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Our Mission is Simple. We create the best interconnected experience for your brand and the customers we both serve by offering advertising solutions that fit your budget and support needs.
The Benefits of Retail Media. The Home Depot can help you elevate your brand, lift your sales  and set it apart from your competitors.
Reach. Advertising with The Home Depot means reaching our 45 million customer households online and in our 2200 stores. Our website attracts 2.2 billion visits each year. Retail Media+ allows you to connect your brand to our customers.
Support. Enjoy 24/7 access to The Home Depot’s advertising portals with our self-service capabilities. Leverage  real-time, brand-specific reporting to drive campaign optimization decisions that will update immediately.  Our team is always available for support when questions arise. Live Chat is available  Mon-Fri, 9a-5pm EST
Results. The numbers speak for themselves: The Home Depot saw 1.6 billion customer transactions plus 20% digital growth in 2019. On average, our partners see greater than  2x return on their ad spend.
Advertising Solutions. Regardless of your budget, we have a solution to meet your marketing needs. Choose one of our advertising offerings or mix and match to find what is right for your company and your specific products.
Offsite Media Overview.Reach customers who have visited your product pages on homedepot.com through retargeted ads on social media and other off-site channels
Onsite Marketing Ad Units. Reach customers through ads on The Home Depot owned channels, including placements in-grid and in carousel for sponsored products, top of page banners and customized email sends
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Email Advertising  Expand your reach with targeted audiences and opportunities for customization
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