Buying Guide

Best Push Mowers For Your Yard

Things to Consider
Man adjusts handles on push power.
  • You should match your lawn mower to the size of your yard. Push mowers are ideal for a yard that's less than a half acre. The cut width a push mower offers will determine how wide a swath of grass you can mow in a single pass. 
  • When searching for the best push mower, always shop in person so you can test the handle level and comfortability.
  • Pay attention to voltage for cordless mowers, and amps on a corded mower. The higher the number, the more powerful the mower. 
  • Consider your budget. While push mowers are the most budget-friendly mowing choice, look around for the one that meets your needs and budget. 
Electric Mowers
Person is pushing a mower in a yard.
  • Cordless often include features like rear-wheel drive, a push button or a switch to start. Cordless mowers with dual battery systems will extend the cutting time available to you. Charge times and voltage options vary.    
  • Corded mowers do not require recharging, so they run longer than cordless. Keep in mind the power cord will limit your mowing range and capabilities. 
  • Electric mowers have easy start-ups, quieter operation and no emissions.
  • Recommended for flat, small-to-medium size yards, at or under 1/3 acre.
  • Electric mowers typically have a narrower cutting swath.
  • Choose from models that bag, mulch or discharge clippings.


Gas Mowers
Person is pushing a gas mower.
  • Gas mowers deliver more power, a wider cutting swath and their tanks can last through an entire yard mow.
  • The majority use a pull-start but some higher-end models will feature an electric starter. 
  • Ideal for small to large yards, at or under 1/2 an acre, flat or uneven. 
  • Requires periodic maintenance. 
  • Can be push or self-propelled. 
  • Features include 3-in-1 mowers mulch, discharge and bag clippings.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation and use the right fuel for your gas mower.
Reel Mowers
A woman using a reel mower.
  • Environmentally friendly because they don't require cords, batteries or gas to run. Reel mowers provide a clean cut but require more effort from the operator. 
  • Quiet operation. 
  • Economical.
  • Limited features.
  • No pollutants. 
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Ideal for small, flat yards of less than 1/4 acre. 

Self-Propelled Mowers
A man is mowing a sloped lawn with a push mower.
  • Self-propelled mowers eliminate tedious pull starts by choosing a model with an electric starter.
  • Some mowers offer variable speeds that come in handy when working near trees and garden beds.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Requires less effort. 
  • Handles slopes and hills.
  • Best for large yards, more than 1/2 acres and hilly or sloped. 
  • Rear-wheel, all-wheel or front-wheel drive options, depending on your yard terrain.
  • Makes mowing more convenient.
  • Automatically moves forward from 1 to 3.5 MPH. 
Engines and Grass Disposal Options
A house with a large, healthy front lawn.

The size of your lawn should determine what size engine your mower will need to have. The bigger and more terrain in your lawn, the more powerful the engine for best results.

  • If you have a small, flat lawn, look for a mower with a standard engine, which features a flat head and side valve with enough power to get the job done.
  • Engine displacement refers to the cylinder size of your gas engine. A higher measurement means your mower can handle a heavier workload. 
  • Engine torque measures how much force the mower blades use to spin. The higher the torque, the better for thick, tall grass.
  • Engines with overhead cams (OHC) are more powerful and tend to run smoother and more quietly.
  • For larger lawns or lawns with uneven or hilly terrain, look for a model with an engine that features overhead valves (OHV). OHV engines are often the most powerful, easy to start and run more efficiently over the long haul.
  • For convenience, look for a mower with a blade brake clutch. This stops the blade from spinning but allows the engine to keep running, so you can empty the grass collection bag and leave the motor running.
  • Some models offer side discharges where clippings shoot out as you go.
  • Others automatically bag grass clippings from the rear or side of the mower.
  • A mulching mower will chop the clippings into fine pieces creating instant fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Consider the size of your lawn and mower to determine if you need push mower accessories like a grass catcher. 

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