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Kamado Grills

If you’re looking for a truly versatile charcoal cooking experience, kamado grills are a great option. Based on ancient Chinese and Indian earthenware cooking ovens, these egg-shaped grills replicate wood oven cooking. Their unique design retains heat and smoke to penetrate food. 

A Do-It-All Cooker

One of the main features of kamado style grills is their ability to maintain a consistent low temperature. They also run as hot as 700 degrees when needed. This wide range means you can grill, smoke and sear. You can even use your kamado charcoal grill as an oven to cook pizza, bread or cookies.
Kamado cooking is all about getting the charcoal hot and managing the airflow. Look for a model that has adjustable air dampers so you can set and maintain specific temperatures.
Design Options 

The most noticeable feature of a kamado grill is the sealed dome construction. This provides radiant heat and an even distribution of smoked flavor. Vision Grills™ makes a number of models from thick ceramic to generate convection heat for consistent cooking. The Char-Griller® Akorn® kamado grill features an insulated steel body that requires less heat and less air flow, resulting in juicier meat. 
Pick a smaller grill if you don’t have much outdoor space or if you want a unit that can be moved easily. Consider choosing a red kamado grill to make a fun yet delicious design statement.

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