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Tornado Preparation & Recovery Information

Tornadoes can be extremely destructive, so at The Home Depot, we take tornado safety seriously. These violent storms often come with little warning, so it's important to be prepared with a tornado kit. Also, it's a good idea to review tornado safety tips in the interest of tornado preparedness. After a storm hits, The Home Depot has products and services available to assist with tornado recovery and tornado cleanup. Tornadoes can cause serious consequences, so it can be helpful to have a disaster kit prepared, and The Home Depot has items that can assist you in putting one together. 

When it's tornado season take every step possible to ensure your family's safety by having tornado supplies on hand. It can be difficult to predict what kind of damage will occur from a storm, but tornado preparation can help you more effectively deal with the consequences from this hazard. With heavy, fast-moving winds, tornadoes can cause destruction in areas that extend for many miles. And the risk of tornadoes affects virtually every region of the country. 

While it's possible to see some tornadoes, others can be hidden by clouds or rain. There are times when tornadoes develop quickly, allowing residents of the area almost no time to receive a warning. But The Home Depot's supplies and services can help you with tornado preparedness and tornado recovery. Tornadoes can inflict structural, gas-leak and electrical problems on buildings, so it's important to conduct inspections after the danger has passed. The Home Depot's array of products and services can help you rebuild.