Bella Electric Kettles

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Bella Electric Kettle

With a Bella electric kettle, you can boil water faster and with less fuss than in a microwave or on the stove. Simply place the filled kettle on the corded base and turn it on, and you have a full pot of boiling water in minutes. Use it for your morning cup of coffee or tea, or for making piping hot soup. 

Choosing a Bella Electric Hot Water Kettle 

Bella electric kettles are safe and easy to use. Since their heating elements are made of aluminum, copper or stainless steel, they heat water fast—about twice as fast as stovetop kettles. They feature silicon or safe plastic grips that keep the handle cool to the touch. Here’s what to consider when you choose one for your kitchen: 

Style. A Bella electric kettle can be a nice addition to your kitchen decor. Choose a glass or white electric kettle for a simpler look. Some Bella ceramic electric kettles feature patterns that look like those in an old-fashioned tea set. They can add a touch of sophistication to your tea time. 
 Size. Whether you have a house full of hot beverage lovers or just one or two, there’s a tea kettle to suit your needs. The Bella electric kettle comes in both 5 and 7-plus cup sizes. Heat just the right amount of water for your tea, instant coffee or oatmeal. 
Caring for a Bella Electric Water Kettle 

Bella electric water kettles have convenient auto shut-off and boil-dry protection features in case you forget to turn them off, so you can leave the house feeling secure. Most Bella kettles come with removable lids, so they’re easy to clean by hand. Clean your electric kettle every few months with water and distilled white vinegar to remove any build-up.