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Handheld Blenders

You might not consider a handheld blender, also known as an immersion blender or stick blender, as a replacement for a traditional countertop blender or food processor. However, today’s models have tons of power that can tackle the same blending tasks. What’s more, they’re small enough to fit in a drawer or kitchen cabinet.

Handheld Blender Features

● Power. Handheld blenders generally come with power outputs of 150 to 500 watts. The amount of power you need depends on what food or liquid you want to blend. A motor with an output of 200 to 250 watts is plenty if you’re going to use it for whipped cream or making hummus. For more heavy-duty tasks like crushing ice or blending thick soups, choose one with a higher wattage.
● Power Source. Cordless immersion blenders are convenient in a busy kitchen. Just keep in mind that batteries can drain relatively quickly, so they might not work for tougher blending tasks. Most small hand blenders can also overheat when used for longer than one minute at a time, so they’re best for small jobs.
● Comfort. While these handheld blenders are best used in short bursts, that’s still enough time for a heavy handheld blender to cause fatigue. The most comfortable models weigh three pounds or less and feature an ergonomic grip.
● Ease of Cleaning. Look for a hand blender with a detachable blending wand that is dishwasher safe. This makes it easy to clean without getting water inside the motor.
● Versatility. Some personal blender models include add-on attachments. Try a small food processor to quickly chop foods like nuts or herbs.

Handheld Blender Uses

Use a two-speed immersion blender to puree soups right in the pot or to make hummus or fruit smoothies. You can even quickly make your own mayonnaise with an emulsion blender. You might find that it tastes far better than store-bought varieties. Like mayonnaise, homemade whipped cream tastes richer and creamier than canned. Using a hand blender, you can whip up a batch in 30 seconds or less.

Whether you’re short on space or time, a handheld blender can help with many of your food prep tasks. Choose a stainless steel or white blender and match it to your other kitchen tools.

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