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Home Security Systems

Take the safety of your apartment, condo or house to the next level with a home security system. Before making a decision on which device is best for your needs, consider all of the components of a security system and whether your home needs a wired or wireless system.

Components of Home Security Systems

What’s included in a home security system varies from product to product. The standard components that usually make up a home monitoring system include the following:

Control Panel: Control panels are the brains behind security systems for the home. A control panel communicates with each component of your system by receiving signals. Install this integral unit somewhere easily accessible, but out of sight for potential intruders to see.

Sensors: These magnetic devices are usually attached along door jambs and window frames. They send a signal to the control panel when a door or window opens.

Motion Detectors: These security components identify a threat by detecting motion and body heat released by people and/or animals. Once movement is detected, an alarm, camera or light will be triggered. Motion detectors are usually placed inside a home near doorways, stairways or high-traffic areas where people have to travel through. They can also be set up outside near patios, front doors and garages.

Keypad: Keypads make it easy to arm or disarm alarm systems. Some residential security systems offer a keychain remote for even more convenience.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems

There are two main types of home security systems – wired and wireless.

Wired: Wired security systems are hardwired into your home’s electrical system by small, low-voltage wires that travel inside your walls from a control panel to a component. Wired security systems are an ideal choice to include if your house is under construction because the walls will already be open, making for easy instillation. Adding a wired security system to an existing home can be more difficult, but they are extremely reliable and consistent.

Wireless: Wireless security systems are perfect for existing homes because they’re easy to install and can be relocated if necessary. These systems are a little less reliable than their wired counterparts because sensors and detectors use radio transmitters to signal a control panel. If you desire more control, consider Wi-Fi security systems. These wireless systems allow you to monitor and control your home security from your smartphone.

Give yourself and your family the peace of mind they desire and deserve with a home security system. For information about other security components including monitoring services and pool alarms, check out our Home Security Systems buying guide.

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