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Customer Reviews for Milwaukee 22 oz. Milled Face Framing Hammer

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Model #48-22-9022

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  • I-beam handle construction with anti-shock grip
  • Asymmetrical claw minimizes ringing
  • Magnetic nail set for easy nail placement

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Just anout any steel handle hammer is “buy it for life” this one just happens to be a particularily well thought out and put together example. I like the red handle but that grip will be the first thing to wear out (in 20 yrs) keep it away from chemicals. Also a little concerned with the longevity of the tiny magnet for the nail starter, kinda looks like just super glue holding it in. But even if that stuff fails this is still a superb hammer
by JoeB
Best tool I have
Best tool I have
by Bestie
Feels light but powerful. Magnet nail setter is awesome!
Feels light but powerful. Magnet nail setter is awesome!
by ZZCowboy
This Milwaukee Hammer is the best. I love any Milwaukee tool. I like that I can finde just about ...
This Milwaukee Hammer is the best. I love any Milwaukee tool. I like that I can finde just about any Milwaukee tool at your store.
by JAZ
Great hammer, comfortable grip, magnetic nail holder, quality!
The Milwaukee 17 oz. milled face hammer has become my main hammer. The extended length and weight is good well balanced and the nail holder lets you start a nail without holding it with your other hand my favorite feature. The hammer seems strong and I think it will last a long time, even the grip has a strong heavy feel that should last as long as the hammer. I would buy this again.
by eagle
Nail set the best feature!
This review is for the Milwaukee framing hammer, model 48-22-9016, which I was given a chance to try out. The model 9016 weighs in at 17 ounces, is 17 inches long (the website says 16 inches, but see the photo below – it’s closer to 17), and is about 6” in width across the claw. It offers a magnetic nail holder (see photo) and a milled face. The milled face helps drive nails in straight when they’re being hit from a difficult angle. (At least that’s the theory – that the milled feature doesn’t slide off of a nail head the way a smooth faced hammer can). One caveat – the milled face can mar the work surface where a smooth faced hammerhead would not; this is a framing hammer and it’s assumed that anything that this tool is used on will be covered up with something better in appearance or that appearance simply isn’t a factor. Milwaukee offers the same tool with a smooth face if you’re working on materials where you want to keep the hammer dings to a minimum I’m a homeowner / DIY’er, not a Pro, and I don’t often stand high on ladders banging nails into facia boards, so I can’t really comment on how this hammer would work out in a professional workplace. Around the house, however, it does a “bang up” job. I have a couple/three typical 16-ounce claw hammers about the house but this Milwaukee is the only framing hammer. (A framing hammer doesn’t have as much curvature in the claws as a typical claw hammer; they’re good for ripping pallets apart but pulling nails may not be their strong suit). See photo of the Milwaukee next to one of my wooden handled claw hammers below. The 9016 has a rubberized grip over a steel I-beam handle; the hammer is designed as all one piece, there is no shim holding the head on as you might find on a wooden handled claw hammer. The grip is designed to absorb the shock from driving nails and it does an excellent job. I find the grip to be about the same as my wooden hammer on the ‘slippery’ scale – it offers a good grip without creating hand fatigue. I’ve had other hammers that had issues with the grip “rolling” about the handle; this isn’t a problem with the Milwaukee, the grip stays in place as it should. In the hand, it feels almost like a hand axe that I have for splitting small wood while camping, and the design of the handle allows you to bring maximum force to the job at hand. There’s no hole in the handle for hanging from pegboard; you’ll need to hang it using the hammer head, with the handle in the down position. The magnetized nail set is a terrific feature (in my opinion, your opinion may differ) for homeowner / DIY’er use. See the photo below – the nail is a standard common #10 and having it stuck to the magnetized hammer for the first blow means not having the fingers of your other hand in harm’s way when holding the nail. This really is nice when you’re working on a ladder. Simply put the nail into the hammer slot, tap it into position using one hand, and then use the hammer face to drive it the rest of the way into the work. This feature, for me, is the “deal maker” on this tool. Of course, you get more precision when holding the nail exactly in the desired spot with one hand while tapping it into place with the other but, again, this is a framing hammer. If you are after precise positioning of the nail, then don’t use the nail set, use the 9016 as you would any other hammer. For quickly knocking 2x4 lumber together the nail set rocks and deserves 5 stars (YMMV). This is a seriously nice hammer; fit and finish are top notch. It’s not a replacement for a claw hammer, but should be considered an ‘addition to’ the claw hammer in your kit. For the homeowner if all you ever do is pound a nail to hang a photo, the Milwaukee 9016 may be overkill. However, if you work on outbuildings or your garage or fencing or want to frame out your basement – this thing may be right up your alley. The unit I received was not made in the U.S., but Milwaukee offers a limited lifetime warranty on the hammer and Home Depot has their 90-day return policy on this item. HTH Regards, Jim
by WarrenJim
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Nice hammer thin handle
I am a DIY so this wont be used for commercial work, just simple work around the house. Milwaukee makes sone nice gear and after i tried some of their hand tools wanted to buy this hammer. Its made in Taiwan, feels pretty good for the construction, no sharp edges or loose rubber grips. The hammer feels balanced in the hand but it doesnt feel lighter like some of the welded hammers out there. The grip is a semi hard rubber molding similar with other metal hammers. The one thing I did notice is that compared to DeWALT and Estwing the grip on the Milwaukee is much thinner. I wear XL gloves so normally I would lay my thumb on the spine of the hammer which is difficult on this hammer. Another thing is the head of the hammer is larger which can be good/bad depending on what you like. I havent noticed a big difference in the anti-ring but this just has a detent in one fork of the pry fork. The lack of a side puller is different but I dont use this, just buy s cat paw. One last thing, cosmetic but i like how this hammer is clear coated instead of painted. My Estwing hammer looks thrashed from one use and the chipping paint leaves behind raw unprotected metal.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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demo hammer
I am very impressed with this hammer. When I picked it up the first time I wanted to do some demolition. It is comfortable in my hand and calibration on the weight distribution is very good. It has all the features you will want in a hammer. The flat claw is great for prying up boards and the magnet with striking area is very good for a nail starter. I would definitely recommend this tool to others.
by Fouse
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Top quality framing hammer designed for all-day use
Milwaukee continues to expand its selection of tools directed toward serious DIYers and pros, and this premium-quality hammer is a great addition to the lineup. PROS * One-piece I-beam construction * Structural design (and padded handle) to reduce vibration and ringing * Excellent balance * Strong magnetic nail-setter in the head * "Waffle Head" milled face reduces mis-hits * Good sharp-edged claw with very moderate curve and good geometry make it easy to lever up nails It's hard to tell just by looking, but judging by the exposed parts and the sound, the steel -- made in Taiwan -- seems to be excellent quality, and the shaft seems to go deep into the very well insulated handle, if not all the way to the end. The balance is excellent -- not too head-heavy -- and the relatively narrow handle tapers out to a broader end, yielding a surprisingly comfortable grip and good maneuverability in tight spaces. The only potential negative I could find was the lack of a side-pull nail slot, but I have a small pinch bar for tight spaces, so that's not a feature that I will miss. Bottom line, this is a well-made, well-balanced hammer that is comfortable enough for all-day use. Highly recommended.
by Chris
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Amazing hammer!!! I have always used a typical wooden handle framing hammer but figured I would g...
Amazing hammer!!! I have always used a typical wooden handle framing hammer but figured I would give this a try. No regrets, no vibrations, no slipping. When my grip starts to go on a traditional wooden happen it has tendency to want to slip out of my hand. With the rubber grip on the handle it stays firm in your hand.
by None
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