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Best Work Light for You

Types of Work Lights

There are four main types of work lights: lamps, shop lights, clamp lights and flashlights.

Lamps can be floor-standing or table models. Some feature an adjustable base in a tri-pod design. Others are cordless, have rechargeable batteries or a moveable head so you can pinpoint where you want the light to shine.

Shop lights, also called trouble lights, are inexpensive battery powered or plug-in lights. They are easily portable and offer hands-free illumination.

Clamp lights clamp to table tops, workbenches and columns and provide stable light wherever you need it.

Flashlights and head lamps can provide light in tight situations, such as behind a wall where you can’t easily place another type of light.

Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are increasingly popular because they are energy-efficient and cool to the touch.

LED lights are solid-state semiconductors that emit light when a current passes through them. They offer money and energy savings over traditional bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs usually come with a protective cage and are generally the least expensive work light option, but they use more electricity than LEDs.

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs offer bright light that is cool to the touch. They give a greenish hue, which can affect the way some colors are viewed.

Halogen bulbs are the brightest available, but the heat they generate can be a fire hazard. 

LEDs can last up to five times longer than CFL bulbs and can last up to about 17 years before they need changing. They have no filament or moving parts and generate almost no heat or UV rays.