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Flatbed Messenger

The Home Depot + Loadsmart

The Home Depot + Loadsmart

Send Spot & Contract Freight at Flatbed Messenger™ Speeds for Less

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Scale + Technology, The Home Depot + Loadsmart, and Flatbed Messenger – Automated Load Board

Scale + Technology

Shippers now have access to the premium destination for flatbed transportation with a new marketplace powered by The Home Depot and Loadsmart. Through Loadsmart’s powerful load-to-truck technology, shippers tap into the excess capacities and empty miles of asset-based carriers and dedicated carriers like The Home Depot, matching shipment to flatbed—on demand—at a fraction of the market rate. Contracted capacity available for recurring shipment needs.

The Flatbed Messenger™ platform creates efficiency and savings for everyone in the Loadsmart marketplace. Participating carriers can now fill empty flatbeds with product, greatly reducing fuel costs and generating revenue from otherwise empty miles.

Shippers Access • Access to capacity at lower rates • Instantly bookable spot rates • Hassle-free, flexible coverage matched to your network • Guaranteed service from a dedicated account manager

Carriers Access • New revenue stream • Reduced empty miles • Reduced costs with dispatching process • Full TMS integration with auto dispatch

The Home Depot + Loadsmart

Loadsmart provides the technology infrastructure that powers the Flatbed Messenger™ suite of services from booking to dispatch and invoice. The Home Depot’s dedicated flatbed fleet anchors the system, ensuring reliable capacity is always available. Together, our scale plus their technology matches loads with empty miles, generating value for shippers and carriers. This combination of critical services increases predictability and is available to you at a competitive cost otherwise not present in flatbed transportation. Get started. Sign up as a shipper or carrier on Loadsmart.com today.

Flatbed Messenger – Automated Load Board

Flatbed Messenger Improve your bottom line with The Home Depot and Flatbed Messenger. Our load board powered by Loadsmart offers a solution to make flatbed capacity available to shippers. Using load board technology powered by Loadsmart, drivers can cover uncovered miles. With this robust system, trucks that are partially loaded can match loads to pick up to maximize time and profit more efficiently.

How it Works To get started, you can sign up for the load board as a loader or a shipper. When a delivery request gets posted, a driver who is looking for a shipment can bid on that job. When there is a match, that driver wins the job. By using the truck load board through Loadsmart, shippers can find the right truck load at the right price. This brings more efficiency to the process by moving product at a more competitive price.

Home Depot + Loadsmart This premium shipping marketplace is powered by scale of The Home Depot and the technology of Loadsmart which creates efficiency and savings through automated load boards so you can get the right truck load at the right price. This platform is one of the largest and most robust truck boards to maximize your bottom line.

Smarter Shipping Done Right Using our free trucking load board through Loadsmart, you have insight into the best loads and shippers to work with. Using The Home Depot and Loadsmart as your load broker, you have insight into the best loads and shippers to work with to ensure that your truck load gets where it needs to go, but also looks for additional loads to pick up along the way. With greater flexibility through power only loads, you can save time and money while improving insight into the logistics of the load. With greater flexibility, shippers save time on the job with more efficient truck loads.