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Tower Fans

Keep cool during the hottest days of the year with a tower fan. Styles include tower fans with a remote to seamlessly adjust speeds, or tower fans with an ionizer to help purify your indoor air.

Tower Fan Features

Tower fans are an efficient cooling solution thanks to the following features:

• Size: Known for their slim, compact design, tower fans deliver consistent airflow without taking up as much space as a floor fan. They can be placed in corners or narrow areas in your home. Several models – especially bladeless tower fans – boast a sleek, modern look that blends well with most décor.

• Noise: Most cooling tower fans are quiet because they use small blades that produce a quiet hum as compared to traditional cooling tower fans with larger blades. Quiet tower fans are perfect for employees who work in open-plan offices or for those who enjoy calming white noise while sleeping. Many manufacturers provide the fan’s decibel level, so check that rating if you’re concerned about noise.

• Oscillation: If you have a large living room, consider an oscillating tower fan, which distributes airflow over a wider area so everyone in the room can feel a refreshing breeze. The standard oscillation for most fans is 90 degrees, but there are many that rotate 180 degrees and even a full 360 degrees. For the most effective room placement, position your 90-degree fan in a corner. A fan that rotates 180-degrees works best along the center of a wall.

• Safety: Bladeless tower fans are the most trustworthy options if you have children and pets. Their blades are tucked under a grill, making them extremely inaccessible for even the tiniest of fingers or paws.

Tower fans are an ideal way to add a continuous stream of air to any room in your home or office, even if it has an air conditioning unit. That constant airflow will improve circulation, allowing you to feel cooler even while the temperatures climb.

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