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Noise, door size, and maintenance are important factors  to consider when choosing an opener. 

If you want to know more about openers and the top features to look for, check out our Garage Openers Buying Guide.

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Belt Drive

Quick, quiet operation. Low maintenance. Great for garages near bedrooms.

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Screw Drive

Quick, powerful operation. Minimal maintenance. Best choice for heavy or over-sized doors.

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Chain Drive

Budget-friendly. Reliable. 
Perfect for standard, aluminum garage doors.

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Easy-Install and Custom Garage Doors

Design, Visualize, and Price Your Garage Door

Customize virtually every detail. Get a door uniquely for your home.

Ready to Ship Garage Doors

Shop garage doors in popular sizes & colors.

1. Choose door design to match the style of your home
2. Upload a photo of your home and see the transformation

3. Customize with windows, color, decorative hardware, insulation and garage opener

4. Get your door delivered and professionally installed



Garage Door and Opener Services


Garage Door and Opener Installation 

Premium garage opener install starting at $127


Make the Smart Investment on a New Garage Door & Opener

Think about it – the garage is often one of the most prominent exterior features on most homes, and, a beautiful garage door not only enhances your home’s curb appeal, it’s also a home improvement update that delivers one of the highest returns on investment.
If you need a new or replacement garage door, we’ve got just the right one that will look great and add value to your home. You can choose from our ready-to-ship doors online, available in popular sizes and colors, or design your own custom garage door that will truly accentuate the style of your home.

And, our experienced, licensed and insured installers are ready to do all the heavy lifting to help you with garage door opener installation, garage door opener repair, as well as new garage door installation or garage door repair.


The Replacement Safety Sensors project an invisible light The Replacement Safety Sensors project an invisible light beam across the inside of the garage door to prevent accidents and are required for safe use of all Chamberlain Garage Door Openers. Whenever there is an obstruction the garage door will automatically reverse before causing any damage. Chamberlain compatible these sensors ...  More + Product Details Close
This efficiently sized 2-button transmitter works with the This efficiently sized 2-button transmitter works with the Direct Drive 3/4 HP garage door opener. It is ideal for storage in a pocket or purse or even attached to a keychain. Can also be clipped to the visor in your car operates up to 2 individual garage door openers and ...  More + Product Details Close