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Choosing a Charcoal Grill

If you're wondering how to decide between gas, charcoal or electric grills, consider the pros and cons of each type of grill. 

Why Choose Charcoal? 

While gas and electric grills have their advantages, a charcoal grill is the only one that will deliver a classic flame-broiled flavor. It's budget-friendly and packs in that classic smoky flavor. Grilling with charcoal does take a bit more effort, but avid grillers say it’s worth the time to add that deep, smoky essence to hamburgers, steaks and kabobs. For more intense flavor, you can try a grill with smoker box attached. Depending on the type of briquettes you choose, you may be able to bring your grill up to a red-hot 700 degrees Fahrenheit, for the ultimate sear. 

Mastering the Char Grill 

One of the challenges of cooking with charcoal is lighting the grill. Unlike gas and electric grills, which typically just need the flip of a switch to ignite, you'll need to take the time to properly light your charcoal and bring it to the right temperature for whatever you're cooking. Different recipes require different temperatures. For instance, you may cook brisket low and slow, while a steak will benefit from a quick sear. Check out this video for more tips on how to use a charcoal grill. 

Get the Grill That Fits 

Grilling technology has come a long way since the original Weber grill was first introduced. Now you can find modern stainless steel models on shelves right next to small portable grills perfect for tailgating. Large grills as well as barrel grills and smokers are just right when cooking for crowds.

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