Buying Guide

R-value U.S. Map
A map of 7 zones used to determine R-values in insulation, with 1 at the tip of Florida and 7 in the furthest north.

The map and chart show each region of the U.S., the subsequent zones and corresponding R-values. 

R-value Insulation Chart
A chart of R-values broken up by zone and placement in the home

Find your zone on the map and then use the chart to determine the level of insulation you need to properly insulate your attic, walls, floors and crawlspaces.

Achieving Greater R-Values in Attics
Combined R-values for extra attic insulation.

The higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation. You can achieve better thermal performance in your attic by adding an additional layer of insulation. 

Achieving Greater R-Values in Exterior Walls
Combined R-values for extra exterior wall insulation.

In exterior walls, add insulating sheathing to achieve a greater R-value in your wall system.

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