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Tips for Choosing Ductless A/C

Traditional central air conditioning is not always the best fit for every home. If you have an older home, installing whole house air conditioning may not be possible due to lack of space for ductwork. Fortunately, there’s a popular, flexible solution: ductless heating and cooling. 

What Is Ductless A/C? 

Ductless A/C units don’t need full-sized air ducts to work. A conventional central A/C system generates cold air at a single point and distributes it via large ducts throughout the home. A ductless air conditioner, on the other hand, uses an individual fan and evaporator unit for each room. 

Also called a mini split A/C, these units are quieter, more efficient and more adaptable than traditional systems. Ductless A/C installation is also easier and cheaper. To find out how you can further increase your air conditioner efficiency, follow these energy-saving tips. 

Explore Ductless Air Conditioners 

If you need heating as well as cooling, you can install a ductless A/C with heater. A heat pump is a great way to supplement heat in home additions or areas that are difficult to warm, such as rooms over garages, porches or basements. There are also mini split units with timers if you want it to turn on and off at specific times. Reference our handy air conditioner buying guide when it’s time to consider your air conditioning options.

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