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Types of Door Knobs

Dummy Door Knobs
Dummy door knobs
  • Dummy door knobs are usually one-sided and do not include a lock or key. 
  • They don’t twist or latch in place but instead make opening the door easy with a simple push or pull. 
  • Dummy knobs are best suited for small closets, pantries and interior French doors.
Passage Door Knobs
Passage Door Knobs
  • Passage door knobs are similar to dummy door knobs, but they can be turned and latch in place. 
  • They do not lock and only allow passage from one room to the next. 
  • These knobs are great for interior hallways, utility spaces and larger closets.
Keyed Entry Knobs
Keyed Entry Door Knobs
  • Keyed entry door knobs feature a lock and key mechanism on both sides for safety and security. 
  • These are frequently used for home entrances, including the front door or patio door. 
  • They can also be used to secure other rooms in your home like your basement or an important storage space.
Privacy Door Knobs
Privacy Door Knobs
  • Privacy door knobs include a twist or button lock that only functions from one side. 
  • They can be unlocked from the other side with a small pin or emergency key instead of a traditional, grooved key. 
  • These door knobs are typically used in bathrooms, bedrooms and any other room that calls for a little privacy.
Door Knob Styles
Door Knob Styles
  • Classic Door Knobs - Often rounded or shaped like a sphere, these offer easy gripping and twisting. This simple and classic style complements virtually all home interiors and are easy to find and replace. 
  • Antique Door Knobs - An aged accent with timeless character. Designed to compliment Traditional and Modern Victorian decor theme.
  • Modern Door Knobs - Characterized by simple lines and sleek finishes. Great for modern, refined interior designs.
  • Rustic Door Knobs - Offers countryside charm in any room of your home. Great for modern farmhouse decor and ranch-style designs.


Other door knob types include:

  • Door Levers - often found on French doors but can be used wherever standard knobs are installed. These come in varying lengths and are easier to grab, making them ADA compliant and a great alternative for handicapped users. 
  • Handle Sets include a combination two keyed entry knobs. They’re usually designed for the front door of your home and feature a thumb latch for easy entry.
Door Knob Finishes
Door Knob Finishes

To coordinate the small details in your home, consider the different door knob finish options available to you: 

Also consider clear, faceted or etched varieties for an extra decorative detail in any room. Custom door knobs are also available for one-of-a-kind accents throughout your whole home.