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Import Export Services FAQ

Import Export Services FAQs

How do I place an order?
You can place an order through the International Sales Department by e-mail or telephone. Our contact information is:

The Home Depot International Sales Department
Telephone: 1-888-843-7055

E-mail: exports@homedepot.com

Can I go directly to my local store and place an export order?
Yes, you may go directly to the PRO / Commercial Sales desk or Special Services desk in the store and make the order. The store may contact the International Sales department for assistance.

Is there an minimum for an export order?
No, there is no minimum purchase for an export order in our stores or the International Sales department.

Can I order The Home Depot merchandise from any country?
Can you ship to any country? You may order merchandise using the above mentioned ways from almost any country. We can process and deliver merchandise to any licensed freight forwarder who will in turn ship the merchandise to you in your country. Your country cannot be restricted by the U.S. Government / U.S. Customs and the U.S. Department of Commerce to do business with the United States. Some U.S. Government exceptions apply.

How will my order be shipped?
International orders are delivered to your specified freight forwarding entity. Sales are made on "EX-WORKS" (Customs incoterm) term. We will deliver the merchandise to your specified freight forwarder in the general area of the store where you purchase the merchandise for a delivery fee. Outside of the general area higher delivery fees may apply. All other expense related to your order including, but not limited to ocean freight, forwarding fees, insurance, documentation, customs, duties and any additional delivery fees (if applicable) are the customer's entire responsibility. It is the freight forwarding entity's responsibility to bring this product to you in the condition they receive it.

If my order needs to leave from a freight forwarder other than South Florida, where do I place my order?
You will need to place your order in your local store close to your port of departure. The International Sales Department can help you locate that store and provide you this information. We can help you select a store. Contact us for more information (1-888-843-7055).

How do I pay for my order?
You can pay for an order by cash at the store, credit card, or wire transfers. All orders are to be prepaid before delivery and all transactions are done in U.S. dollars.

Is online shopping available?
The Home Depot is taking a unique approach to selling on the internet - our goal is to recreate your local store online. Currently homeDepot.com is not accepting international credit. If you have products questions or specific needs as an international customer or as someone who wants to export our products, give us a call at 1-888-843-7055.

How can I request a catalogue?
We now have our products on the internet. You may log on to www.homedepot.com, contractorservices.homedepot.com or www.yourotherwarehouse.com to identify products and alternatives. Once you have found what you are looking for, contact us for a quote. If you do not find the products you are looking for contact us and we will help your search for the right product.

May I place an order without a catalog?
Yes. Just send us a description of the items you are looking for, the quantities and we will research your request and respond with a price quotation.

I cannot find an item on the website or in a catalog. May I still order it?
Yes. We have special order items that can be ordered from many manufacturers. There might be alternate products can offer you if your product is no longer available. Give us a description of what you are looking for and we will find your specified product or an alternate one within the same functionality and similar price.

What are the costs of shipping an order to my country?
The Home Depot charges a small delivery fee for your order. The freight, insurance, documentation and other costs are given to you by your freight forwarder.

I am a general contractor doing construction overseas. Can I use The Home Depot International Sales department to source out products for my company?
Yes, our International Sales department in conjunction with our Pro department at the stores will work with contractors for volume sales. Contact our sales team at 1-888-843-7055 or e-mail us at exports@homedepot.com.

Is it a complex process to buy from The Home Depot for export?
It is a very simple process once you get to know it. We will guide you through it. There is one document you must sign (IOR - International Order Request) requesting the export services. In this document, you, the customer, give us instructions in terms of who is buying, where the merchandise is going to and through which freight forwarding company. Once we have this document signed, the process starts. Call our International Sales department for questions. We will gladly help you. Our number is 1-888-843-7055.