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Organizing your dirty clothes helps take the chore of laundry day. Having the right assortment of hampers and laundry baskets to meet your needs will help you stay organized and avoid piles of dirty laundry scattered on the floor. 
Laundry Baskets vs. Hampers 

Laundry hampers and baskets are designed for different purposes. Hampers are generally taller and sturdier, and sometimes have a lid, making them ideal for storing dirty clothes between washes. Baskets are designed for transporting clothes. 

Hampers for a Cleaner Home 

The more laundry hampers you place around your house, the easier it is to stop dirty laundry from hitting the floor. Give each family member their own laundry hamper, choosing designs to suit their space. Add one with a lid to the bathroom and mudroom so there’s no excuse for dirty clothes to be in view. You can even purchase a double or collapsible hamper if you’re looking to conserve space. 

Buying Baskets 

While hampers keep your laundry out of sight, baskets help you get it to and from the washer and dryer. Assign plastic laundry baskets by color to each family member, or add labels to wicker laundry baskets. This makes it easy to sort and fold laundry into individual family members’ baskets so they can grab them to put away fresh, clean clothes. 

Tips for a Smooth Laundry Routine 
• Create a schedule for doing laundry. Don’t wait until it’s impossible to catch up.
• Use a divided laundry basket on wheels to sort loads by color.
• Enlist family members to use their laundry basket to collect items from their clothes hamper. They can use the basket to fold and return the clean clothing to their room. 

Pretty containers, like these bamboo laundry baskets, can be the motivation for a laundry overhaul. For more laundry room makeover tips, visit our helpful project guide.

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