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Keep cool inside and out this summer with the right fan. Learn more about the wide selection of fan types and features available to ensure you make the best choice for your home.

Types of Fans

Wherever you decide to put your fan, one of these styles can satisfy your cooling needs:

Window Fans: These fans are excellent for circulating fresh air into your bedroom or expelling smoke and other odors from your kitchen during meal preparation. For ultimate convenience, choose a reversible window fan, which allows you to switch from intake to exhaust – and vice versa – with the turn of a dial.

• Pedestal Fans: Cool down your patio or living area with a high-powered pedestal fan. You can easily change the height – and sometimes the angle – of your fan with just a simple turn. Many models offer 90-degree oscillation, so you can circulate fresh air throughout an entire room.

• Tower Fans: These portable fans boast a slim, sleek profile that looks great in any kitchen, bedroom or living room. Tower fans offer eco-friendly features including air ionizers and programmable timers. Blades are tucked away under the grill for your safety.

Box Fans: These utilitarian fans feature an open-back design ideal for pulling air from one area to another, making them a great window fan as well. Since their blades are larger than other portable fans, box fans are ideal for circulating air in large spaces, including living rooms and garages.

Wall-Mounted Fans: Whether you’re working in the garage or relaxing by the pool, these fans can bring instant relief from the heat.

Misting Fans: Add a luxurious touch to your patio or poolside space for the ultimate comfort on hot, hazy days.

Personal Fans: Several models can be powered by USB, so you can always stay cool in front of your computer.

Oscillating Fans: These fans come in sizes ranging from USB clip fans to tower fans. They provide powerful air circulation with features including misting, multiple speeds and a remote control. Some are bladeless, making them quieter and more energy-efficient than standard oscillating fans.

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