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  • For use with seed or when starting cuttings
  • Designed for fast root development
  • Should only be used for plants in containers

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Too many sticks in the seed starting mix!
Just purchased a bag of Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix at Lowes. I opened it to pot up some Canna seeds and it is full of sticks. Seed starting mix shouldn’t have sticks or large chunks in it!
by Jay2000
Response from Consumer ServiceFeb 19, 2021
We are sorry to hear of the problem you have encountered with the Miracle-Gro Seed Starting potting mix. Most of our soils are made from composted forest products, meaning it would be normal to see small pieces of bark and twigs. Composted forest products provide a high organic contact and nutrients without concern for soil compaction. All of our product carry a satisfaction guarantee if you would like to discuss this further please use the following link:
23 watt CFL 3' above seedlings kills pathogens ~
23 watt CFL leaks a little bit of U.V. which can burn seedlings so keep the CFL further away. Germinated seeds are white with no green. Need to green a little with very gentle light and then move closer to the light. I use 2 of these 8 watt 5000k daylight LED 800 lumen house light bulbs and 1 CFL in a brooder light which is probably 2700k to 3000k and its warm in color and its 1600 lumens. I also saw mold and fungus that probably came from the seed starting mix and the CFL removed all the pathogens that cause damping off. 100% success with every seed germinated. 3200 lumens total with 3 light bulbs to start. I use an old Sekonic camera light meter and when light is at least 500 lumens per square foot seedlings thrive. ½ warm ie 3000k and ½ blue ie 5000k Kelvin Temp. Room temperature average around 70 degree's. These seedlings are 5 weeks old. Excellent product and perfect fertilizer just right I don't have to worry about plant food. These suggestions enhance an excellent product. I hope this helps. I'll be buying more of this excellent seed starting product.
by Plant It Earth
is very good
is very good
by cucuberlover
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I used it to start two Night Blooming Jasmine (Plant - Cestrum nocturnum ) for this spring/summer...
I used it to start two Night Blooming Jasmine (Plant - Cestrum nocturnum ) for this spring/summer/fall season.
by turkman143
The potting soil is very excelente, because help grown the seed very fast.
The potting soil is very excelente, because help grown the seed very fast.
by Cathy
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I’ve used Miracle-Gro many times and I’ve never had an issue with mold before this year. The seeds germinated but then mold started growing on some of the plants and soil. I water everyday and their getting a decent amount of sunlight. My concern is, even the pots that don’t show mold; the plants are wilting and dying. Did something change in your mixture?
by wreakingHavoc
Response from Consumer ServicesJun 11, 2020
We are sorry to hear of your experience with Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix. Fungal and mold spores are a natural part of soils. We do not sterilize our soils. Mold only becomes a problem if there is an overgrowth. Overgrowth occurs when the soil is too wet. We are interested in speaking to you about your experience and to extend to you our product guarantee. If you are willing, please contact us at
Rocks in my potting soil?!
I have used this seed starting mix for years and usually it is great. This year, as I was transferring my hydroponically started seeds to their own pots I found a number of ROCKS in the mix! It’s a newly opened bag, so I know it wasn’t my 4 year old “helping” this time. I’ve never encountered something like this with the seed starting mix; I’ve come across 2-3” chunks of wood in regular miracle grow potting soil, of course, but I thought this was more finely screened? Idk. Still pretty good stuff. Wish they’d move to something more eco friendly like coir, though.
by Tomato garden
Response from Consumer Services May 1, 2020
We apologize that you were not thoroughly satisfied with Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix. We would be interested in hearing more about the issue so that we can take the appropriate steps to prevent this in the future. We also have a product guarantee that we would be happy to extend to you. At your earliest convenience, we ask that you contact us so that we can discuss these things. The following link will take you to our contact page:
Excellent Quality Seed Starter Soil I used Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix to start my F...
Excellent Quality Seed Starter Soil I used Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix to start my Fall crop. A lot of people do not realize how necessary healthy soil is to seeds. Amateur gardeners generally assume that the soil in their backyard is sufficient to plant seeds and often times end up disappointed when the seeds do not sprout. Seeds need to have healthy soil, constant light and and loads of water to grow into healthy plants. When I first planned to start a vegetable garden in my backyard, i wanted to invest in healthy soil for my seeds. The Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix was the perfect product I was looking for. I planted Broccoli seeds using this mix and my seeds sprouted within 3 days!! Further almost all of the seeds that i had sowed have sprouted. I was pleasantly surprised, given how usually the percentage of seeds that actually sprout is less than half. I documented my experience of planting my fall garden in this video. I would definitely recommend this product for all the gardeners.
by Pooja
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Works perfectly. Use bag fast . .
Works perfectly. Use bag fast . .
by Caspers
Horrible product. I'm not sure what was in this, but it prevented any seeds from germinating. I bought a couple of bags when I ran out of the higher quality mix I had been using and didn't want to wait for more to ship. Big mistake. I planted ~60 seeds in this mix, peppers, tomatoes and marigolds, and at the same time I used the rest of what I had to plant more of the same. They were all kept at the ideal temperature for germination, kept moist, etc. And while I had 90% germination on the cells I seeded with my old mix, I had 0% germination with this mix. Not one seed. I lost money and time and wasted seeds. I will never buy anything from miracle grow again.
by Jess
Response from Miracle-gro TeamMar 1, 2021
We are sorry to hear of the issues you encountered while using Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix. If you are willing, please contact us and allow us to further assist you with this. Our phone number is 877-220-3089. miracle-gro
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