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Smart Locks

Between smart phones, smart cars and smart appliances, most aspects of our lives have been touched by technology. We’re even enjoying more security at home with the development of smart locks. Browse our selection to find the right one for your home. 
Advantages of Smart Locks 

These high-tech devices do a lot more than keep your home safe. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider upgrading to a smart front door lock. 

• Keyless Entry: Most of us carry our phones with us everywhere. Bluetooth door locks mean you won't need to carry a key. Many can detect your phone, or even a fingerprint.
• Remote Entry: Controlling your wireless lock from your phone means you can lock and unlock your door even if you aren’t at home. If you can’t get home in time to meet a repairman or neighbor, you can unlock the door remotely to let them in.
• Temporary Key Assignment: Having a front door handle with a keypad means you can assign visitors, house-sitters or neighbors a temporary or permanent entry code specifically for their use. And since they don’t use a physical key, a smart code lock can be changed or revoked at any time.
• Mobile Real-time Monitoring: Unlike traditional locks, a Bluetooth lock can immediately transmit entry information to your mobile device. Expecting your dog-walker? Need to know what time the kids came home from school? Log into your phone and see exactly when and who unlocked your door. 
When you’re ready to upgrade your home’s old locks, you’ll find that most smart door locks easily replace standard locksets and don’t require any special tools or skills. For more information, check out how to install a smart lock in your home.

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