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Make sure your AC unit has enough cooling capacity (BTUs). Larger rooms need more BTUs.

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Window AC Unit

A window air conditioning unit can help you quickly reclaim your cool on the hottest summer days. Decide which one is right for you, and then pop it into your window frame for instant relief from the heat. 
Select Your Size 

Make sure you choose a unit sized to fit your space. Even the most affordable AC options have easy-mount kits and multiple fan speeds. If you need to cool a large space, choose a high-end cooling system made to chill and dehumidify rooms that are more than 1,500 square feet. For ultimate flexibility, consider a portable AC unit that moves around with ease through the rooms you use the most. 
Complete Your Comfort Zone 

A remote control lets you stay cool with barely the lift of a finger, while a programmable timer helps you plan for peak hours before you leave the house. Smart window AC units that connect to Wi-Fi put you in control of your temperature remotely, and can even tell you when to change the filter. 
If live in an area that gets cold, a window air conditioner with heat is a wise choice for year-round comfort. Energy-saving modes and auto restart, in case of a power outage, are helpful perks, too. Check out our helpful buying guide to decide what’s best for you. Once you’re all set up, this video will help you learn how to maximize your cool air with a unique tip.

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