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blankReach customers who have visited your product pages on homedepot.com through retargeted ads on social media and other off-site channels.

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blankReach customers through ads on The Home Depot owned channels, including placements in-grid and in carousel for sponsored products, top of page banners and customized email sends.

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blankExpand your reach with targeted audiences and opportunities for customization.

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About Orange Apron Media

The Home Depot Retail Media network offers businesses like yours the opportunity to connect with consumers like never before. Regardless of your budget, we have a solution to meet your marketing needs. Choose one of our advertising offerings or mix and match to find what is right for your company and your specific products. The Home Depot advertising department leverages a myriad of online and offline channels to spread awareness of your brand and promote your products. From email advertising to social media branded marketing, these solutions are designed to propel your business and help increase sales. The Home Depot's advertising center tracks customer interest via our website, enabling us to promote your brand through retargeted ads and other off-site channels to keep your products top of mind. Retail advertising is key to setting yourself apart from competitors in an ever-changing market.


Reach more customers using our ad center with The Home Depot Retail Media, which provides visibility for 198 million individual customers. Our advertising efforts aided in massive digital growth over the past few years, which benefits partners like you. Orange Apron Media offers both self-service and custom capabilities to suit your advertising needs.

Creating an omni-channel experience for customers to interact with your brand is the mission of Orange Apron Media. You can grow your business by harnessing the power of The Home Depot advertising across multiple channels that are proven to engage potential customers. A few examples of successful branded marketing tactics include email, onsite and offsite advertising. Looking to maximize your campaigns? You can do it all.


Retail Media provides dozens of options to suit your business and expand your reach. The Home Depot Content Lab is another resource that can maximize your advertising dollars through dynamic content such as The Home Depot images, demo videos and 3D modeling. Through The Home Depot Content Lab, take advantage of The Home Depot augmented reality capability to enhance your products and bring your brand to life. All of this and more is included in The Home Depot Retail Media network to transform your company's online presence.


What's more, our ad center provides a cost-effective way to manage your promotional budget. Through a variety of marketing packages and tiers, we help vendor partners like you achieve campaign goals within your budget guardrails. The Home Depot images feature high-resolution photography to deliver a quality experience for customers, so they can feel like your products are right there. The Home Depot augmented reality service also gives products an exciting, tangible appearance using digital channels. Ongoing research and development in The Home Depot Retail Media department continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of a customized advertising center. Simply put, we let the numbers speak for themselves. Why wait? Get started today by leveraging The Home Depot Retail Media network.