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Composite Toe vs. Steel Toe Boots

Composite Toe Boots
A pair of composite toe boots.

Composite toe boots are made from strong non-metal materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic or fiberglass. Because they have no metal, composite toe boots are great for work sites that employ metal detectors. They also offer better resistance, making them a popular choice for electricians and engineers.

Composite toe boots are lightweight - about 30 percent lighter than steel toe boots - and often include comfort technology built into the design, making them easier to wear for long work days. They can also be slightly more comfortable in outdoor weather since they will be less affected by ambient temperature than steel toe boots might.

While they are up to safety standards, composite toe boots are not able to withstand the same level of impact as a steel toe boot.

Steel Toe Boots
A pair of steel toe boots.

Steel toe boots offer more protection than composite toe boots since they can handle a higher impact mass. They also have the advantage of being a slightly less expensive option. However, steel toe boots are heavier and usually do not breathe as well as composite toe, so they can be less comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Some people are reluctant to use steel toe boots because of a persistent myth across many industries that receiving an impact on steel toe boots can damage the wearer's toes. This has been repeatedly proven false.  

Professional Requirements
A construction worker using a hammer drill while wearing safety toe bits.

In some industries, safety toe boots are a requirement of employment and often the job will specify exactly what type you must wear. Most safety toe boots are rated for impact and compression by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Before purchasing a new pair of boots, you may want to check the rating of the product and also find out what level of protection is typical for your industry.

If you opt out of wearing safety boots on the job when they are required, your insurance coverage and workers compensation claims can be affected if you are ever injured.

Once you have explored the range of options, you can shop our selection of work boots suitable for every industry.

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