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Creating Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse style kitchens have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years. A modern farmhouse kitchen combines all of the rustic farmhouse elements that homeowners love with modern layouts and designs, creating a functional space with a warm, country ambiance. Best of all, designing a farmhouse kitchen and finding the perfect farmhouse kitchen decor is possible even on a budget.

A Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen in the Heart of Your Home

Traditionally, farmhouse kitchens were used as a gathering place for friends and family, making them very spacious and inviting. They were also a place where a large amount of serious cooking was done. In the modern home, this means that the farmhouse style is best suited for kitchens with an open floor plan, plenty of counter space, large furniture, and big appliances.

A farmhouse kitchen is one that you naturally want to spend time in because it has a comfortable look and feel. You can fill it with all of your rustic treasures and family heirlooms and accent it with distressed finishes and industrial-style details. Go the more traditional route with lots of extra trim or keep things contemporary with simple designs and clean lines.

Top Choices for Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The type of kitchen cabinets you choose can have an impact on how traditional or modern your farmhouse kitchen feels. To really play up on a traditional design, choose white painted shaker style cabinets with rustic door hardware and pulls. Molding can also add an extra touch of traditional charm. On the other hand, homeowners looking for a more updated look tend to go with white, flat-panel doors featuring clean lines.

While white is always a good choice for farmhouse style, grayscale cabinets are also growing in popularity. A warm, gray cabinet tone can help the kitchen feel more modern yet warmer and more lived-in at the same time. Another popular alternative to classical white cabinets is light wood cabinets with a distressed finish. This will give your farmhouse kitchen more of a rustic-chic look.

Must-Haves for a Farmhouse Kitchen Redo

There are a few basic elements that really contribute to the farmhouse kitchen feel. It all starts with an apron or farmhouse sink with a large basin that will help you make quick work of clean-up after dinner. White subway tiles are the most popular option for a farmhouse kitchen backsplash, and they pair effortlessly with stainless steel appliances.

Another important element in farmhouse kitchen design is the countertops. Stone countertops such as granite, soapstone, or quartz are all well-suited to the farmhouse style because of their natural look and feel. Butcher block is another excellent option for farmhouse kitchen countertops. Not only will it imbue your kitchen with more of a country vibe, but it is usually a more budget-friendly choice as well.

Finally, you can truly evoke that farmhouse feel with well-placed open shelving that keeps your kitchen essentials more accessible. Guests will have an easier time navigating your kitchen, making them feel more at home. Go with wood shelving that is chunky and robust, with visible rustic brackets and finishes that show off the grain.

Colors to Use in Your Farmhouse Kitchen

The most common colors used in farmhouse kitchens are white and other neutrals such as gray and beige. A lighter color pallet is typically chosen because it allows the kitchen's architectural features and rustic elements to shine. It also helps the space feel more bright and open because it allows more light to reflect off kitchen surfaces. If a subdued palette doesn't match your personality or your vision, then you can also achieve a modern farmhouse look by using muted earth tones or soft pastel colors.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens: Decor Tips and Ideas 

A great place to start when it comes to farmhouse kitchen decorating is to dress up your open shelving. Decorative and colorful bowls and plates are an easy and effective way to add some color. Bring even more color into your kitchen with artwork and other types of wall art. A large piece of wall art featuring a design that matches your color palette can add some vintage charm to the space. Farmhouse kitchens are also particularly well-suited to oversized clocks and fun pieces of wood wall art with clever or sentimental sayings.

For furniture, you'll want to choose sturdy, rustic pieces featuring wood or metal elements. Metal is also a great choice for farmhouse kitchen lighting fixtures. Wrought-iron, copper, stainless steel, or galvanized metals usually provide a fantastic complement to typical farmhouse kitchen decor.

Lastly, don't overlook the importance of a kitchen island, both in terms of functionality and kitchen design. It provides an extra space for people to sit, an extra prep surface when cooking meals, and a great way to tie the whole look of your kitchen together.

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring

Traditional farmhouse style kitchens in rural homes had wood flooring, and hardwood flooring continues to be a popular option for the modern farmhouse kitchen. Choose a dark stain to provide a nice contrast to a neutral color pallet or go with a distressed finish for an even more classic and rustic look. Laminate flooring is also a good option for the budget-conscious homeowner. Laminate comes in a wide range of styles, many of which closely mimic the look of wood and will look great with farmhouse kitchen decor.

When you're in a farmhouse style kitchen, you truly feel at home. Let that be your guiding principle for all aspects of your farmhouse kitchen decorating and design, and you'll have no trouble creating your dream kitchen.
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