 4' seam (wiithout T&G) was not secure. This took much longer and more work. 1) If you are doing an engineered floor, this is a fast and better designed solution. 2) If you are doing a carpeted floor and you need a truly sealed design, this is a better solution. 3) If you are doing a carpeted floor and you need it be installed quickly , then either buy 4x8 sheets with T&G on all 4 sides or go with Dri-Core.
                by kwdreier
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