Project Guide

How to Insulate Garage Doors

Choosing the Right Insulation
A garage door insulation kit in the box.
  • Choose which insulation you'll use for this project by considering what type of garage door you have. 
  • Wooden garage doors need rigid insulation like foam board, while metal garage doors can work with any type of insulation. 
Mark the Door And Place the Anchors
The inside of a garage door with measured markings on it.

Make two marks on each door panel, 12 inches in from each side and vertically centered.

Apply Double-Sided Tape
A piece of double-sided tape on top of an "x" marking on the inside of a garage door.

Firmly press the double-sided adhesive tape onto your pre-marked spots on the door panels.

Attach Retainer Clips to Adhesive Tape
A retainer clip stuck on top of double-sided tape.

Remove the front side peel of the adhesive tape and firmly press a retainer clip into each piece of tape.

Measure Door Panels
A man measuring door panels with a tape measure.

Measure each door panel.   

Tip: Note each individual panel's measurements as they may not be the same size.

Cut Insulation to Size
A man wearing protective gloves cuts insulation with a utility knife.

Cut a piece of insulation for each panel, cutting 1 to 2 inches longer than your measurements. Peel off the excess insulation.   

Tip: Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself when working with fiberglass insulation.

Tuck Insulation Into Panels
A man tucking insulation onto a garage door panel.

Per your previous measurements, tuck each insulation piece into its correct door panel with the vinyl side facing out.

Fasten Retention Clips
Someone attaching the front of a retention clip onto the back through insulation, holding it in place.
  • Push insulation flat against door and feel for retention clips.  
  • Slice ½-inch slits through the insulation above the retention clips and attach the front of the retention clips to the back pieces to secure the insulation panels.

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