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Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Buying Guide

The Difference Between Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount
side by side comparison photo of flush and semi-flush mount lighting fixtures
  • Flush mount lighting sits fully flush with the ceiling, leaving no gaps or opening between the fixture. These lights usually feature more minimal designs and were created to seamlessly complement your existing decor.
  • Semi-flush mount lighting looks similar to flush mount varieties, but there is a slight opening between the fixture and the ceiling after installation. These lights are often more elaborately designed to make a statement in your favorite spaces.
Light Styles and Finishes
a bathroom featuring flush-mount vanity lighting

Flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting both come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your home. Select different finishes according to your decor.


  • Chrome – a sleek, silver finish that is universally complementary
  • Bronze – a yellow/brown metallic finish that adds a classic touch
  • Nickel – a satin, silver finish with a warmer tone that offers a muted accent
  • Black – available in matte and glossy finishes to enhance modern and contemporary decor
  • Brass – gold in color with a polished lacquer for an antique finish
  • White – simple and clean finish that completes virtually any look



  • Glam – marked by metallic finishes and elegant accents like carved glass and candelabra-style bulbs
  • Rustic – look for aged wooden components and distressed finishes
  • Modern – characterized by sleek lines and refined accents
  • Industrial – marked by steel construction for added durability and bronze finishes
Flush and Semi-Flush Mount Lighting Uses
a side by side of flush and semi-flush mount lighting featuring different finishes
  • Flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting can both be used in pretty much any room in your home, but they’re recommended for spaces where you’d like general overhead lighting, as opposed to directional, spot or mood lighting. 
  • Bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and closets are great spaces for flush and semi-flush mount lighting. 
  • Flush mounts are an especially good fit for areas with low ceilings since it’s an easy way to maximize the limited ceiling space.
  • Semi-flush mounts are best used in dens and family rooms for an understated embellishment that is refined and practical.